The ABCs of NFTs: A Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens, the Cryptomedia Trend Bringing Ownership to the Internet [AdWeek] FULL STORY

Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY

Music NFTs: why buy them? [MTF] FULL STORY
RIAA Releases Year-End Music Industry Report for 2020 [MBA] FULL STORY
Revenue from music streaming services grew 13.4% to $10.1 billion in 2020, with full-service paid music subscriptions encompassing $7 billion of that total (a year-over-year increase of 14.6%). Vinyl records celebrated another big year in 2020. Click here to read the full report.
SoundCloud will pay indie artists based on their actual listeners [Verge] FULL STORY
This means a SoundCloud subscriber’s subscription fee or advertising revenue will be divvied up among the artists they actually listen to, rather than going to a big pot and being split up among the platform’s most popular artists.
Are streaming services really that bad for David Crosby and other classic artists? [Hypebot] FULL STORY

David Crosby Sells Legendary Catalog to Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group [Rolling Stone] FULL STORY
Who Picks Grammy Nominees? General Voters Decide in Just 12 of 84 Categories [Billboard] FULL STORY
You probably know that the final Grammy nominees in the so-called “Big Four” categories are determined by a nomination review committee. But you will probably be surprised to learn that rank-and-file Grammy voters determine the final nominees in just 12 of 84 categories.
The US record industry grew by over $1bn in 2020 – but faces big challenges over streaming's pricing, and its future [MBW] FULL STORY

More People in the U.S. Bought Music Subscriptions Than Ever In 2020 [RS] FULL STORY
Smaller independents and artists direct grew fastest in 2020 [MODiA] FULL STORY
The share of Spotify streams accounted for by the majors and Merlin fell four percentage points in 2020 to 78%, down from a high of 85% in 2018. The recorded music market is one in which label market shares typically move at a near glacial pace. In comparison, this shift is nothing short of tectonic.
Ingrooves Has Built Its Own AI Music Marketing Technology – and Been Granted a Patent for It [MBW] FULL STORY
Ingrooves’ invention identifies audiences who have a high likelihood of deepening their engagement and becoming long-term fans of individual artists. Ingrooves can then advise its clients about their marketing strategies accordingly.
TuneCore Unveils Rewards Program as Indie Distributors Fend Off Major Labels: Exclusive [Billboard] FULL STORY
In the latest sign that the competition is intensifying among music labels and distributors to service the world’s fast-growing market of independent artists, TuneCore is taking a page from airlines, hotels and credit cards and rolling out a customer loyalty program of its own.
Click image for more
Square buys $297M majority stake in TIDAL, pledges ‘economic empowerment’ for musicians [Hypebot] FULL STORY
Square has made a $297 million investment in TIDAL that will give the financial services company a significant majority ownership stake in the Jay-Z led music streamer.
The Rise of the Digital Music Distributor [David Turner] FULL STORY
Digital music distribution arrived in the 2000s, just as this new post-iTunes record industry was taking shape. These new distributors were not companies placing records into stores across the country or the globe, but rather commercial platforms to get music onto emerging online stores.
Radio Is On Road to Recovery But Needs More Help From Podcasts [Billboard] FULL STORY
Just as radio companies quickly took a hit when the economy sank in March, they have benefitted from economic expansion. The bright spot throughout the past year has been podcasts' continued  growth, which is expected to play a key role in these companies' recovery.
Live Q&A: Symphonic x The MLC [Symphonic] FULL STORY
Why the Target exclusive still has staying power in mainstream music [Aliya Chaudhry and Cherie Hu] FULL STORY
The RIAA just reported last week that 2020 was the first year since 1986 that vinyl records generated more revenue than CDs in the US. Amidst this backdrop, one nearly 60-year-old physical retail conglomerate has remained an indispensable, if unexpected partner to the recorded-music industry: Target. is back from the dead — and now there are two [Verge] FULL STORY
It’s rare that apps come back from the dead, but it seems like that may be what’s happening with, a site that let users create their own radio stations and DJ sets with music they curated before it got shuttered in 2013.
How Pandora Won Its Royalty Battle But Lost the War to Spotify [Vice] FULL STORY
Pandora found a brilliant loophole to win its fight with the recording industry, but it tied the company's future into a knot. Pandora may have entered the music industry a little naively, planning for a world where the statutory rates remained low and they had time to bloom.
How To Market Your Music - With Amber Horsburg‪h‬ [Girls to the Front podcast] LISTEN HERE
The Art of Longevity Podcast Episode #1: Turin Brakes [Keith Jopling / Song Sommelier] LISTEN HERE
Music For Black History Month: A data journey through Memphis, Baltimore, Detroit [Hypebot] FULL STORY
This week Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart discuss
- The Fan Data Goldmine
- What The Major Record Companies Really Think About Streaming Economics
- How Subscription Platforms Have Become Revenue-Generating, Real-Time Fan Clubs
- LOTS of Spotify News!
• Why the Target exclusive still has staying power in mainstream music [Aliya Chaudhry and Cherie Hu] FULL STORY
• Twitter, Hoping To Increase Revenue, Will Add Patreon-Esque ‘Super Follows’ Feature [Tubefilter] FULL STORY
• Twitch And Rolling Stone Launch New Music Streaming Channel [Gamespot] FULL STORY
• Universal generated $8.4bn in 2020... and spent over $1.7bn on catalog buys and artist advances [MBW] FULL STORY 
• How the pandemic has changed social media [Vox] FULL STORY
• The importance of rights’ management – Capturing all the value in music [AnoteMusic] FULL STORY
• Direct to the fan: websites are where the rubber meets the road for independent artists [Industry Observer] FULL STORY
• TikTok’s Impact on the Music World [UDC] FULL STORY
• The Services Sector Is Transforming The Future Of The Music Industry [MBW] FULL STORY 
• What you need to know about YouTube Art Tracks and how to make them [Hypebot] FULL STORY
• I paid for Spotify playlist placements so you don’t have to [Najinsan] FULL STORY
• The Hidden Value(s) of Digital Art [8Sided] FULL STORY
• Are NFTs The Future Of Digital Music Or Just Crypto Snobbery? [Stereogum] FULL STORY
• The explosive (and inclusive) potential of NFTs in the creative world [TechCrunch] FULL STORY
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