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ADIS20 Exclusive Session: Register for the MIT D-Lab Workshop

Entrepreneurship in Africa is booming. Over the last few decades we have seen a parallel rise in international and local accelerators focused on supporting the growing pipeline of founders who are innovating product and business solutions to Africa’s most pressing challenges.
Nevertheless the number of African-led social enterprises that have risen to attract the level of capital necessary to truly scale their impact is still small.
In this session, you will hear from three Africa-focused accelerators who will share their learning and key challenges in unlocking the continent’s entrepreneurial potential. Session participants will be invited to directly engage in developing potential solutions to some of these challenges by using several MIT D-Lab participatory design tools as a framework for ideation.

Key Goals:

  • Learn: Discover unique best practices innovated by accelerators to better support African entrepreneurs. Identify critical challenges the accelerators are facing in strengthening the pipeline of investable start-ups in Africa.
  • Design: Engage in a co-design exercise to ideate and prioritize potential solutions to the identified challenges.
  • Network: Engage in meaningful and substantive conversations with fellow participants.

Workshop Structure:

The workshop will be structured leveraging MIT D-Lab co-design process that emphasizes inclusive participation and hands-on engagement through a Learn - Imagine - Create - Test journey. In this workshop we will focus on the Learn and Imagine steps of the process.
Limited Capacity - Be among the fifty registrants to join the MIT D-Lab

“This was my first time participating in ADIS. It is a truly unique event in that it convenes people from diverse sectors and backgrounds, including government representatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, social change leaders, subject-matter experts—all of whom share a passion for lifting Africa and for capitalizing on its promise. I wholeheartedly recommend ADIS to anyone wishing to have a positive impact on Africa.” - Sebastián Albuja, Ph.D, Director, Africa Division, American Bar Association | Rule of Law Initiative

A Glimpse at ADIS2020: Session Highlights

Providing Access to Affordable and Quality Health Care in Africa

Public health care in Africa has faced numerous historical barriers ranging from a lack of funding to poor infrastructure. Across countries, the quality of health care varies vastly, but improvements in services are slowly budding in various regions. What best practices have been implemented to improve public and private health care systems, how does insurance vary per region, and how can treatment become more accessible? This session takes a look at case studies across African nations and what is being done to address challenges in infrastructure, doctors shortages, facilities, and quality of care on the continent.

Africa’s Ease of Doing Business Rankings & The Myth of Entrepreneurship

What best practices and principles are elevating African economies? Analyzing growing trends amidst the rise of smaller African economies, measurements based upon the ease of doing business indicate that streamlined and sustainable systems facilitated by digitization are key. How do we move past the myth of entrepreneurship toward infrastructures and technologies that will catalyze a business revolution in Africa? This context setter provides an overview of the challenges the continent faces as we consider approaches toward building a thriving Africa.

Digitizing Africa to Create Systems of Accountability & Transparency

Digitization and innovation come hand in hand. In 2018, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Senegal were recognized as “innovation achievers” by the Brookings Institute for having successfully harnessed technologies for economic development. This session explores the ways in which digitization has provided avenues toward systems of accountability and transparency, such as improving records through retail payments systems, boosting financial inclusion, particularly of women entrepreneurs, promoting sustainable business models, and improving revenue administration.

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