Why Are We Still Measuring Artist Success With a Major Label Yardstick? (Guest Column) [Billboard] FULL STORY
"For every unique and individual artist in the world, there should be and can be a unique and individual pathway to success," argues CD Baby president Joel Andrew.

How to Measure Success without Using Antiquated Record Label Metrics: Joel Andrew [MBW Podcast] FULL STORY
Billboard's U.S. Money Makers: The Top Paid Musicians of 2020 [Billboard] FULL STORY
A year with minimal touring resulted in top-streaming acts, many of them hip-hop artists, replacing the rock and country acts that fill arena and stadiums on Billboard's annual ranking. Taylor Swift tops the list.

Billboard's 2020 Global Money Makers: The 5 Top Highest Paid Musicians [Billboard] FULL STORY
Vinyl Keeps Setting Records [Jacobs Media] FULL STORY
Vinyl is now outselling compact discs, impressive for a music format written off for dead not so many years ago.  (And if you still don't believe in the power of retro, keep in mind audio cassettes had a great year as well.)
TikTok’s Knack for Connecting Fans With Songs & Brands Examined in New Study [Billboard] FULL STORY

Investigation: How TikTok's Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires [WSJ] FULL STORY

How a viral song on TikTok turned into an artist’s worst nightmare [AmplifyYou] FULL STORY

These indie-rock lifers went from obscurity to scandal to a major-label deal in 10 months [LA Times] FULL STORY
Will Songfinch become “Cameo for Songs?" [Trapital] FULL STORY
On Songfinch, fans order personalized songs for $199. Users select the style of their song and share stories to shape the lyrics. Songfinch then matches users with an artist who writes and records the song for the user.

Why Gift an Album When You Can Send a Personalized Song? [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
Eric Clapton: Don't expect to see me at venues that ask audiences to be vaccinated [LA Times] FULL STORY
"I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present,” Clapton said in a statement released exclusively to Italian architect and vaccine skeptic Robin Monotti Graziadei.
What Will Happen to My Music Library When Spotify Dies? [Atlantic] FULL STORY
the experts on media preservation and the music industry whom I consulted told me that I have good reason to fear ongoing instability. “You’re screwed,” said Brewster Kahle, the founder of the Internet Archive, after I asked him if I could count on having my music library decades from now.
How Splice Became the Hottest Platform on the Beat Market [Billboard] FULL STORY
Splice subscriptions start at $9.99 a month and let users access over 2 million riffs, beats and sounds — all royalty-free, so creators who use them own their work. Most of the platform’s 4 million users are amateurs, but Splice samples have also been used in songs by Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, BTS, The Weeknd and Bad Bunny, among others.
The Grammys have banned the sharing of streaming stats, other milestones [Hypebot] FULL STORY

The Online Entry Process Explained
• Access the complete rules & guidelines for the 64th GRAMMY® Awards HERE.

• To view the full Webinar presentation outlining key dates and deadlines, click HERE.
Pro>Sessions: Music NFT Market Update with Cherie Hu & Brooke Jackson from Water & Music [Recording Academy] FULL STORY 
In the Recording Academy’s latest Pro>Sessions conversation, Cherie Hu and Brooke Jackson from Water & Music provide the latest Music NFT market updates, trends, and sales, including breakdowns by genre and platform. They answer the question whether indies are still dominating the space or major label artists have taken over, and explain how NFTs are moving beyond digital collectibles and into the physical space. 
14 podcasts musicians should be listening to in 2021 [Bandzoogle] FULL STORY
There are lots of great podcasts for musicians looking to learn about the music business or the latest marketing trends and to get inspired by other musicians. So here’s a list (in alphabetical order) of some of our favorite podcasts - ones we think musicians should be listening to. 
The Accidentals intro... In this edition of the podcast, Jay and Mike dig into: 
• Audio Streams Up 15%, Vinyl Sales Double in First Half of 2021
• UK Parliament Inquiry Recommends 'Complete Reset’ of Streaming Business
• Why Are Independent Artists and Labels Turning Away From Vinyl?
• How Millennials and Gen Zs Are Redefining Digital Audio
The 50 Greatest Producers of the 21st Century: Staff List [Billboard] FULL STORY

These Major Producers Are Changing the Future For Women In the Studio [Billboard] FULL STORY
Streaming’s Effects on Music Culture: Old Anxieties and New Simplifications [Sage Journals] FULL STORY
This article identifies five key themes, or sets of criticisms, that have emerged in online commentary on the new musical system centered on streaming platforms, and in related academic research
The Rosy ‘Creator Economy’ Is Music’s Biggest Lie [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
Platforms of the so-called “passion economy” tell us everyone can make bank. The reality of this scam is nowhere more evident than in the numbers out of the music industry.
YouTube’s newest monetization tool lets viewers tip creators for their uploads [TechCrunch] FULL STORY
This is YouTube’s fourth Paid Digital Good, which is what the platform calls any product that lets fans directly pay creators. So far, these tools include Super ChatSuper Stickers and channel subscriptions.
YouTube Shorts Launches First Official TikTok-Like ‘Dance Challenge’ In Collaboration With BTS [Tubefilter] FULL STORY
What Are Your Favorite Songs With Misheard Lyrics? [Flypaper] FULL STORY
Have you ever found yourself singing along to a hit song at the top of your lungs, thinking “that can’t be the line, can it?” It’s a pretty common experience — one that typically ends with a shrug of the shoulders as you take in a deep breath in preparation for the next verse.
Did you miss the 2021 Amplify Music Conference? Don't worry, you can now watch or listen to every conversation from the event.

This is one of the best music conferences on the planet. Insights from some of the most innovative and caffeinated people in the business.

Turn it on. Turn it up. HERE

Work Hard, Playlist Hard by Mike Warner ORDER HERE
In a music business full of con artists and scammers, Mike shares his experience and best practices across all platforms with step by step instructions, not to game the system, but to OPTIMIZE for it. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Mike on podcasts, live streams, zoom chats and even a few sentences in this book. - JG
The Song Sommelier: PJ Harvey,  The Demos [Words and curation by Annie Zaleski, cover by Lina Moon] FULL STORY 
Annie Zaleski dissects PJ Harvey in the raw, and finds some gems and new fragility within. PJ is always different, but this is different even for PJ. Harvey is digging into her archives yet again. Over the last few years, she's issued the demos for a string of solo studio albums, starting with her 1992 debut, Dry.
Championing Gender Equity in the Music Industry With Our New 6MO Report and Artist Pronoun Database [Chartmetric] FULL STORY
• Warner Music Gets Upgrade From S&P on Strength of Streaming [Billboard] FULL STORY
• The Great Song Registration Meltdown of 2020–2021 [Music Data Pro] FULL STORY
• Vivendi’s 70% Universal Music Group sell-off is getting… complicated [MBW] FULL STORY
• What would it really take to decentralize the music industry? [MBW] FULL STORY
• ‘My strength isn’t looking at a computer screen. I wouldn’t join the music business today, because I don’t want to be a typist’ [MBW] FULL STORY
• How a Longtime Music Executive Is Trying to Protect Artists’ Legacies [WSJ] FULL STORY
• Breakr raises $4.2M to connect influencers with emerging musicians [TenchCrunch] FULL STORY
• Vivendi's sell-off of Universal Music Group is getting... complicated [MBW] FULL STORY
• Developer on Twitch Creates Neat Tool to Prevent DMCA Notices [Torrent Freak] FULL STORY
• Now Sony Music Publishing disregards unrecouped balances for heritage songwriters [MBW] FULL STORY
• England’s Venues Are Open Again, But New Vaccine Passport Plans Stir Discontent  [Billboard] FULL STORY
• The Facebook Feed algorithm: How it works in 2021 [Hypebot] FULL STORY
• How the Music Business Is Preparing to Return to the Office [Billboard] FULL STORY
• 7 Music Industry Job Sites To Help You Land Your Next Job [Symphonic] FULL STORY 
• Everything You Need To Know About Mechanical Royalties [Symphonic] FULL STORY 
• Will live music see a second lockdown as COVID cases grow? [Hypebot] FULL STORY
• How to get the most out of Spotify’s Anchor as a musician [Hypebot] FULL STORY
• Make lo-fi beats on your iPhone using iZotope’s new app [Hypebot] FULL STORY
• ‘McCartney 3, 2, 1’ Is Revelatory—Just Not in the Ways You’d Expected [RInger] FULL STORY
• Audience Republic Lets Event Promoters Rally Fans, Harness Data To Sell Tickets [Medium] FULL STORY
• How To Prepare For Your Next Big Artist Meeting [Amber Horsburgh] FULL STORY
• New Study Examines Internet Traffic Patterns and Bandwidth Requirements [NCTA] FULL STORY
• #HowWeListen Live: In Conversation with Bruno Duque (TuneCore) [LinkedIn] FULL STORY
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