""Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."
- Romans 12:12
It feels like forever ago but in reality it's been three years since we had many of our "normal" activities. Because of restrictions we've had to make do with modified versions of our favorite activities, like the parades, band performance, and the everyday fun learning activities at school. We've even added some new events, like running the torch for Independence Day and our first (and very successful) Morning Glory Expo. Even though we are still under a mask order and an altered schedule, these activities in the community were a breath of fresh air and a welcome sign of things to come again. As we close the 2022 school year, we believe we can consider this a comeback year and below you'll see why. 
The band is back!
At least most of it. We have traditionally had two bands with younger kids and older students. This year we started with just the older students because of the uncertainty and changes in the beginning of the year. Even with a late start and limited practice time, the students did great and we are proud to have been asked to play in the city program! We have big plans for the band in the coming years so this is just the beginning! 
Morning Glory Marching Band 2022
New books!
We had a big surprise this year when we got a donation for reading books for our students. We were about to get over 300 brand-new books for our library! We wanted to get everything ready to start a revamped reading program next year, but our teachers were already knocking on the door as soon as the books were ready to start using them in the classrooms. In fact, teachers and students are coming in several times a week to get more books or change out the ones they read. So the new books are already being put to good use while we get ready for a mobile library next year that will come straight to the classrooms! We can't express enough what a blessing it is to have new and interesting titles to get our students motivated to read.
Independence Day Activities

When Guatemala celebrates their Independence Day, they go BIG!   We have a lot of activities and events, as a school and as part of public programs. This year there wasn't as much done as a city, but that doesn't mean we weren't busy. With two parades, a teacher presentation, student presentations a marathon with the symbolic torch, tons of decorations and costumes, we had a lot to do. The exciting part is that it's the first time in three years the students got to participate. We are grateful to be able to do these events like we used to, but also for the opportunity to encourage the community with our full Morning Glory efforts. The video of the marathon with the torch is below and you can see all the awesome pictures here: Click here for pictures!

Morning Glory Expo 2022

"The Expo" was a new endeavor. Our oldest student in Diversified School all prepared projects and presentations of what they are learning in their respective degrees. Then we opened the school to the community to come and see. We were so impressed with the quality of the presentations, we coordinated with other schools in the area to do our presentations at their facilities to generate interest in Morning Glory, but more importantly, further education for everyone. This was a very successful event with tremendous potential to be even bigger and better. We will definitely do the Expo again with tweaks to better show off what our student are capable of! Furthermore, instead of sending only the graduating students to do internship, we gave all the students a chance to so some real-life practice work alongside current Morning Glory staff. You could say it's a "pre-internship" where all students get experience Check out the video below to a quick look of the Expo:

The first ever Morning Glory Expo!
What's next?

Well, big plans are always in the works! We will be expanding our Diversified School options next year to include Electrician and Music Teacher degrees. We have plans to build a second-story music hall for the music program and even the students in the electronic devices program as they are quickly outgrowing their current space. We will be raising funds for more new desks to finish out all the desks we need. Then we have another opportunity for  sponsorship drive in December. In January we will also begin a program to test and support special-needs students. Groups are already booking for 2023 too! God has continually surprised us so while we have an idea of what we want to do, we are very open to His will. We've gotten good at turning on a dime to go through a door God opened for us! And we are eternally grateful for His guidance and the provision made possible by your essential generosity.

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With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - For all our leaders as we begin to plan for  2023

     - For the students during the vacations; that they will be safe and wise

     - For Kaylee and the special-education program starting in January

     - For lots of new students in our Diversified programs

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

     - For provision as we expand our budget

     -  For less rain. Landslides have caused many problems this year

     - For wisdom in working with the Secondary Students. The pandemic has             caused many challenging situations in the mental and emotional health of           our students. 

     - God's guidance in improving our service and records to our supporters

We praise God for:

     - A chance to participate in all the traditional activities

     - The new innovations of books, the Expo, and upcoming plans

     - His provision

     - The groups that are already planning their trips

     - Two of the three pregnant teachers had healthy babies. One more is still           on the way!

     - Controlled levels of COVID in our area

     - Healing for a student involved in a bad car accident

How can we pray for you?
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