Almost 2 Years

It has been almost two years between those two photos. The one an the left was right as we were leaving Indianapolis in July 2015. The photo on the right is from Easter 2017 a week before we loaded on a plane to come back to the states for two months of rest, partner visits and partner raising. Below are some accomplishments, opportunities for growth and ongoing prayer concerns from the last 21 months.

1. We finally have our Permanent Residence status. Praise God!

2. The Village Fremantle Church is established with Sunday services each week. We are averaging 67 people each week and many people who had left church or never been are giving us a try.

3. Friendships continue to deepen as we become more settled in Fremantle.

4. Ministry partner relationships with Westminster Presbyterian Church and the Church of Christ continue to strengthen and flourish.

5. The team in Western Australia has expanded from 3 families to 7 families over the last year. We are helping facilitate a healthy team culture where we are loved and love , understood and understand, are known and know each other. This team gives us a place to express joys and struggles with those who are experiencing the same life journey.

Opportunities for growth:
1. Trusting God in our loneliness. Separation from family and deep friendships continues to slay us when we least expect it. Loneliness is a sneaky thing.

2. It has been hard for Braden to get settled into life without being enrolled in university. This becomes easier now that our PR lowers the cost for us.

3. The combining of an existing congregation (with a 125 year history), a gathering of new people, and people who have never been in a church setting, has been trying at times to navigate. Everyone has opinions and each group has specific distinctives that need to be honored and blended together. We are thankful for the patience shown by all involved.

4. Some of our stateside partners have had life changes that have caused them to reduce or cease their giving to the ministry in Fremantle. They all remain faithful prayer partners, but, this can cause stress. We are thankful for the reserve we have but do need to add partners to replace those who have moved from financial partnership.

5. We are truly two cultures separated by a common language. These differences can cause stress in relationship, confusion in conversation and disappointment in incorrect expectations. God continues to build us together with many people and bring His peace in these places.

Prayer concerns:
1. That God raises up new financial partners to joins us, giving us a secure place to minister.

2. That God will continue to bring us Australian leaders to partner with in church growth and planting.

3. Grace and strength to meet the pastoral needs of those that God continues to bring into our lives.

4. The Arts continues to be an area we desire to engage in. We ask for provision, open doors, and stamina to engage with the art community of Fremantle. Practically this means finding studio space for Shannon and statistic planning for the use of our building to participate in the arts (visual, musical, and performing)

5. That God will give us rest and a reserve of energy from our two months in the states for the work that we will continue when we arrive back in Fremantle. We fly back to Fremantle on June 26th.
The Hinkle Family 10b Solomon Street Fremantle, Western Australia 6160 USA
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