The Serpent & the Dove Release Date 
Visions of Shadows that Shine (bonus conciliatory album)
Autumn Tour 2015

Ahoy friends!

Art is long and life is short...                 As can well be marked.

Seasons have come and gone with The Work slowly boiling through its several stages;  and now, not so so far off, we come to that stage of completion.  

As can happen in life and certain projects therein, the objects in connection with my own endeavors of the last several seasons have taken longer to fulfill and required more in the way of attention, exertion and resources than anticipated.  Yet somehow in this course, The Work intended has come to garner a more lustrous hue and fundamental aspect:  What had been perhaps a lovely flower has blossomed into some breed of magnificent tree. 

And so, we are pleased finally to announce 'The Serpent and the Dove', as In Gowan Ring’s fifth full length album; unveiled to the world through Les Disques du 7ème Ciel this coming Autumn Equinox (23rd September, 2015).

My utmost gratitude and panegyric prostrations to all of you who have supported me early on and been so patient with the process.
- Your blessings have come to great assistance!
Now… September the 23rd may yet seem a ways off for the project that had originally been supposed ready for springtime, however I do at present have an accessory article to proffer in the meantime as propitiation: 

Visions of Shadows that Shine” (ie: Serpent and Dove ‘bonus’ album) is a collection in extempore arrangement, of songs that have accompanied me throughout these seasons -playing with friends in the open air or in private chambers, in the sun or around the fire- while working with the original material on ‘The Serpent and the Dove’. Certain pieces are considered intrinsically related to this album, having attended the entire process, while others are rather spontaneously included in these late hours.

Visions of Shadows that Shine will be on its way in CD form this coming week by post to all those who pre-ordered the Magic Stone Box  or Hand Painted Vinyl Bag editions; and will be proffered free on the Summer Solstice as Mp3 Digital Download to everyone who’s supported the album thus far.  Those who desire to procure the physical CD version may contact me to strike a bargain at the usual place.
  •  AUTUMN TOUR 2015

Along with the release of “The Serpent and the Dove’, September will see the beginning of an attendant musical tour.  For around two months I will be traveling with an ensemble of friends, hefting a variety of alluring instruments, to perform the new compositions through Germany, France, Belgium, UK and Scandinavia in small theaters, churches, and cozy nooks.  I list below some of the scheduled occasions thus far and invite those who may be of assistance to contact us for the regions of Zurich, Geneva, Hanover, Berlin and areas of United Kingdom.  Any communication regarding co-ordination of future concerts will be merrily received. 
Yours in anticipation and perseverance,


IN GOWAN RING's autumn tour for ‘The Serpent and the Dove’

17th - Dresden, Germany
18th - Frankfurt, Germany
19th – Zurich, CH (looking for a place)
20th - Geneva, CH (looking …)
23rd - Paris, France
25th – Dusseldorf, Germany
27th - Leipzig
 5-16th – various UK
17-18th – Manchester; Carefully Planned Fest.
22th - Aalborg , Denmark; Huset
 23rd – Gothenburg, Sweden
 24th – Oslo, Norway; Revolver [Church]
 26th – Stockholm, Sweden

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