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Lithography, computer chips, and electron microscopes all need particle accelerators. Accelerators are scientific tools that use beams of charged particles to investigate particle physics. . . . 
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Computer Science

Battle of the “Bad Actors”: One Professor’s Quest for Internet Safety
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“Buzz Saw Killer” Comes to BYU
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Chemistry & Biochemistry

How Eating Less Can Slow the Aging Process
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University 3MT Competition
Thursday, March 9
WSC Varsity Theatre

Rex Lee Run 
Saturday, March 11
BYU Track

Pi Day
Tuesday, March 14
Brigham Square

BYU Spring Break Weekend
Friday and Saturday, March 17-18

C2G Hot Dogs
Monday, March 20
ESC north quad area
Izatt-Christensen Lecture,
Graham Cooks

Monday and Tuesday, March 20-21

Southern Utah Teacher Fair 
Thursday, March 23
WSC Ballroom

Quey Hebrew Lecture, Adam Simon
Thursday, March 30
W111 BNSN 

CPMS Teaching Workshop
Tuesday, April 11
Location TBD
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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Computer Science

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Physics and Astronomy

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