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China Ministry Intro
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Putting the "TO" in Gospel to China

We've had an full six weeks since you've last heard from us. The highlight of this time has been seeing many of you in person for the first time in awhile. Thank you to everyone who took time to meet with us, asked us great questions, and often provided meals for us. 

So, what have we been doing with ourselves since we got back? Great question, here are some updates.
  • Meetings: Earlier in the month we met with Palmyra Grace Church to discuss a sending arrangement. The board has given us a preliminary approval, and the church will hopefully vote in the next few weeks. This partnership may be a huge answer to prayer for us. We will keep you updated!
  • Move: We moved to Pennsylvania. This was a long decision that had a lot of factors. For this season of raising support, we want to keep our expenses as low as possible. Montgomery County, MD doesn't make that goal easy. We are still very connected to our friends, family, and church in Maryland, but our home base is in PA.
  • Video: We made a video! We will play this at churches to introduce who we are and the very basics of our ministry. I hope it is a blessing to you. 
  • Materials: New prayer cards and other support materials are just about finished.
  • Website: The new website was also a big part of our work this past month. I'm very excited about the way it looks and the information that we have there. I hope that it will accurately communicate our vision for the future work in China. 
  • Networking: One of the highlights of our month was an opportunity to share with 20 Grace Brethren Pastors at a regional ministers meeting. It was unexpected to say the least, but I was thrilled to begin to build relationships with those Pastors.
  • Debrief: We've shared lessons learned, and the broad overview of our time in several different contexts. We had a blast each time and we look forward to more opportunities.
  • Rest: The final few weeks in Taiwan, the transition home, and then moving to Pennsylvania made for a busy month. It was good to spend time with family, read a book, and go on a date with my wife! 
Join us in praying for China's millions

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Prayer Requests

1 Continued growth for Throne Church in Taiwan

2 Provision, 
wisdom and favor for this season of ministry

3 We are asking the Lord to prepare 5 guys and 5 girls for us to invest our lives in when we arrive to China.

4 Sherry continues to grow and serve in the church. Arthur and a few other guys have continued coming to church. Pray for God to work in their lives.

Support Info 

As we begin preparing for long term ministry we are starting our support raising from scratch. If you were part of the team for the past year, and want more information, please visit our website.

For the rest of 2015, Vision Missions will continue handling our support. Once the process changes in January, we will update everyone with the new details.

For this season, we will be living off of a portion of our support. The excess above that will be set aside for an Emergency Fund and then Set Up Fund. The sooner we are fully supported, the sooner we get to the field.