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7 ways to welcome your creative super powers!
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Energy, current, momentum, flow.  These words and the symbols of electricity and power have been my teachers of time and resourcefulness, of stepping into a new flexible work rhythm, this last 6 days as a huge storm left our region  and much of Duluth, including my studio, without electricity for almost a week.  You'll see them all over this newsletter too.  I cannot help myself! 
7 Ways to welcome your creative super powers.

1. Invite the wild spirit
-- There is a wild spirit, uncontained by the forces of oppression, that moves through the Earth and the people in love with the Earth, in love with justice, in love with love. This wild spirit cannot be contained. And it is possible to tap into this force and reemerge more healed and stronger. -- Teri Parsley Starnes
2. Begin now -- before you're ready!  Use creativity as a bridge
3. Be kind and tender
4. Keep moving -- momentum gathers energy, opens creative fire
5. Immerse fully -- hands in materials creates focus
6. Trust -- let go, embrace fear, let go, repeat.  There is wisdom and vitality in spontaneous expression.
7. Practice --  links vulnerability and flow

Be curious:  Choose creative courage

You're invited to join the 'Try it On' challenge

The clothes we wrap up in hold secrets, chambers, pockets.
Which we open. Choose to release into the world.
A truth, an honest word, a listening ear.... talismans for change.

Clothes are a language.  They speak to our need to belong; our want to be free.  'Clothes announce our intention and help us remember our direction' writes artist J.Ruth Gendler
They allow us to transform.  To change what covers our skin.  To shout or whisper in color. To break open and communicate our stereotypes and perceptions, beliefs, myths, stories.
I would like to invite you to step into an experiment. Will you join me?

While listening to 3 women recounting stories in my booth about trying to dress in midriff tops that are not their personality and how we perceive people who dress a certain way... I gave them a challenge and am going to do it too!
1)  go try on something you would never wear.  Do it with a friend.  In a second hand store.  A clothing store. 
2)  if you can, wear those clothes in public. To work. Among friends.  If you can't, notice how you change even in a short time.
3)  welcome your creative super powers.
4)  how do you feel?  what do you learn?  who are you? did something strengthen, did something heal? what did you wear?  what emerged?
5) let me know what happens!  come play!  you have 2 months. I will share findings in September!

New Work:
Tangerine & Orchid Tendril
Round and round and round you go and when you stop you will know..... you're beautiful.
'Yes'  Peace Piece Skinny Scarf
Inspired by  PEACE!
silk, rayon, cotton
'I am whole and complete'
Simple Wing -- Taupe,Olive, Lavender 
A new series of simple elegant easy to wear eco-scarves for the nomadic traveler. 
95% rayon, 5% cotton
Simple Wing -- Seafoam
Simply elegant, easy to wear Eco-scarf for the nomadic traveler. Made of easy to wash, packs light, rayon and silk
Gratitude Bag
Layer upon layer slivers of fabric stitched with juicy intention have the power to strengthen realationships.
6" wide X 6.25" tall X 1" deep
'Out of the blue... gratitude bag.
These simple motions of threads connecting create a story and an energy that passes on... Keep heart.... Let flow.
6" wide X 8" tall X 1" deep
August and September Show Schedule
Find us at these fine art festivals:
August 13-14 .... Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, 929 N. Water
Street, Milwaukee, WI  10-5 .. Booth 43 (overlooking the shady grove)..

August 20-21 ... Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts, Fowler Park, Oconomowoc, WI  10-5 ... Booth 58.

September 17-18 ... Greenwich Village Art Fair, RAMuseum, 711 N Main Street, Rockford, IL .

September 26-27 ... Peoria Fine Art Fair , Peoria Riverfront, Peoria, IL ... 10-5.

Shop Online here!
a gift:  free shipping until July 31.  use code JULYFS at checkout
In the community:
Duluth Quantum Computing Project: Storytelling in a Digital Age
Workshop with the DAI and Artist Kathy McTavish
August-September 2016   more here.... and on facebook here.  I'm honored to have 2 installation weavings / looms become threads in this storytelling exploration.

400 Paintings ...AJ Atwater online exhibition and sale... Aug 12.... opens for viewing.

WPR Spectrum West  ... In June I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Al Ross, host of WI public radio's Spectrum West, for the FreshArt Studio Tour.  In case you wish to hear answers to questions no one has asked before click here!!  (my interview is first and runs about 15 min)
July.  High Summer at the caboose. For your curiosity and creative medicine.
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