Last month, we shared some Stories (here) of some of the younger students that inspire, encourage, and motivate us. This month we want to share more of the same, but this time focused on students from Secondary School.  In many ways this age group has been more affected by the isolation. They are a VERY social group and do much better in normal classes with in-person communication and accountability. So it's safe to say this age group as a  whole is prone to feeling discouraged, disconnected, and depressed. In Secondary, it's always a shared victory as each student has several teachers. That's why these Stories are huge victories: we are standing with students through the fire to bring them into completion in Christ. 

Story 1: Wilson

(Note: All students names have been changed and the students mentioned do not appear in the pictures)
     Wilson started as a Morning Glory student in 7th grade, the first year for Secondary School. It's common for students who come in from another school to have difficulty adjusting to a new level, teaching style, and environment. Wilson was one of theses students. Teachers noticed it was hard for him to understand concepts presented in class. He barely turned in any work. In person, Wilson barely spoke and seemed apathetic about everything. Miss Carina reached out to to his family, looking for a way to help and trigger Wilson's potential. So with Wilson's mother and sister on board, the teachers took extra time to explain things to Wilson. They even made him some crossword puzzles to help, something students rarely use in Secondary School. With some time, Wilson took off! He has rocketed past other students and produces better than almost everyone in is class, including students that have been with us since Pre-K.  We are so proud of Wilson and thankful to God that He helped us find the way to reach Wilson and light the spark he needed to thrive. 

Story 2: Adam

      Unlike Wilson, Adam has been with us for a few years. He was always known to be a charismatic boy who loved to please his teachers. But last year Angel entered Secondary School....during the pandemic! It was a rough start for him. Angel wasn't turning in any work. He wasn't even connecting to classes. He just stopped trying. Again, MG teachers reached out to Angel's mom. Once she understood the severity of the situation, Angel's mom jumped into action. Working with the teachers, Angel's mother got things moving again. We don't know what changes were made in the home, but Angel's improvement in his schoolwork has been incredible. Furthermore, Angel has taken a place as a leader in the classroom.  A year ago, Angel wasn't even connecting to his classes. Now, he has a big part in influencing the class to see things in a positive light, encouraging everyone along the way. Not only is Angel being educated, he is bearing fruit. And that makes us even happier. 

"Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!"”
- 1 Chronicles 16:8

Story 3: Christy

     Christy is one of those students who lives further out of town. She has some difficulty accessing the internet. Printing things is hard for her to because of where she is. However we never heard a single complaint or concern from her. Everything seemed normal and her teachers assumed Christy would turn in work just like everyone else because she was a decent student. However, the teachers were blown away when they received Christy's homework. She had copied the study guides by hand, then finished all the exercises.  All her work is done by hand and done well.  It's also apparent that Christy is improving every day, in spite of the pandemic and the lack of access to certain materials. We love Stories of teachers reaching out and mending broken situations, but the credit for this one goes to Christy. She won't let anything stop her, and that's the dream of Morning Glory for all the students. 

This is a season of constant adjustment and communication
    Of course these are just a few examples of how God is moving at Morning Glory, specifically in Secondary School. We know our power and ability to impact students comes from Our Heavenly Father. But the provision that allows us to focus in on the needs of the children comes from YOU!  Thank you so much. We ask you to continue giving so we can make more improvements and open more doors for us to minister to these children. 
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With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That COVID will be controlled in Guatemala so we can bring students                 back on a regular basis

     - That God will make the accreditation and expansion projects smooth and           easy for us

     - Pray for endurance and patience for students, parents, and staff while we           continue distance learning

     - Pray for the groups and volunteers making plans to come. That God will             protect them and guide them.

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

      - That God will provide our needs as we expand our budget

We praise God for:

     - A great start to the year financially

      - We have the budget and contacts to make improvements, such as                    expanding internet on campus for all the teachers

      - Each and every student that has stuck with us through the hard                         circumstances

      - One group an interns will be arriving soon!

How can we pray for you?
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