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What has happened since Belgium?

Week 1:
We arrived back in the States and our Indianapolis home to a great week of spending time with our Team Leaders, Stephen and Berenice Rarig.  It was great to have them with us as we started the process what God had been teaching us at CCMI.  We dreamed together, prayed together, and celebrated Steven’s birthday and our anniversary together.  Even though we were tired it was great how God provided this time to draw our team closer together.  The week-end saw Andy and Missy Shadburne joined us.  They are on  our team to lead worship, provide organizational muscle and open differing avenues of meeting the folks of Perth were they are at.  The week-end was a sweet time of fellowship and family building.  Shannon had a wedding (only 4 more to go) she was coordinating that week-end so everyone just hung out together at our house, pitched in to help prep for the wedding or watch the kids.  By Sunday night it was clear that God was building us together in the depth and knowledge of His deep love.  It was also clear that it was going to be hard to be apart from our team members who have become so dear to us.  We are trusting God’s timing for our arrival; please keep this in your prayers.

Week 2:
Knowing that many weeks out of each month are going to be spent traveling to different areas of the country to have conversations with different churches and people about partnering with what God is doing in Perth we felt that maintaining our home was not the best use of our resources.  It has been a great home for us and even prior week proved how God worked in our home; but we knew that maintaining it as a nice storage unit was not the best.  So a family opened up a large area above their garage for us to store the things we are bringing to Oz with us, several of our other friends gathered together (after we had left for a three week partner raising and Living In Grace trip) to clear the rest of the house out, have a huge yard sale and take the remainder of things to Goodwill!  We are blessed with an amazing community that loves us deeply (each day the prospect of being on the other side of the world from them hurts a little bit more).  So week two was one of transition from a house we have felt loved in for many years before we even lived in it.  Helping Braden move into the family he is staying with in Indy as he finishes up his senior year at Herron while we travel. Closing doors and setting out on the road.
Week 3 through 5:
Above is a map that shows the path that the last 3 weeks has taken us. We drove (doing homeschool for three of four girls in the van) from Indianapolis to Phoenix and then to Ridgehaven, NC before heading back to Indianapolis.  Along the way we visited with churches in Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, and Phoenix.  We visited with family and friends inviting them to partner with us in Perth.  It was a great time of sharing what God is doing in Australia, in our lives and hearing from others about what God was doing in their lives.  He is amazing and a God who longs to transform us by His grace and kindness.  Please pray that these meetings will be fruitful for support and prayer and that we will be faithful to these partnerships.  We also enjoyed a few days with my sister and her family in Cashion, Oklahoma as well as a week with my parents in Arizona.  We are striving to be as strategic as possible to build relationships in areas that our families live to give us focal points during HMA and free places to stay to lower cost during those important times.  Please pray that God will bless our intentions in these areas. 

The final week was spent at Living In Grace (which means we have completed all of the training required by MTW before we go to the field).  This week encouraged us to remember our place within God’s family.  That we are His sons and daughters; that there is no condemnation for us.  That God’s grace leads us away from unrighteous living and moves our former desire to gain God’s approval by performing right duties into a desire to perform righteous acts as an act of worship and thanksgiving to our loving Father.  We loved hanging out with the other missionaries and our new mentors will continue to guide us as we move toward the field with four pretty intensive follow up skype sessions before we head to Perth.  Please pray that these sessions will continue to transform our hearts and prepare us for the work ahead.

We are currently vagabonds living with a great family who has walked this journey with us closely for many years.  We are also looking for an RV to use and live in until we head to OZ.  (if you have a lead please let me know.)  We are in Indy until mid-November with quick trips to Grand Rapids, Chicago and meeting with many people and churches here.  There may a few surprise trips that God has planned but we don’t know of the yet.  We are living in the “in-between” so it can be confusing and unsure but God is faithful and is providing everything we need.

The Path to Perth:
We are currently at about 64% of our monthly support pledge. Praise the Lord! God is drawing many people to His work in Perth.  This is exciting for us and we love inviting people to join God so if you have someone or a church that might have an interest please let me know and I would love to talk with them.
I am currently working on our visas to work in Australia and part of that process is building on our partnership with the Westminster Presbyterian Churches in Perth.  I will submit my views form to them early next month with the hope of meeting with some of the leadership committee over Skype before their November meetings.  I am excited about this partnership and cannot wait to be walking side by side with them as we ride the wave of God’s work in Perth, the WA and all of Australia.  Please pray for me as I articulate my views faithfully and clearly.  Please pray for the visa process to go timely and smoothly.
For Christ and His Kingdom,
The Hinkle Family
The Hinkle Family is heading to Perth, Australia to plant churches with the WPC
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