Recorded music revenues hit $23.1 billion in 2020, with artists direct the winners – again [MIDiA] FULL STORY
Although the recorded music business experienced a dip in the earlier months of the pandemic, the remainder of the year saw industry revenue rebound, making it the sixth successive year of growth.
We Hear You Loud & Clear. [Spotify] FULL STORY 

8 Spotify stats that may make you rethink your career in music [Hypebot] FULL STORY

Spotify is testing price increases in the UK [MBW] FULL STORY
Which music streamer pays best? How user-centric royalties could become a competitive advantage [Hypebot] FULL STORY
What was most interesting to me was that Amazon, Apple and Spotify were all essentially testifying that they knew the system was grotesquely unfair and seemed to accept that as a given.
Grammys 2021: All of the Performances [Pitchfork] FULL STORY

Grammys 2021 Winners: See The Full List Here [Pitchfork] FULL STORY

Innovator Interviews: The Recording Academy’s Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer Lisa Farris [Brand Innovators] FULL STORY
Big Music Needs to Be Broken Up to Save the Industry [Wired] FULL STORY
A year without live music has been a disaster. So has corporate power in streaming, recording, and ticketing. Antitrust may be the only solution.
Million-Dollar NFT Sales Get Attention, But Don’t Expect Them to Last [Billboard] FULL STORY

Music and NFTs are buzzing, but should you believe the hype? [MusicAlly] FULL STORY

Post Malone to Mix NFTs, Experiences in Revamped Music Streaming Platform [CoinDesk] FULL STORY
Audio streaming 1: the missing millions [BachTrack] FULL STORY

Audio streaming 2: algorithms, playlists, payment models [BachTrack] FULL STORY
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Could SoundCloud's User-Centric Streaming Payouts Catch On? [Billboard] FULL STORY
SoundCloud is trying a new approach. Will others follow?

Are User-Centric royalties a gamechanger or just a really big ‘meh'? [Music Network] FULL STORY
US Livestreams Earned $610M in 2020: Study [Billboard] FULL STORY
Livestreaming went from niche to mainstream in 2020, becoming big moneymakers for artists unable to tour during the pandemic, according to new research by MusicWatch.
The Culture Warped Pop, for Good [NY Times] FULL STORY
Since the 1960s, pop music has been ruled mostly by what’s known in the business — and to your ears — as the verse-chorus form: The verse sets the scene, the pre-chorus builds tension, and the chorus reaches a climax. 
How Ice Cream Can Help Make Sense of Streaming Royalties (Op-Ed) [Billboard] FULL STORY
Music streaming costs the same whether you stream one track a month or 3,000 -- $10 a month. It's all-you-can-eat. If music were ice cream, the parlors of Spotify and Apple charge the same to eat a tub a day as they do to eat a cone a month. 
• Bandzoogle Expands EPK Tools for Artists [MusicConnection] FULL STORY
• Music websites: the hub for direct-to-fan engagement [Bandzoogle] FULL STORY
• Mental health in music: how and when to put yourself first [Bandzoogle] FULL STORY
• 5 direct-to-fan tools to build your fanbase online [Bandzoogle] FULL STORY
Clubhouse Launches ‘Creator First’ Accelerator Program, Offering Monetization, Audience Growth, More [TubeFilter] FULL STORY
Clubhouse, the trendy and oft-copied audio app that fosters discussions on myriad subjects in virtual rooms, and which is now valued at a reported $1 billion, has announced a slew of updates on its first anniversary.
Yes, but do you have a meme? Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love A&R Research [Hypebot] FULL STORY
Whether deciding which song you’ll hear next or which band gets the money to make a music video, data has taken a front row seat in every sector of the music industry including A&R.
So You Want to Sell Your Publishing Rights? A Veteran of the Business Says Take a Beat [Billboard] FULL STORY
"I couldn't begin to estimate the number of times that folks like Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Steve Lukather, Tom Johnston, Roger McGuinn, George Harrison and Donald Fagen have told me that selling their songwriting catalogs was one of the biggest mistakes they ever made. So, why the sudden push to sell publishing rights now?" Randall Wixen, president/CEO, Wixen Music Publishing (via REDEF)

Mass Hipgnosis [Baffler] FULL STORY

With the Music IP Market Booming, 7 Reasons Why Artists Are Selling Their Songs Now [Variety] FULL STORY
How to Use Collaborations to Enhance Your YouTube Strategy [SoundFly] FULL STORY
If you’re a musician and you don’t have a YouTube presence… what are you waiting for?With everything going on in the world over the past year, there is literally no better time to work on your online presence than now. 
RIAA Takedown Notices Target Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music [Torrent Freak] FULL STORY
he RIAA is known to use DMCA notices to remove pirated content from the Internet. These takedown requests are generally aimed at pirate sites and stream-rippers, but in recent weeks the organization went after legitimate streaming services as well.
On this latest edition of the podcast, Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart discuss these stories:
• Inside The ‘Black Market’ Where Artists Can Pay for Millions of Streams
• What’s the real problem with fake streams?
• 10 Hard & Awful Truths About Being an Independent Artist (And What You Can Do About It)
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• Viberate Co-Founder Vasja Veber, Best Social Networks, And Behringer Oberheim Trademark War On My Latest Podcast [Music 3.0] FULL STORY
• Easily Compare Any Two Music Artists on Viberate Medium] FULL STORY
• New: NFT Store Integrations [] FULL STORY
• Instagram will no longer let adults message teen who don't follow them [Verge] FULL STORY
• The Best Crosley Turntables for Playing Your Favorite Albums [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
• So You Want to Sell Your Publishing Rights? A Veteran of the Business Says Take a Beat [Billboard] FULL STORY
• Started By Musicians, Nashville-Based Soundstripe Grows Rapidly [Interview] [Music Row] FULL STORY
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• Hipgnosis Reveals How It Values Songs (and That Its Catalog Is Worth Slightly More Than It Originally Forecast) [MBW] FULL STORY
• From podcasts to Clubhouse, audio is filling more of our time. For some families, that’s a problem. [Washington Post] FULL STORY
• Music streaming is huge, but the payouts are small. Here’s how Colorado artists are coping. [Denver Post] FULL STORY
• She Managed Concert Tours. Now, Covid Vaccines [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
• Please Consider Local Music [David Turner] FULL STORY
• International Creators Gather For 'Justice at Spotify' Protests [Billboard] FULL STORY
• Recorded Music Grew $1.5 Billion in the Pandemic Year [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
• Comparing Video Distribution Pricing So You Don’t Have To [Symphonic] FULL STORY
• Ozuna Is Dropping Art for the Launch of a New NFT Site [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
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