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Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

We have had a busy season at Fremantle Church.  We have hosted 2 “Welcome to Fremantle Church” sessions with 25 folks attending.  We host another this coming Sunday,(squeezing one in before we head off on HMA).  We have seen amazing growth.  Many de-church folks returning to church and folks who are still belonging before they believe.  We have enjoyed hosting music events in our chapel that has allowed us to care and celebrate the folks in our community.  We are now averaging 80 plus on Sunday and continue to see God bless.  It is hard work but fun work.  Below you will see a link to a video shot during one of the performances during our Fringe event.  There is also a link to a testimony from a member of our gathering.  I encourage you to have a listen.  I have also included a poem I wrote about life in ministry.
Session at Fremantle Church Fringe World 2019 event
Testimony of Michael from Fremantle Church

The Speed of Light and the Pace of a Snail


We are going so fast we can’t catch our breath

Yet is seems like we have just moved an inch


A merry go round in hyper speed

With everything passing by in a blur


As the horse goes up and down 

But never moving forward only around


“How did we get here and when did we arrive?”

“Nothing has changed, it's like we never left.


A 110 meter sprint at world record pace

A super marathon run at a walking gait.


It’s all different and nothing has changed

Progress is tangible and false


Head down and eyes wide open 

Doing today what can’t be done tomorrow


But tomorrow came and went

While we stayed in yesterday.


Perhaps this poem can give you some insight into how it can be working and ministering in the field.  There is lots of activity and many things happening. God is moving and it seems like we can’t keep on top of His wave.  And at the same time it can feel as though things have not changed and we are just doing activities for activity sake. The worries of support, family, distance, health, and life push our eyes toward the ground and away from the horizon of God’s promise.  As my friend Nathan wrote about God, “You are good and all you do is good.”  

HMA Announcement


In two short weeks we will be back in the states for HMA.  The current plan is to be in the US through Thanksgiving. We will be in Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, New  Jersey, Georgia, Oklahoma and a few states in between. Our goal is to have our partnerships confirmed and support committed so that we can be back to Fremantle before Advent and Summer season. 


We our finalizing our budget but can already  Praise God with His generous provisions to provide 50% of our need through our growing church plant and other partners in Australia.  


If you are partnering with us already we would ask you to Re-up for another 4 years by letting us know that your in by emailing us at at let us know the level of your partnership.

If you haven’t partnered with us in the past and would like to join us for the next four years let us know the same way or follow the link in the “partner with us” button below.


As soon as we have a final budget number we will let you know and track our progress on Instagram.  Here’s the link to follow us there 

Partner With Us
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