We were hoping to have our students back in classes by now. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. We were hoping for good news but instead, got new news. We are ready, but the situation calls for more waiting. One thing we've noticed at Morning Glory is God works in incredible ways while we are waiting. We've seen it time and time again. Right now, we can see clear signs that God is working through and ahead of our disappointment. Here's what we are celebrating:

Ready & waiting for students

     When we were able to talk about re-opening the school for students, Heyson and the "health commission," comprised of teachers, (pictured above) spent hours planning to form procedures to adhere to the required protocols. They worked hard to ensure we had appropriate signage, distance, and systems in place to protect our students, as stipulated by the government. When the authorized committee came to approve, Morning Glory passed with flying colors. 
     Thankfully, we hd enough in savings to invest in the required equipment, including thermometers for every classroom, and an automatic thermometer for parents and visitors on campus (pictures below). We've already  made arrangements with bus drivers, so once we have yellow, we have a  green light! That is, once the stoplight system for our area is in yellow, we are approved to bring students back to classes once a week, using the varios protocols that have been established. When will that happen?  We don't know. Vaccines are finally starting to roll out in Guatemala but it's a slow process. Every two weeks, they update the color system so all we can do is wait and hope it lowers to yellow soon.

God is working behind the scenes

     As stated in the beginning, one pattern we've noticed at Morning Glory is that if we just wait long enough, God acts in mighty ways. We could give the examples of opening Secondary School, the land that the Secondary building is on, and especially the Chapel as manifestations of God's power in our patience. We weren't idle in those times as we searched for feasible options, but when God was ready, he blew all of our expectations away!

    In the same way, we know God is getting ready to launch Morning Glory forward; in His time and in His way, but we know it's coming. Meanwhile, we are doing what we can. Heyson is working on renewing the special accreditation that we obtained five years ago, distinguishing Morning Glory as a school that adheres to higher standards. He is also working on expanding Morning Glory. Right now, after Secondary School, we offer a certificate in Computers that students can use to enter the university. Heyson is submitting paperwork now to open a Bilingual Secretary, Accountant, Electronic Equipment, and Teacher track. We think that in 2022, we will be able to offer 5 tracks in total, fulfilling part of another dream of Lori's: to start training teachers. 

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight..”
- Proverbs 3:5-6

We aren't going to quit

     While we wait for this, we are still doing distance learning. We give students study guides, do online classes, and then they bring the work back. We are even publishing devotional videos to keep offering Bible classes. The best part is that many of our teachers are working hard to get creative and allow their students to enjoy classes, like making items from recycled materials, Chef day, and eggs to represent emotions. There are some pictures below, culminating in a video from our Kindergarteners. While we wait for God to create, we innovate!

Our students haven't lost their focus!

Growth we can see

     Even though it's been a long road and there's no definite end in sight to the distance classes, we have faith God is preparing something great. At the same time, we can see very tangible glimpses of His faithfulness and hope. As previously announced, Miss Pili had been with us for a few years as a primary school teacher. But she recently graduated as a clinical psychologist. Pili was willing to work out an arrangement with Morning Glory so we now have an in-house counselor who will make appointments in the afternoon for students and families that want more help. She will be starting in April, but parents are already reaching out to get started.  Psychological help was a dream of Lori's that God made possible very quickly and very easily.

     In February, the first group in almost a year visited Morning Glory. Even though there were no students, Grace Church humbly came to serve. They helped paint signs needed for the students, touched up a playground, and built necessary bathroom doors. This was a huge encouragement to us as we could finally see a step in the direction of what we would call "normal." We know God has been very good to us in providing these opportunities and we only ask He continue to show us His will and open doors we will walk through soon.

Congrats to Miss Pili! Her new role will be a huge service to our families!
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With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That COVID will be controlled in Guatemala

     - That God will make the accreditation and expansion projects smooth and           easy for us

     - Pray for endurance and patience for students, parents, and staff while we           continue distance learning

     - That we can bring students back in small groups in April

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

      - That God will provide our needs as we expand our budget

We praise God for:

     - A great start to the year financially

      - Providing an in-house psychologist to Morning Glory who will start seeing         students in April

      - The first group in a year has come and left a blessing to our campus. 

How can we pray for you?
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