In the absence of the normal Morning Glory Marching Band the teachers formed a small band in September. This is their show.
     Herb Pinney, CFO and founder of NIMA, passed away on Nov 3, 2021. Herb's "graduation" to Heaven occurred just days before the graduations of students in different levels in Guatemala. Today we want to honor Herb and what he has contributed to the Morning Glory Story. We also want to celebrate God's work through Herb and the team here while we look to the future and what's to come, just as Herb would have wanted.
“Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”
- Matthew 25:23

     Since 2019, Morning Glory has been adjusting according to new challenges and difficult losses. In April 2019, God called our director Lori Nij home to her eternal reward. As we got our feet under us again, COVID caused us to close down in-person classes in March 2020. Dean Pinney, the CEO of NIMA passed in October of 2021. Just a few weeks later, on November 3, Herb Pinney, co-founder of Morning Glory with Lori, and long-time fundraiser followed his children to the Father’s side. If God is the author of the Morning Glory Story, Herb was definitely the publisher, working tirelessly to secure provision and add direction, taking us to where we are now: a period of incredible provision and expansion.


The last couple years have been a time of incredible growth in the midst of difficulties:

- Our new Chapel building is finished.
- With generous donations, we installed a brand new computer lab with better hardware and software than ever before.
- We have a new Board of Directors in the States.
- We are expanding to offer 4 new programs next year.
- We offer mental health services to students and families who need them.
- Our own Elizabeth is branching off to combat the poverty cycle in villages that we can’t do as a school.

- All our staff got substantial raises in 2021.

- We have more specialized teachers than ever and,

- Thank God, we haven’t missed a payday in two years.

Most of these feats were initiated with Lori, and certainly Herb had a hand in every one.

     Think back to Joshua in the Bible. What must have Joshua been thinking after Moses passed away? Aaron, the other main leader of Israel, was already gone. Joshua had seen God perform powerful miracles that surely changed the way Joshua viewed what was possible. God had appointed Joshua to lead Israel to a crucial change in the way they lived their lives. Moses had even told the people what to expect, and that they could trust Joshua. But still Moses, Joshua’s leader, was gone. Many of the leaders that Joshua could lean on were new, as the older experienced elders had died in the wilderness. Joshua had seen God’s work and had certainly learned from Moses, but now Joshua had to move into unfamiliar and unreached territory. Joshua simultaneously enjoyed confidence in His God and destination while feeling apprehensive about what might happen.

      Right now, Morning Glory shares Joshua’s perspective. The road ahead isn't easy. It’s a new set of circumstances. But God told Joshua to “Be strong and courageous.”(Joshua 1:9) He also said “Don’t be discouraged.” (1:9) So while we mourn and miss those who are no longer with us, the leadership and staff of Morning Glory are committed to continuing into the promises God has for us. We can clearly see His guidance and power at work in our past. We can see that there is a new, unexplored frontier in front of us and we know we want to go there, especially with our God in front of us and the lessons and guidance form Lori and Herb pushing us forward.

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.."
- Rev. 21:4

     So we want to reassure you that NIMA’s board of trustees and the local leadership in the Junta are working closely to ensure that Morning Glory’s mission to educate, equip, and encourage the community carries on. It’s the same mission that Lori, Queno, Herb and even Dean started so many years ago. We ask for your patience as we reorganize and we ask for your cooperation as some changes begin to take place. Herb had a big job. No one can do it quite like he could. It may look different, but we have no doubts that God is guiding us along so that the Morning Glory Story will grow and expand. We thank you and we need you as we head into this new chapter that so many have prepared us for.

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It's graduation time for four grade levels!
Congrats to the 139 students who have overcome so much!

With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - For the Pinney family who have lost Dean and Herb in the last eight weeks

     - That our leaders will quickly adapt and implement systems for record-                 keeping

     - For rest and relaxation for teachers and students during school break. We         start again in January!

     - That God will show the local Junta His will for the next school year

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

      - That God will provide our needs as we expand our budget

We praise God for:

     - His continued provision

     - All of the improvements we listed above!

     - The graduation of all the students who have worked so hard

     - Committed leadership to help Morning Glory adapt to change

     - Each and every supporter who prays and gives


How can we pray for you?
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