The 10 Great Record Stores in America [Spin] FULL STORY
The world may be getting more and more digital (NFTs - more like no fucking thanks), but record stores are where music culture thrives. These places matter. Go spend time in them. Maybe buy a record or two...
Billie Eilish Becomes a DJ As Amazon Music Rethinks Radio [Billboard] FULL STORY
Amazon Music launched a new feature called DJ Mode, a new take on the radio stations popular on music streaming services that combines artist commentary with the platform’s most popular playlists.
What Could Be Music’s Next Spotify? [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
Two decades after digital downloads replaced physical CDs, and 10 years into streaming’s dominance of music consumption, music’s tech boom still shows no sign of braking. It’s rather the opposite, as the global business looks to level up its digital offerings.
Today Bandcamp will donate 100% of revenue to NAACP Legal Defense Fund [Hypebot] FULL STORY 

Bandcamp Juneteenth Fundraiser: Recommended Releases to Hear and Buy [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
My First Show Back: Canyon Club Owner Lance Sterling on Hosting the Foo Fighters [Billboard] FULL STORY
I got the Foo Fighters’ contract and it said, “Compensation: $0.” They didn’t want any money. They let me keep everything. I saved the contract. I’m going to frame it.
Can Streaming Pay? Musicians Are Pinning Fresh Hopes on Twitch. [NY Times] FULL STORY

Twitch Is Headed For a Copyright Disaster [OneZero] FULL STORY
How many ‘creators’ are there and how do they make money? [Hypebot] FULL STORY
Not all musicians think of themselves as content creators. But – just like everyone who posts regularly on social media in hopes of eventually making money – they certainly are – and there is a lot of competition.
U.S. Recorded Music Revenues Are Still 46% Below 1999 Peaks, RIAA Data Shows [DMN] FULL STORY
Despite endless talk of a music industry comeback, total recorded music revenues are still nowhere near their earlier peaks, according to recently-surfaced data. In fact, total recorded music revenues are still drastically lower than levels roughly 20 years ago.
How many videos does it take to get to 1 million YouTube subscribers? [Simon Owens] FULL STORY
Last week, the writer Josh Spector tweeted: “It's so much harder to build an audience than most people realize,” he wrote. “You're not failing — you're doing the work. Be patient.”
Why are songs becoming simpler? [AmplifyYou] FULL STORY
Research also shows that over the years, there has been a steady simplification of the composition. How does this reflect on the current generation of music listeners? And what does this say about the future of the music industry? 
Spotify commits to paying out yet more money to a new type of 'Creator' [MBW] FULL STORY
Spotify has officially welcomed a new type of content “creator” onto its service. They are the celebrities, politicians and aspirational keynote speakers who’ll potentially appear on Spotify Greenroom, the streaming platform’s rival to Clubhouse.
Let’s welcome Sony’s forward-thinking move on unrecouped artists. But let’s keep going. [MBW] FULL STORY
The following op/ed comes from Annabella Coldrick, CEO of the Music Managers’ Forum. The MMF’s 1,200-plus members include managers representing Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa, Robbie Williams, Radiohead, Nile Rodgers and others.
Al Schmitt's Son Chris Reflects on the Remarkable Life of His 'Daddy-O' [Billboard] FULL STORY
In the past couple weeks, I’ve heard my dad called an icon, a legend, a mentor, even G.O.A.T. I’ve even seen an online post encouraging Capitol Studios to rename their revered Studio A 'Studio AL.' It’s all a testament to how beloved Al was to the music industry. But to me, he was first and foremost my dad. 
On this latest edition of the podcast, Jay and Mike discuss:
• The Pandemic Caused An Explosion In Vinyl Demand – Here’s Why The Music Industry Can’t Meet It
• YouTube Isn’t the Music Villain Anymore
• Now That You’ve Bought a Multi-Million-Dollar Music Catalog, What Are You Going to Do With It?
• How SoundScan Changed Music, Driving Metal, Rap and Alt-Rock Up the Charts
Music Discovery Is Entering New Age, With Streaming at the Helm [Billboard] FULL STORY
MusicWatch's latest project on music discovery surveyed 1000 music listeners in the US, covering their music listening habits and topics around the discovery experience.
You Can’t Escape the Attention Economy [Atlantic] FULL STORY
Come up with an idea, a thought, a look, a feeling, or a moment, and you’ve got a piece of content that carries the possibility of money changing hands. As an approach to online interactions, this has the great benefit of being accurate.
Apple Music For Artists adds new features [Hypebot] FULL STORY
In addition to information on Apple’s new Spatial Audio and how to get involved, artists will find some new features: “Create” tab, "Release” menu, more charts from Shazam and "Song Tweets."
Roblox says $200m+ copyright lawsuit is based on a ‘fundamental misunderstanding’. Music publishers disagree. [MBW] FULL STORY 

The opportunity behind the Roblox lawsuit [MIDiA] FULL STORY
James create songs from jams, that’s how they work: nobody controls it. The results combine deeply considered sentiment with total spontaneity. [Song Sommelier] LISTEN HERE
What Spotify Follower Ratio Tells Us About Artist Growth and Fan Engagement [Chartmetric] FULL STORY
• Dolby Atmos: How the immersive sound technology is revolutionising music for artists and fans [MusicWeek] FULL STORY
• Top music industry executives still overwhelmingly white and male, says USC report [LA Times] FULL STORY
• Set these realistic goals for your upcoming DIY release [Hypebot] FULL STORY
• It’s Harder To Be An Influencer Than You Think [Music 3.0] FULL STORY
• How to use SoundCloud as a Marketing Tool [Symphonic] FULL STORY
• Five Must Haves for Your DISCO Library [DISCO] FULL STORY
• Audigo Labs Unveils Integrated Content Creation Platform for the Modern Creator [Audigo] FULL STORY 
• What can music learn from the rise and rise of the video games industry? [MBW] FULL STORY 
• A music app you’ve never heard of just won an Apple Design Award [Hypebot] FULL STORY 
• Roger Waters burns down ‘powerful idiot’ Mark Zuckerberg’s request to use song [LA Times] FULL STORY
• Warner spends over $100 million buying David Guetta's recordings catalog [MBW] FULL STORY
• On the Road Again: Tour Crews Are Hopeful But Wary as Concerts Return [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
• SiriusXM Creates an Audio Ad Powerhouse with SXM Media Rebrand [SiriusXM] FULL STORY
• Blue Note President Don Was On Creating Demand For Jazz Reissues [Billboard] FULL STORY 
• The Copyright Royalty Board Gets It Right: New Increased Inflation-Adjusted Royalty Rates for Webcasting [Chris Castle / MTP] FULL STORY
• How to test and learn with Spotify Ad Studio’s campaign structure [Spotify] FULL STORY
• Amazon's Dellessa James talks Black music, big moves and the future [MusicWeek] FULL STORY
• Music billionaires Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine to launch a new public high school in south LA that will focus on entrepreneurship [Daily Mail] FULL STORY
• Would You Buy Shares in Your Favorite Musician? [Ted Gioia] FULL STORY 
• Apple Music celebrates 100 albums that changed music [Music Network] FULL STORY
• Build a Music Following Fast - 50 Videos in 1 [Bobby Borg] FULL STORY
• A $20 million Arena Ticket for Frozen Mechanicals: The 1% Rumor vs. the Crucible of Cross Examination [Chris Castle / MTP] FULL STORY
• Congress Asks Spotify for Information About Promotional Royalty Rates – Is This Much Ado About the Way the Interactive Music Marketplace is Designed to Work? [BLB] FULL STORY
• ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Docuseries Set for Thanksgiving Release on Disney+ [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
• Facebook, Instagram add free music distribution via TuneCore, DistroKid [Hypebot] FULL STORY
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