This is not the type of update that any person likes to write but it is one that we need to write.  The ministry of Fremantle Church and our MTW West Australia team has been blessed with growth and opportunities to share God’s amazing love over the last 4 years.  This has happened because of your ongoing support and partnership. But I am writing you today seek your assistance and additional partnership with our work in Fremantle.  

We are currently scheduled to return to the states in September for our Home Ministry Assignment.  We are excited to get back and spend time with our family and friends and celebrate all that God is doing.  At the same time we are sad to be leaving Fremantle with the momentum we are seeing in our church and growth that God is doing in our community

 The Fremantle Church continues to grow and we will be able to lower the amount of money we need to raise in the states to support the ministry.  We are currently anticipating a 50/50 split of money raised in the states and money coming from Fremantle Church and other Australian partners. This is super exciting. This new giving dynamic will begin in January 2020.  
However, our current support has been decreasing and our responsibilities with MTW has continued to increase.  This has caused our support account to deplete at a rate that is not sustainable. If you remember at the end of last year we asked for folks to help us with our depleting reserve.  We did receive some gifts but not enough to sustain us through September. Unless we are able to raise 15k for our support account over the next week or two then Shannon or I will need to come home early to start the work of rebuilding our account and pushing forward toward our next term.  This is not ideal.
If you could give a one time gift to help us stay on the field together until September we would appreciate it.  We also ask you to take Sunday, June 2nd to spend time praying for this need and our upcoming HMA. Shannon and I will also be fasting on this day if you would like to join us for that.  We know that God has and will provide all we need. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for prayfully considering how you can help us bridge this gap.

Also be looking in the next two days for an informative update about what has been going on and our plans for HMA.

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