Between social distancing and many of us working from home, we all have a little more flexibility in our schedules to learn something new or brush up on our communication skills.

Which is why, starting next week (!), DMG is launching a series of 45-minute webinars to teach communication best practices for a variety of situations. Think: print/radio/TV hits, public speeches, staff meetings, conference panels, elevator pitches, etc.

Every day at 11am ET, we’ll hop online and cover a new topic. The best part is you’ll have the opportunity for individualized coaching at a later date.

Keep reading for all the important information. Don’t forget to click "register" below the webinar description that most interests you. We highly recommend you attend all five. :)
[Webinar] Intro to Media Interviews
March 23, 11am ET
Whether you’ve never talked to a reporter or are a seasoned pro, it’s good to be prepared before you walk into a media interview. In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll share best practices for how to communicate your message and control the conversation every time you find yourself behind a mic. Content will focus on the verbal, vocal, and visual aspects for all interview formats -- print, radio, and TV (including Skype!).
[Webinar] Intro to Public Speaking
March 24, 11am ET

Speaking in public strikes fear in a lot of people, so we’d like to demystify the process and give you our best tips for how to guarantee success, no matter the situation. Content will focus on the verbal, vocal, and visual aspects of speaking in public as well as panel moderation. We’ll also explain why it’s better to speak from an outline vs. the full text of a speech and how best to organize your thoughts for presentation flow.
[Webinar] How to Handle the Hard-Hitting Questions
March 25, 11am ET
Ever been asked a question you didn’t know how (or want) to answer? Us, too. It can happen in a board or donor meeting, a Q+A session post-presentation, or on-air with a reporter, and the last response we want to give is “I don’t know” or “no comment.” There is a strategy to avoid the unknown, and it starts with preparation. Join us to learn how to develop talking points to stay on message, handle hostile questions, and answer the question you wish you would’ve been asked.
[Webinar] How (and Why) to Write Op-Eds
March 26, 11am ET

Ever wondered how publicists position their clients to get and keep media hits? An extensive resume doesn’t hurt, but op-eds are a pretty standard intro from client to booker that most publicists should encourage. Join us to learn why an op-ed is your golden ticket to more and varied media hits, and how to capitalize on the news cycle for maximum exposure.
[Webinar] Own Your Seat at the Table
March 27, 11am ET

Meetings get a bad rap most days, but they’re actually a great place to showcase your ideas and willingness to be a team player. Join us to learn the non-verbal cues for meeting participation, how to deliver your talking points and make the most of your time when it’s your turn to participate, and why active listening could lead to a promotion.
Feel free to invite friends, coworkers, and/or additional staff you think would benefit from attending one or all five webinars. 

We look forward to working with you!

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