The school is still closed for full classes. We have students coming for tutoring sessions, but we we wait for San Raymundo to drop to the orange category, the vast majority of our students are learning at a distance. However, God has been good to us. We have been slowly but surely improving our facilities, anticipating the day the whole student body can return. Groups have come to encourage with us, give classrooms a much-needed painting, and equip classrooms with new desks. But we have one steady and crucial area that’s easy to overlook in all the moving pieces and production.
Starting a Psychology Clinic at Morning Glory
     In January, Morning Glory announced we would be working with María del Pilar Rojas Corzo, who we call Pili, to offer psychological services to our families free of cost to them. Pili has been a Primary teacher for several years. Pili graduated and was licensed in clinical psychology in 2020, so the local Junta offered her a place to gain experience and serve our students in her specialty and passion. So Pili teaches 5th grade in the morning, then works in the psychology clinic in the afternoon after almost everyone goes home. The very same day we made the announcement, Pili was swamped with parents wanting to get connected. In April, Pili was able to get started working with students and their families.

       In her own words: “Incorporating the Psychology Clinic at the school has been a big benefit for the students, considering that a psychologist is a key figure in functional development in all levels. The primary function is taking care of the psychological development in all its components: psycho-motor, intellectual, social, and affective-emotional, involving the three principal agents of the education system (students, parents, and teachers). Through the Psycology Clinic, the students have been given tools to manage conflict, eliminate limiting beliefs, facilitate a life in harmony, and empower the students to face life and know themselves better.”
Miss Pili's office
Pili's passion

     “For me, being a psychologist is one of the best decisions I have made. Through my profession I can identify why we behave…in certain situations and the power of emotions in our conduct.

     Helping others is very gratifying. It’s something that is born in the interior. Seeing the students making change in their lives fills me with satisfaction. My work is to accompany each student in the process of change, to break the [chains] that stop them from advancing, to help them find something purpose in their life, to eliminate irrational ideas, and leave the burden and suffering and substitute it for joy and happiness.

     Currently [I am] giving psychological attention to students that have learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Problems at home have also been a factor that has emotionally affected many students, and for that reason, parents have received psychological care together with their children. “

We are already seeing very good signs

     Pili shared about one case she is working on. The student is pre-adolescent and is an only-child. The mother came to Pili saying “My son doesn’t have the motivation to do anything because of the problems I am having with my husband.” Pili noticed that even though the parents are separated right now, the mother suffers verbal abuse through phone calls. The student is affected when he sees his mother hurting.

     Pili established objectives to identify emotions and modify conduct for both. Pili says “We have worked together and the results have been positive. I have seen changes in the conduct of both mother and son.”

"Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it."”

- Proverbs 4:23
     In full disclosure, Lori dreamed for a long time about having a psychologist at Morning Glory. We don’t understand God’s timing, but we are so thankful that He has made this dream possible. Mental health is critical to education, but even more so to wholistic ministry. Pili only shared one story with you but we assure you that Pili is making progress with several students and families. Pili and the psychology service have proven to be a major step to accomplish our mission to fully educate, equip, and encourage every student and parent. This year and the addition of a psychology clinic is a game-changer for the Morning Glory Story.
The summer giving slump has hit! Click here to give and help us continue serving students!
Big Praises!

The chapel construction is complete!  There are many finishing touches we have to make, but the seating is ready!

We've had a few groups come to Morning Glory. One group spent the week encouraging the kids in our regular Bible classes. For a couple hours everyday, we forgot about our problems and worshipped God in song, teaching, and fellowship. This group and another also took time to improve our campus, painting our Secondary School building and making desks for teachers and students. One group provided an excellent lunch for our teachers!


With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That COVID will be controlled in Guatemala so we can bring students                 back on a regular basis

     - That God will make the accreditation and expansion projects smooth and           easy for us

     - Pray for endurance and patience for students, parents, and staff while we           continue distance learning

     - Pray for the interns that are in Guatemala. We ask that God will open                opportunities for them to minister in powerful ways. 

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

      - That God will provide our needs. Our summer giving is down!

We praise God for:

      - Pili's work in the psychology clinic

      - The groups that improved our campus and ministered to our staff and                students. 

      - Each and every student that has stuck with us through the hard                         circumstances

      - The full staff had a chance to relax during the recent teacher retreat

      - The chapel is ready for it's final touches!

How can we pray for you?
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