"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! "
- 1 Cor 5:17
We often talk about the daily "unseen" moments where students grow in their knowledge and faith. These are moments that occur in classrooms, during recess, and even on the soccer field. With over 500 students, we rarely get a chance to show you these moments. However, today we want you to see for yourself a moment of growth that we were fortunate enough to get on camera.  This particular moment takes place during a dance during a talent show:
Watch this video before reading. Can you see what we saw?

     Did you see it? This is a talent show in Pre-Primary. The student in the video chose to dance for her talent. (No student was coerced to participate so this girl is up front of her own volition.) This young lady went through a very important change in the course of 30 seconds. This student went from petrified to capable. She went from overwhelmed to action.  She went from unable to able. With the support of her peers, teachers, and parents, a remarkable change took place in this young lady that you can see in her face.

     Now the new chapel can be intimidating. The stadium seating goes up. So the nerves of appearing in front of people are amplified because now these people are looking down at you.  Even students who are used to being in front of  people are thrown off by how the chapel seating affects the presentation. So the Pre-K student in the video certainly had reason to be nervous. But this student rose to the occasion and gave us the perfect image of what a Morning Glory Story looks like. 

     The Morning Glory Story is about God's redemptive power. It's about how God molds our students into His image. The Morning Glory Story happens when God takes small, seemingly insignificant things, and changes them to give them a noble purpose. At Morning Glory, we teach that people are not defined by their circumstance. They are defined by their relationship with an active God and their identity in His Kingdom. We teach our students and families that while they may have started in poverty or with certain family backgrounds, God has a much bigger plan for them. They just need to start moving forward in Him to get it started. In the video, the girl found that she could overcome what seemed impossible. That's what the Morning Glory Story is all about. 

    Obviously this is a process that takes place over countless teaching and learning moments. We offer music, art, sports and other elective-type classes to give students opportunities to discover and develop all the gifts God has given them. The band has been an especially effective place for students to grow in their confidence. And more often than not, the same growth that our little dancer from the video experienced the is same growth that so many experience at Morning Glory outside of the standard curriculum. 

     And this little girl's dance moment illustrates perfectly why we make sure to include different opportunities. We know that at such a young age, many students don't really know what their unique talent is. But these events serve several purposes. We give students a place to explore their abilities or limitations. We give them a chance to do something new, different, and often challenging. We give parents a place to see their child trying something new. We give students a chance to support their classmates. You probably noticed that the student in the video was particularly inspired by the cheers of the audience, comprising mostly of other Pre-Primary students. 

     When you support Morning Glory, you make these opportunities possible. Your funds provide caring teachers, facilities and even the decorations to make a Pre-Primary talent show a memorable event. We need every one of you for this exact purpose:  to give children a place to learn (educate), a place to practice their skills (equip), and a place to interact with a community of other Stories pursuing fullness in Christ (encourage).  This is the mission of Morning Glory  and this is how we create more and more Morning Glory Stories.  We love to see students like the one in this video realize what they are capable of. That's the first step in becoming a new creation and writing their own Story. And we need every giver, prayer, volunteer, and staff member to make it happen. We need you to make these Morning Glory Stories happen. Now's the time to make a donation, say a prayer, or schedule a trip. Just imagine what more we can accomplish with more from you. 

Click here to give and make more MG Stories possible

With all the constant changes, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That God will control continuing COVID cases (over 8,000 a day recently)

     - That the rain will stop for a few days to prevent landslides that destroy                homes and roads

     - That Morning Glory can continue to offer opportunities to students and                families like the event above.

     - For protection and health for everyone on campus at Morning Glory

     - For a successful publicity event coming in August: The Morning Glory Expo

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

     - More groups to come to invest in our students and campus

We praise God for:

     - The opportunities to create Morning Glory Stories now that we are back in           person

     - Kaylee's arrival! She will get started with special needs student soon!

     - Provision to improve our facilities

     - An opportunity to buy books to improve our reading classes!  Pictures to             come!

     - Approval to open more tracks on the Diversified level
     - The volunteers who have come this summer

How can we pray for you?
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