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TCPC Club Meeting: Welcome Back!
In Person Meet and Greet!

Sept 13th, 2022
Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 TCPC Club Meeting 7:00 PM, Doors open at 6:30 PM

Topic: TCPC - Club Meeting – Meeting In Person!
  • AGM
  • Summer Challenge Images
    • Prepare 2 of your Summer Challenge photographs or just two of your favourites to share.
    • If you have not emailed them to Steve Kazemir already, bring them on a USB as we have done in the past.
  • Time to consider renewing your membership for the 2022 – 2023 year.
  • Looking forward to seeing you in PERSON!
  • There will be no Zoom link for this in person meeting.
Our meeting will be at:
Montgomery Centre
380 Montgomery St,
Coquitlam, BC V3K 5G2

Upcoming Meetings & Events:

September 27th, 2022
  • Voting on CAPA images to submit
  • September 23rd is the deadline for CAPA images to be sent to to be voted on at this meeting.
  • Meeting in person
October 11th, 2022
  • J.P. Stones
  • Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Creating travel photographs that focus on the culture and people of a place.
  • Meeting on Zoom
October 25th, 2022
  • Voting on final 6 images to be submitted to LGCC competition
  • My photo, Your Edit
  • Meeting in person
November 8th, 2022
  • Dennis Ducklow
  • Multiply Your Creativity with Double Exposure
  • Meeting on Zoom

Submitting Images to TCPC

  • Images submitted to TCP can be either for the purposes of competitions, to share for feedback or simply for the pleasure of enjoying each other’s work.  How we submit the images needs to follow a certain format in order to minimize, or even better, eliminate any additional work for Steve.  The organization of our images for presentation to the club and advancement to competitions is reliant on file naming.
  • The two important criteria are image sizing and how the image file is named.
    • Image sizing:  when exporting your photo from your editing program please set the horizontal edge to be a maximum of 1920 pixels and the vertical edge to be a maximum of 1080.  Depending on your image data you might notice that the exported image doesn’t exactly fall into the set dimensions. 
    • This is normal as your editing program might need to make an adjustment to maintain the images aspect ratio.  When an adjustment is made it will always be a little bit smaller, never bigger.
    • Valid image sizes: 1920x720, 1920x1080, 1620x1080, 1080x1080, 720x1080
    • Invalid image sizes: 4000x3000, 1080x1920, 1920x1280
    • Always export your image as a jpeg file, using sRGB colour space
  • If you are interested in more details about sizing, pixels, dpi etc.  You may want to watch these two videos:
    Image Size, Pixels, Dpi, Oh My! (Part 1 of 2)
    Image Size, Pixels And Dpi Oh My Part 2 Of 2, Printing, Cropping, Resizing and Sharing
  • File naming:  File naming requirements may be different depending on how the image is to be used or what it is for.  In general, file naming requires the image title, the photographer’s name as well as some dashes and spaces in the correct places.
    • Image Name - Photographers Name.jpg
    • The above example has a dash between the image name and the photographer’s name.  There is a space on either side of the dash.  There is also a space between the words of the Image name and the words of the photographer’s name.  (Don’t be afraid of the space!  No need for underscores or extra dashes)
    • Here is an example of a properly named file.  The image title is followed by a space, then a dash, then a space followed by the photographer’s name.
  • Good Examples
    • A Stunning Photograph - Jane Doe.jpg
    • Another Stunning Image - Joe Schmoe.jpg
  • Erroneous Example
    • A_Stunning_Photograph-Jane_Doe_edited output.jpg.jpg
    • Note that the period and the letters jpg (which are indicating that this is a jpeg file and which are on the file by default) are left in place and do not have spaces.
  • Lastly, competition images are to be submitted to:
  • You will be advised when a photo needs to be submitted to a different location.
  • This information along with the video links is always available on the TriCity Photo Club webpage in the drop-down menu under the Resources tab.

CAPA Pacific Zone

Open Theme Photo competition

  • The CAPA Pacific Zone Open Theme Competition is around the corner!  The closing date is October 1st which means the club will be voting on submitted images in September.  The deadline for submissions for club voting is September 23rd at midnight. The club will vote on which images to advance to the CAPA competition at the September 27th club meeting.  
  • The Pacific Zone competition is open to pacific zone individuals who are paid up CAPA members as well as to CAPA pacific zone clubs.  An individual may submit up to three images and a club may submit up to six images from different photographers.  This means that if you are an individual who is a CAPA member you may enter the competition through the club as well as on your own but of course not with the same image.  The Open Theme is intended to highlight life in B.C. and the Yukon. 
  • You are responsible for being aware of the eligibility criteria.  This info is available on the CAPA website under Competitions.
  • The website address is and does not require membership to access this information.
  • Since this is an open theme competition there are minimal restrictions and is much like entering the annual NSPS competition.
  • The image title should complement or contribute to the vision or message being presented in the image. 
  • Image size for submission to club for voting: stick with the traditional club dimensions of 1920 X 1080
  • Submit your images to Steve at
If your image is selected by the club to be advanced to the CAPA competition they must be resubmitted with the CAPA imaging size requirements
  • Final Image Size and Dimensions:
    • Horizontal 1400 pixels
    • Vertical 1050 pixels
    • Maximum file size 1.8 MB
Please visit the CAPA area of our Members Only section on our website to access the latest CAPA magazine and CAPA Newsletter.


Great Bear Rainforest Workshop 2023 with Dave Hutchison
Cheers, TCPC Executive Committee
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