"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."
- 1 Thes. 5:11
We talk about them a lot but it’s because groups are such an internal part of our program. This March was no different. We had a special blessing with our groups. We had Bachelor Creek from Wabash, Indiana and Dallas Christian College. Both were completely different groups and had completely different strategies; however, they had a common purpose, and, at the end of their weeks, the same God was glorified. 
Things are starting to look more like normal in the classroom
"You would be hard-pressed to find a group that accomplishes as much"

     Bachelor Creek Church of Christ from Wabash, Indiana. came in like a ball of fire. They were the first full Morning Glory group in the last year. We haven’t seen them in Guatemala since 2020, a week before the pandemic began and they were more than ready to make up for lost time. They spent four days at school teaching lessons on kindness and love. In the afternoons, the group installed doors in the chapel and aided in completion of desks for 1st grade. At the same time, there was a team was working with midwives and another with pastors. Despite a couple obstacles in the beginning, the team managed to train over 40 midwives, nurses, and health professionals to save the lives of infants right out of the womb. As with the pastors,  third team worked with to teach and encourage local pastors. The teaching was excellent but what was most profound was that pastors of two different cultures connected on a spiritual level in their shared work in the Kingdom of Heaven. Bachelor Creek had a very full agenda serving anywhere and everywhere they could. You would be hard-pressed to find a group that accomplishes as much and loves as intensely as Bachelor Creek.

"A very different energy"

     DCC had a very different energy and pace. With a smaller group, DCC focused on serving our students and giving them the best Bible classes possible. They wanted the students to enjoy and understand the Word of God. DCC opened their hearts to the older students and became vulnerable so the normally distant adolescents could understand the power of God in their lives. DCC focused the afternoons on touching up old and new offices that were noticeably in need of attention and elbow grease. 

 "A vital part of our program."

     At the end of the two weeks, like so many times before, our campus was improved. Pastors and midwifes were equipped to do their jobs. Students heard about the love of Christ and the need for obedience. Impactful relationships were formed. Surely these groups dealt with new challenges, like wearing a mask. And they were especially notable for being some of the first to arrive after the pandemic. But we need it to happen over and over again. Groups are a vital part of our program. Groups bring physical change we always need. Groups bring the love of God. Groups bring encouragement and groups form lasting memories with the students of Guatemala. Guatemala is slowly but surely lowering requirements to come into the country. Students are back on campus. The harvest is plentiful. The workers are you. Whether your group is big, or just a few family or friends, we need you to step into the Morning Glory Story and help us get to the next level. Our students need you to show them what God is like. Contact us now to start planning your mission trip.

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 New Changes!

Thanks to God's provision and generosity of our supporters, especially Christ Church of Yukon, we've been making some major changes to our campus and services.  We now have new air hand dryers, a projector in the chapel, cabinets to protect our equipment for the students in electronic classes, water dispensers in every classroom, lockers for teachers, and new desks in 1st grade! We've also equipped an office for the Directors. We've even had extra desks to give away! It's a very exciting time to be able to improve what we can offer our students. We need generosity and more groups to continue this progress. 
We are so grateful to God and our supporters for making this possible! 
New Budget!

     All of these changes and growth come with a new step of faith. Diversified School will generate more funds for us, but we still have to increase our budget by at least 10% ($3,000). This means we need to raise our giving monthly! We ask you to to help us grow by becoming a giving partner with us or increase your current giving. You can also sponsor a child here. Your giving goes to keep the teachers we need in the classroom and provide the basic needs of the school. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving to Morning Glory in this new chapter of growth and expansion. 

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With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That God will be honored in every moment at Morning Glory

     - For rest and safety during Holy Week

     - For protection and health for everyone on campus at Morning Glory

     - For more interns this summer

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

     - For provision as we expand our budget
     - Three teachers that are pregnant. That God will keep mom and baby                 healthy. 

We praise God for:

     - The students are back and will likely be in-person the rest of the year.

     - The new items we can use to benefit our students and staff.

     - The groups that came and served Morning Glory

     - The chance to give classes, especially Bible, in-person again.


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