"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.."
- Matt. 5:16
Angel Mosozco - Class of 2017
This month we simply want to share with you a Story of a former student that makes us very proud. Angel has been making waves ever since he graduated. Here's Angel's Morning Glory Story. Read about his story here.You can see more of his work on Facebook at MosozcoArt. At the end of Angel's story is a quick notice on recent developments at school. 
Angel as a student at Morning Glory
" A very talented and reliable student, full of positive energy and influence"

     Angel was Morning Glory all the way. He started his Morning Glory Story in Pre-K and stayed all the way to graduate from Secondary School in 2017. He chuckled as he recalled frequent trips to Miss Lori’s office during his tenure at Morning Glory. Angel was never guilty of serious infractions, but his energy led him to get into plenty of low-level mischief. But most of that stayed in Primary School. By the time Angel finished Secondary School, we all looked to him as a very talented and reliable student, full of positive energy and influence.

     Little did we know, Angel was just getting started. Since graduating from Morning Glory, Angel has gained considerable notoriety in San Raymundo for his talents and initiatives. Angel is an amazing artist. He studied Art as a young child when he was 6 years old. After a few years in local Art classes, Angel left it behind until one year at Morning Glory where he entered to win an art contest at school. But more than that isolated event, Angel credits much of his project to Ernesto, a teacher he worked with in Secondary. Angel recounted how even though his drawings had better technique, he often got lower grades than his classmates. Later, Ernesto confessed that he gave Angel lower grades because he knew that if he gave Angel top grades, Angel would stop improving. Angel admitted that Ernesto was right.

"Angel has no problem giving back."

     That’s a recurring theme with Angel. He’s always looking for an area to grow in. He was ready to start college with a degree in Art, but the pandemic derailed those plans. He thinks he can start again this year. But Angel hasn't been idly waiting. He started doing a couple freelance drawings, and then quickly became a sought-after artist. He has been featured on news programs and even sold some pieces in the US. His specialty was drawing but he has developed his abilities to include working with oils, wood, and other mediums as well. Angel has slowed down to due his full-time job in the health center, but at one point Angel had done over 350 pieces in a two-year span. Angel even found time to donate a drawing of Lori, and work on some possible designs for Morning Glory marketing efforts in the future. Angel has no problem giving back.

Angel's drawing of Lori
 "Morning Glory is 'where it all started.'"

     In fact, Angel started an incredible project in the community. After the tragic death of a teenager in San Raymundo, Angel reasoned that part of the problem is that young people in San Raymundo have a lot of energy and time and not much to occupy it. So Angel started a Skating Class. From the beginning Angel wanted it to be a space for children and their families to have fun and connect. In a period of seven months, he amassed 125 children in the class. Angel and a friend were the only teachers when they were once again derailed by the pandemic. He says he has many parents who are ready to start again. Since the inception, Angel offered the class free of charge and bought all the cones, mats, and other starting equipment himself with the money he got from his art. The class was designed to be a service. At one point he was approached by a national academy in Guatemala to explore a partnership. While she couldn’t see it on this side of heaven, Angel’s initiative is in the same vein as Lori’s own heart.

     Angel said that Morning Glory is “where it all started.” He talked about how people in other schools noticed a difference in Angel. His vision and heart stood out from his peers as a result of his time at Morning Glory. Lori taught Angel about doing things with a passion out of love, a theme we see in Angel’s life. Angel talked about when another student hit him, and the same young man that spent so much time in Lori’s office chose not to react and hit back. He said he vividly remembered that he was taught to “turn the other cheek” at Morning Glory. We know God instilled a heart and tremendous talent in Angel, but there is no doubt that Morning Glory played an important role in developing Angel

 "Angel has learned well and is multiplying his own Morning Glory Story."

     To close out, Angel expressed his appreciation to all those who have supported Morning Glory by referencing the “unknown.” Angel noted that so many support Morning Glory but they may not know all the details of the final results of their giving. Well, Angel is one of those results. Looking to the future, Angel has some decisions to make. He has the chance to pursue a visa to go to the US and work as an artist there, where there is a better market for his trade. But he also wants to finish what he started and get a degree in Guatemala. Angel’s parents, two older sisters, and girlfriend of four years are all here in Guatemala. Whatever Angel chooses, we know he will honor God’s call to seek out ways to use his gifts to benefit others. We are all very proud of the man Angel has become. Without a doubt, Angel has learned well and is multiplying his own Morning Glory Story. We don’t know what’s next for Angel, but it we can assure you the next chapter will bring glory to God’s Kingdom.

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Some of Angel's other pieces
Changes at School!

      In compliance with government standards, we now have ALL the students back three days a week. The school is a whirlwind of motion and activity again. We are so grateful for the progress. We hope to be able to bring students back four days a week in the near future. Mask mandates have been lifted in open spaces. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel in Guatemala!

With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That God will be honored in every moment at Morning Glory

     - That God will allow Guatemala to continue to open up and return to normal

     - For protection and health for everyone on campus at Morning Glory

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

     - For provision as we expand our budget
     - Three teachers that are pregnant. That God will keep mom and baby                 healthy. 

     - For courage for the families who are still too nervous to come back to                 school

     - For the expansion of two new degrees in Diversified

We praise God for:

     - The students are back and will likely be in-person the rest of the year.

     - The new items we can use to benefit our students and staff.

     - Seeing hope to return to normal again

     - The chance to give classes, especially Bible, in-person again.


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