"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. "
- 1 Cor 4:18
Our first day back to school was Jan 31st. We have split students into two groups. One group comes Monday & Tuesday, and the other comes Wednesday and Thursday. Fridays are for online students. Altogether, we are serving 557 students this year, with room for more in the future.

Today we want to focus less on the numbers and improvements and share more on what makes the Morning Glory Story special, which is God's relentless love and perspective for all our students. 
Happy Valentine's Day from 4th grade!
A Glimpse of Eternity: 
Rob Courtney
Director of International Relations

     It was the first day of school. THE FIRST DAY. And it wasn’t just any first day of school. This year, on top of the normal scatter of getting kids off the bus and into the correct classroom, we had to make sure everyone is keeping their distance, getting gel on their hands, and keeping their mask on.  And on top of that? We had a group come to share with our students for the week. Now we love groups, and this group was particularly flexible and gracious. But a group means a different schedule and more moving pieces for the students and the teachers. 

     Normally in Bible class, Elizabeth does worship and I do the teaching or translating. It’s a great arrangement and we can both play to our strengths. But if I’m being honest, I’m not fond of doing the motions for the worship. Say what you will, but it’s uncomfortable to me. I prefer to watch the kids worship and focus on the words as they praise God vocally and physically. So leading worship is not my cup of communion. 

     On my way to school, I got the phone call: Elizabeth was sick and out for the week. Talk about bad timing. The only other person who has at least most of the songs is, well, me. While I have the music, I haven’t learned any of the motions of the last 5-6 years. As soon as I got to school, I was scrambling to get the speaker set up, meet the group, and get the teachers all on the same page. It was an agonizing hour as I tried to think of anything that could prevent me from leading worship. But the only option I had was to lead it myself. And then the students entered. We were in the chapel now so I had about 50 students literally looking down at me. Suffice it to say I was lost as worship started. I didn’t even look at the group members who were also watching me for guidance. I had to laugh to keep from crying as I didn’t even know the motions I thought I knew. Their faces said it all: “Show me the motions, dude.” 

"I saw what He sees"

     It was an even more agonizing 10 minutes of throwing my arms up, trying to follow the teachers that knew at least some of the motions. Now we were all lost. The kids deserved so much better and I was embarrassed at the pitiful showing on my part. I just wanted it to be over. But right in the middle of my self-inflicted misery, God rocked me to my core. 

     To end the worship, I put on 10,000 Reasons as our last song and listened to the words carefully to try to spark the correct motions. The lyrics are a little different in Spanish. Time seemed to stop as we all sang 


“Still my soul will continue to sing
10,000 years until eternity”

     In that moment, God opened my eyes and I saw what He sees. I had blinders on. I was so focused on the 2-3 minutes songs and what I had to do, that I lost sight of eternity. We don’t need to offer perfect choreography. We don’t need kids to jump and  move their hands around because they like it. We offer worship so children can celebrate and thank their Savior and creator of the world. In that moment, I was reminded, yet again, why we do what we do and how 15 minutes of my senseless hand motions are nothing compared to forever.

     Now that students are back, we have a lot of logistics going on with hygiene concerns, class schedules, and grades. The Junta  quickly agreed that in-person Bible classes were necessary and we added them to the mix. That’s because we realize that every class we teach, every fact we share, every word of advice, and every fist-bump is a part of eternity. We aren’t just trying to get students to the next level. Especially in Bible class, Morning Glory strives to augment our children’s relationship with Jesus Christ. We want them to succeed in this life, but it is so much more important that they are prepared to enter into those “10,000 years until eternity.”

     So when you support Morning Glory, or join with us in ministry by coming, or even saying a prayer for us, you are helping us accomplish that purpose. You are preparing young people for eternity. With such high stakes, your help is indispensable. We can graduate millions of kids, teach countless hours of classes, and lead motions for worship for infinite songs. But what we need most, is for students to encounter God and bear fruit. The harvest is here and ready to move into eternity. We need more workers and partners to fulfill such a great calling. We need prayers, goers, and givers as the Morning Glory Story continues to grow, expand, and fulfill God’s most urgent mission of encountering Jesus and leading students to eternal life. We need you to take a bigger part in the Morning Glory Story. We will continue to educate, equip, and encourage but we need your involvement to push deeper into eternity.

Click here to give and prepare students for eternity
FCC Greensburg taught the first week of Bible and a First Aid Class. 
They also painted and made new desks for first grade.
New Budget!

     All of these changes and growth come with a new step of faith. Diversified School will generate more funds for us, but we still have to increase our budget by at least 10% ($3,000). This means we need to raise our giving monthly! We ask you to to help us grow by becoming a giving partner with us or increase your current giving. You can also sponsor a child here. Your giving goes to keep the teachers we need in the classroom and provide the basic needs of the school. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving to Morning Glory in this new chapter of growth and expansion. 

With all the changes we have, we have much to praise and petition to God. 
We ask you to pray:

     - That God will be honored in every moment at Morning Glory

     - For the groups on their way in March

     - For protection and health for everyone on campus at Morning Glory

     - For more interns this summer

     - That Morning Glory leaders will make wise and brave decisions for the               program

      - For provision as we expand our budget

We praise God for:

     - The students are back and will likely be in-person the rest of the year

     - Provision is securing a few more items

     - The groups on the way in March and the incredible ministry they will be             doing

     - The groups that came in February and made 20 new desks, among other           improvement projects

     - The chance to give classes, especially Bible, in-person again

     - His continued provision in other equipment we need for the school

How can we pray for you?
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