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One Humanity: COVID-19

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The world is closer today than ever before. In the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis, we observe our shared human fears, concerns, and wishes. The fear of a villager in a remote part of Africa due to COVID-19 is shared by a person living in one of the richest regions of the world, Silicon Valley. The desire for our families and communities to be healthy is universal. As difficult as this global pandemic is, one thing is clear: we are one human family.

Being one human family means that we need to find ways to support each other through this difficult and uncertain time. The coronavirus has already impacted the global supply chain, resulting in production shutdown, travel restrictions, and school shutdowns, to name few. The impact of this virus is evolving rapidly and challenges business, social, and economic ties between Africa, the U.S., and our global ecosystem.

What does this mean for our network and global community? What can we do to support one another?

1) Keep safe — Practice health protocols provided by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and your regional health services.

2) Stay connected — Online platforms, including e-mails, newsletters, and social media platforms are alternatives to in-person meetings.

3) Share resources — We are committed to sharing resources and opportunities similar to those provided by USAID and other partner organizations.

4) Care for Community — COVID-19 disproportionately affects elders and those with underlying health issues. If we are aware of anyone in our families or communities who need help, let's do the best we can to support them.

Thank you,

Almaz Negash
Founder & Executive Director, African Diaspora Network
Executive in Residence, School of Global Innovation & Leadership, SJSU
Member of the United Nations Economic Council for Africa – HLPM

Doing Business with USAID Webinar

During this period of time, we will be providing critical information and resources via newsletter. This week, we encourage you to participate in an upcoming webinar to learn more about opportunities to do business as part of our partnership with USAID. 

New Partnerships Initaitive

Want to learn more about USAID and how they do business? Confused by the many acronyms used by the agency? Don't understand the difference between acquisition and assistance?
Join the Doing Business with USAID webinar on Tuesday, March 24th at 9:00 a.m. EST where you can learn more about USAID, how they operate, and how they make awards.
Register for the March 24 Doing Business with USAID Webinar

ADN on CNN International: Innovate Africa

The Nonprofit Bringing Together 'Africans and friends of Africa'

"Your net worth as they say, is your network."

Almaz Negash, Founder and Executive Director of African Diaspora Network, participated in an interview with CNN International as part of their Innovate Africa Series. Learn more about the work of African Diaspora Network and our mission on the the recent CNN Business video publication.
View the CNN Business Video Featuring African Diaspora Network

Call to Action:  2020 Builders of Africa's Future

Over the next few weeks, we will be spotlighting the work of the 2020 Builders of Africa's Future. This week, we showcase three changemakers on the continent. If you are compelled by what they do and want to invest in them, please let us know. They need all the support they can get to grow and scale their businesses, especially in this difficult time. 
Tabitha Arenson Abimiku, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Virtouscore Ltd
Tabitha Arenson Abimiku is a microbiologist with over 7 years of leadership and management experience in program management, community advocacy and social intervention programs working in social empowerment focused non-profit organizations.She has a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, a master’s degree in Medical Microbiology and a PhD in Medical microbiology (in view). Tabitha is the founder and chief executive officer at Virtouscore Ltd where she manages all the business concerns of its subsidiary, VirtousPads, a company that produces reusable, eco-friendly sanitary pads and aims to provide affordable, healthy, biodegradable and sustainable sanitary pads to young girls in low-income communities.
Azeez Oluwafemi, Head of Product Development and Innovation, Flutterwave
Azeez leads the Product Development and Innovation team at Flutterwave, where he is working with an exceptional team to build the payment platform  to connect Africa to the global economy. He started his career at GTBank where he worked for eight years and helped build robust and stable innovative solutions for the payment industry. One major achievement is the implementation of USSD banking while at GTBank that revolutionized the transaction banking landscape in the country. He also implemented and managed the largest online payment service in the country for the bank (GTPay). Azeez has worked with the top three banks in Nigeria to build innovative solutions that helped grow the retail business.
Jabulani Dlamini, Founder and CEO, Sidingulwazi
An eco-warrior Jabulani Dlamini has been pioneering projects that cleans illegal dumping sites, converting them to communal vegetable gardens that provides food security and sustainable living within the community of my township Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Among the projects is the food waste and organic waste collection that is converted to organic Bokashi compost which in turn is used at the communal gardens to grow crops. 

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African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS) is an annual convening in Silicon Valley that celebrates and champions the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Africans in the Diaspora and friends of Africa.

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African Diaspora Investment Symposium Summary and Next Steps

African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2020 Highlights

African Diaspora Network is pleased to share a full summary and action report that highlights key takeaways and lessons learned during African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2020. Learn more about our fifth annual symposium theme, read our day-by-day summary, check out our photo gallery, and view our video recap. 

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