HinkleDownUnder Update

The last two months have been full of change and excitement for the HinkleDownUnder crew.  We have had visitors, we have traveled, we have had retreats, and we have had movement forward with many aspects of the ministry here in Fremantle.  Watch the video below and be sure to scroll down to find important prayer request, photos of some fun times and important links to help partner with us as we approach the end of the year.
Update from the Hall of Fremantle Church
A correction to the video:  Maddie is not going to be an intern in July 2019 at CCMI, she will be an intern in January 2019 at CCMI.  You can reach her at if you want to know more info.

A suggestions for viewing the video: pay no attention to my shirt collar.  I was alone when i recorded and didn’t have anyone check my appearance before hand. 
Prayer Request:
1.  Pray for those who are in the process of determining if Fremantle Church is the place for them to experience community and God’s love.

2. Pray for Advent and Christmas services to be times to welcome those who are searching.

3. Pray that we will be wise as we navigate some unexpected expenses due to mechanical failures with our van.

4. Pray for us as we lead the team in Western Australia.  That God will provide His grace as we desire to shepherd well.

5. Pray for the men and women that our team have asked  to read the Gospel of Mark with them.  We have invited folks to read and discuss Mark with us as we prepare for a sermons series in March and April of next year.  Pray that God will work in each of our hearts as we read His Word.
When three missionaries from three continents supported by the same church meet at a training
A view from our hotel window in Bangkok, Thailand.  This is about all we were able to see of this great city since we where in training and assessment most of the time.
Meet Amber and Brennen Hopkins
Michael Auer came over for a visit!
Partner With Us
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