Feeling overwhelmed by mid-life changes?
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facilitated by
Katy Taylor, Holistic Life Coach & Susan Gillette, LAC
Dear katy,

Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't feel so overwhelmed or confused in your mid-life journey into or through menopause?

What if you could understand your body's changes, not to mention the emotional and spiritual upheaval?

Would you like support to make sense of these changes rather than just get rid of symptoms?

Are you ready to makes some real shifts in your habits, lifestyle, attitude?

And wouldn't you feel more at ease if you had the support of teachings for your body, heart, mind, and soul, as well as a community of like-minded women?
Imagine if this mid-life time could be one of transformation
one of deep learning, acceptance, and wisdom.

I know how crazy-making moving toward, in, and through menopause can be. I've been living it, too! It shakes up business as usual. It brings up all sorts of confusing emotions and often anger. It invites us to make big changes to our lives. It can feel very overwhelming.
"I suffered from severe menopausal symptoms for nearly two years. I was experiencing up to thirty hot flashes a day. My sleep was interrupted hourly by hot flashes and intense sweating. My hot flashes were so severe that I often became nauseated at the onset of a hot flash, day and night. My libido was non-existent. I missed that intimacy in my marriage. I suffered from mood swings and weight gain. I was exhausted. I tried many homeopathic herbs, with no success." Read more.
The truth is: There is wisdom in this natural process. We can learn how to align ourselves with the changes that are happening in our bodysouls (body-heart-mind-soul), and ride the waves into the most exciting, fulfilling, and heart-open time of our lives!

After several years of skipping periods, part of my initiation was to be diagnosed with high risk HPV (pre-cervical cancer), which is much more common as we move into this phase of life, as well as hot flashes, and forgetting to bring my purse along... I chose to do a lot of inner work, as well as adding more self-care, naturopathic support, and acupuncture with Susan, but even so, I felt really alone and overwhelmed through the process.

That's why Susan and I are offering The Tranformational Journey of Menopause. I am now safely on the other side and have healthy habits in place to support me when needed. We want you to have that too! We want you to find peace with your body, to understand this process, so that you can enjoy and reap the wisdom inherent in this transformation we all go through.

Susan Gillette, Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine
Practitioner, and I are teaming up to create
this 4-week series just for you!

Drawing on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and women's work, we will explore ways to understand our body, heart, mind, and soul in this stage of life.
  • We will practice breath exercises, meditation, yoga, and qigong to center and invigorate ourselves.
  • We will look at how spiritual practice, food, and lifestyle greatly impact our own transformation. 
According to Chinese Medicine, menopause is one of the two most important times to take care of ourselves. Join us in this 4-week series to learn these tools, connect with others on this journey, and open the possibilities for this next stage of life.

This series is perfect for you if you:
  • are moving into or through menopause,
  • are ready to make some real changes in your life, and
  • want to make sense of what is happening to you on all levels, not just try to make symptoms go away.
It is NOT for women who are not currently in this process, who don't want to make changes, and want quick fixes to alleviate symptoms.
"A close friend told me she tried acupuncture with Susan Gillette at Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine...Two months later I am amazed and grateful to report that my menopause symptoms no longer control my life. My night sweats are almost gone and when they do occur, are not as intense. I have some flashes during the day, which I refer to as “warm flashes” because they are not as severe as my previous hot flashes. Thankfully, my libido has returned. My emotions have stabilized. Because I am now well rested, I am so much more in control of the rest of my life and am able to focus on eating well and exercising regularly." Read more.
Overview of the Series
  • Dates: Tuesdays, April 26th, May 3, May 10, (skipping 5/17), May 24, from 6:45-8:45 pm
  • Location: St. Paul (Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine or another location w/in 2 miles)
  • Community: A private Facebook for connection and accountability in between sessions
If you were to work with both of us individually for eight hours, the cost would be $780!

Your Cost: $125, or $100 by April 12th.

Are you ready to end overwhelm and deepen your wisdom?

OR Contact Katy to Register

"Katy can get right to the heart of the matter with compassion and kindness. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to look inside, get to know yourself, and listen to your own wisdom."

"If you want to become WHOLE in your life approach, if you have stepped off your path and want to get on a true and supportive journey once more, if you long for a teacher to show you a better way to make choices toward your end goals, you’ll love working with Katy!"

Read more.
Save your spot and find more wisdom in your mid-life journey!
I look forward to keeping in touch!

Holistic Life Coach
Certified Way of the Happy Woman® Teacher
SomaYoga Teacher, RYT 200

P.S. Whether you can attend or not, hit reply and let me know the #1 thing you struggle with in your mid-life journey.

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