Filler Word Fixes

Filler words happen to the best of us, including new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:
Video courtesy of Fox News.
There are steps you can take to rid yourself of filler words, and we highly recommend the following two measures:

#1 -- Work on eliminating filler words in daily conversation.
There’s enough to focus on when you’re live behind a mic, so it’s best to save your brainpower for talking points rather than trying not to say "uh."

#2 -- Enlist the help of someone else. Take one meal a week to eat with a friend, coworker, roommate who is willing to hold you accountable. Ask them to hit the table, or call you out, or notify you however you prefer every time you use a filler word.
You should see noticeable improvement within a month if you incorporate both measures!

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