Vandasye Newsletter 04/2016

Vandasye Audio station Plug-and-Play


The »Plug-and-Play« is an intuitive audio station that has been radically reduced to its main purpose. It is a simple, flexible and cost-effective tool for museums to include audio elements in their exhibitions.

The »Plug-and-Play« consists of two 3D-printed ABS parts and a simple digital voice recorder with a play-back function. It can be powered via a plug or independently with batteries or solar panels. The device can be easily attached to all forms of display topography. The visually self-explaining shape of the »Plug-and-Play« draws the visitor’s attention playfully to the purpose of the device. The visitor simply has to press the prominently placed play-button, and the sound will emerge.

For more pictures, please click here.

Vandasye Exhibition Nature on Stage

Nature on Stage

As part of our art direction of the exhibition concept »Nature on Stage«, we developed a simple iconographic language. It takes into consideration the extreme conditions of the Ötztal valley, which is at the heart of the overall branding.

In addition to designing the exhibitions and exhibits, we also contributed to the pedagogical concept to make the exhibition as useful as possible to the visitor.

For the documentation please visit our website.

Vandasye is a Vienna-based design studio. With a background in diverse design disciplines, we work on projects ranging from industrial products to exhibition design. Our approach is centered around utility, the evolution of domestic behaviour and a contemporary formal vocabulary.

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