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Update and Prayer Request

About a month ago one of our supporting churches, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Muncie asked for prayer requests for their upcoming missions week-end.  It also seemed like a good update.  It can be found below.  Thanks Westminster Muncie for your partnership and care!

John S Leonard in his book, "Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every day" relates a story of he and a pastor walking in the neighborhood toward the church the pastor ministered at.  The pastor was saying how ineffective he felt.  John told him to walk slower toward the church.  "We stopped right there on the sidewalk and I said to him, `You don't pastor just a church, you pastor a community.  Everyone of these people, whether they know it or not, are your sheep.  Your job is to shepherd them."  

We believe God has called us to shepherd a particular people in a particular place.  We have also been called to shepherd alongside others in this place.

1.  Pray for those we shepherd alongside:  The MTW West Australia team:  Please pray for the Shadburnes, Rieters, Linkstons, Parks, Baileys, and Rarigs.  Each family is making kingdom impact with a particular people and place that God has called and equipped them for.  From the neighbor next door to artist in India, from streeties to a local church, from rural farmers to university students.  God is sowing and reaping a harvest in WA.  Pray for the pastors and families of the Westminster Presbyterian Churches, our partner denomination.  I have the great privilege to be a part of the church and am excited as God continues to grow us all into maturity together.  Pray for fellow Fremantle pastors.  I have the great privilege  of walking along with and encouraging two young pastors in the Fremantle area where we have planted.  It is encouraging to see young Aussie men step into leadership of the church.  Pray that I can be an encouragement to them and their ministry.

2. Pray for those particular people we shepherd at Fremantle Village Church: God has blessed us to come along a group of about 20 people who have faithfully served God in the Fremantle area for over 125 years as a church and many have spent their whole lives (80 years) in the church.  Please pray that we care for them well and encourage them in their faithful living.  We also see new families and individuals coming along with us.  We currently average 65 in our gathering on Sunday morning.  Please pray that God will call them to Himself.  Pray for our core group to grow and that we will have 10 families/individuals who are committed to becoming a mission church with WPC.  We hope to have this happen before September of this year.

3. Pray for the Particular Place of Fremantle and those we share life with:  God continues to bring those who are "not yet" into our lives.  We grow in our affection for them daily and find it an honor to share with them the Gospel and our lives.  We have families enduring trials, friends who are seeking for the thing that "is solid" about our faith.  They hang out in our home, join us in homeschool activities and some even attended our gathering during Advent.  Pray that we will be a sweet aroma to them of life and that God will call them.

4. Pray for the family we shepherd:  Our son is in Uni, one daughter is in TAFE (think community college) and our three other daughters are homeschooling.  Pray that God will grown them in wisdom.  Pray for our financial support to increase.  We are in a deficient in our monthly giving and would like to stop dipping into our reserve to make up the difference.  We are nearing the end of our current lease; please pray that we will find favor with our landlord as we re-negotiate for a lower rent that reflects the current market and gives us the ability to stay in our current location.

As John closes his story he adds, "You see, you don't have to be a pastor in order to draw people to Christ. You just have to be more than a friend and have the faith to sow widely."  

our prayer for you is that you will sow widely.
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