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ADIS21 September 23: Digital Connectivity Across Africa

Wednesday September 23, 2020 ~ 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM GMT
Digital connectivity across the continent is amplifying industry at all levels as the countries work to address the internet access gap. How is broadband cable progressing, particularly regarding inland access and delivery? How are smartphones becoming an integral part of commerce and everyday life? How can we create a system that helps innovators and entrepreneurs to quickly locate supplies and services in their area? What kind of impact the rollout of 5G could have for Africa? Are there nascent e-commerce and e-learning solutions suited for the continent? Join this session to look at key examples of digital connectivity, including drone technology, mobile technologies, and the planning of Africa’s roll-out plan of the SpaceX Starlink and the expansion of Google’s Loon project.
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Fireside Chat Description

COVID-19 continues to negatively impact lives and livelihoods in Africa and around the world.  It also has revealed the importance of technological connectivity, as people from around the world pivoted to utilizing the Internet to do their daily work from schooling to running their businesses. Should Africa be leapfrogging or disrupting in terms of harnessing technology? Why is it so important to be deliberate as we move forward stronger, particularly in Africa? How has COVID dislocated and amplified inequalities?  

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Five Reasons to Attend Digital Connectivity Across Africa Webinar.  
Learn, Participate, Share, and Act on:

How broadband cable is progressing, particularly regarding inland access and delivery?

Why Investing in Digital Infrastructure is Key to Africa’s Economic Recovery?

What are the nascent
e-commerce solutions suited for the continent?

How are smartphones becoming an integral part of business and everyday life?
Meet 200+ virtual, global participants. ADIS21, albeit virtual, is proven to be a catalyst for bringing together the best and brightest across generations of African ingenuity in healthcare, education, connectivity, and finance.  

And in the ADN Culture, African Entertainment...


Meet Destiny Muhammad

Destiny Muhammad is a Recording/ Performing Artist, Band Leader, Composer & Producer. Her vast music genre, from Celtic to Coltrane, is cool and eclectic with a feel of Jazz & storytelling to round out the sonic experience. Destiny has opened for The Oakland East Bay Symphony and Smooth Jazz Artist Gerald Albright, shared the stage with Jazz Masters Marcus Shelby, Omar Sosa, Blue Note Artist Ambrose Akisemuire, and Azar Lawrence to name a few. 

October 2020: Amplify Innovation and Investment Hubs in Africa

Wednesday October 28, 2020 ~ 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM GMT
Across the continent, several countries have taken various approaches to building strongholds of investment and innovation. Rwanda is actively planning an innovation hub, Kigali Innovation City, to transform the country into a knowledge-based economy. In West Africa, Nigeria has partnered with U.S. officials to launch a West Africa Trade and Innovation Hub.

What public-private partnerships are advancing local economies? How can innovators from across Africa become a part of these developments? How do initiatives such as Africa50 provide a model for sustainability in innovation through infrastructure investment and place-based innovation centers?

This session invites panelists to speak on examples of burgeoning industries from the North, East, South, and Western regions of Africa and share opportunities for private-public partnership and collaboration.
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Virtual Networking & Engagement Opportunities

Meeting new people who are mutually passionate about the African diaspora and issues that impact the continent and their local communities is a valuable part of #ADIS21. African Diaspora Network welcomes you to join the Virtual Networking sessions following each #ADIS21 event. The session takes place for 30-minutes at the conclusion of the panel discussion and places you in networking breakout rooms with registered participants.

#ADIS21 virtual forum sessions provide a platform for our global participants to engage in conversations in real-time. Through Zoom chat rooms, you will have an opportunity to meet fellow Africans, diasporans, and friends of Africa and share insights on pressing issues and global trends related to the continent. Message people directly through the private chat feature during live networking sessions or exchange contact information to follow up with participants.
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ADN on CNBC Africa

Watch CNBC Africa's feature on ADN Founder and Executive Director, Almaz Negash, and the African diaspora.
On September 14, 2020, CNBC Africa featured ADN Founder and Executive Director Almaz Negash on the impact of COVID-19 on Africa and the role of the African diaspora community.

One of the biggest concerns in Africa, and around the globe, is the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. The African diaspora gives more than $40 billion dollars to the continent. However, this amount is decreasing as many individuals have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. If countries have an intentional and well-coordinated relationship with the diaspora, this can mitigate some economic challenges. A close relationship with the diaspora provides an opportunity to access much-needed human capital that can be used to expand innovation in Africa.

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