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Happy Thanksgiving
Beyond the Paddock

Real People...Real Jobs...Real Impact!

Happy Thanksgiving From Your
Charles Town HBPA!
Revenue Cuts Impact Our Community!...It's simple. Cuts would result in "more people with less work or out of work, who would be unable to provide for their families."
Introducing Joel Hiraldo  
The Charles Town Race Track Chaplain

Joel is from Puerto Rico where he began his career as a jockey in 1995.  In 2001 he became a minister.  Chaplan Joel HiradoIn 2004 Joel moved his family to Charles Town and rode here.  In 2006 Joel chose a different path; he began a ministry for the Spanish speaking community.  Since its inception, the Spanish Ministry has grown and is now bi-lingual with two volunteers teachers from Jefferson County who provide translations. Joel and his family give of their time to the Ministry.

In 2013 Joel was hired full-time, by the Charles Town Race Track Chaplaincy Support Services, Inc. as the Race Track Chaplain to minister to the employees of Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races and to the horsemen. He calls this job a blessing and loves his job. 

Known to all as Chaplain Joel, his job is varied, including walking the barn area, counseling backstretch personnel and praying with jockeys and the starting gate crew before the races for a safe night. He provides transportation and spiritual counseling to those in need. He works through the HBPA, the local churches and Community Ministries and is able to assist needy individuals in getting food, clothing, living facilities, medical help, glasses or dental assistance.  He has classes for the preparation of baptisms, comforts those who have lost a loved one and presides at funeral services.

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races has provided both funds and a building where Sunday services are held at 8:30 a.m. and the door is open to all who work at the track or anyone from the community who wants to attend. The Chaplaincy brings families together through events such as the Children’s Christmas party, Easter party and the annual family picnic. 
When asked to share his thoughts on fewer days of racing or no racing at all,  Chaplain Joel said, "It would be a very sad thing.  We would have more people with less work or out of work, who would be unable to provide for their families."   
"Cutting revenue to horsemen and horsewomen would mean less revenue to take care of our own. "    

Say Hello To Elaine Hagy.  Elaine is a member of the  CTHBPA board and she is very involved with the Welfare Benefit Trust. This trust helps horsemen and horsewomen to pay their medical, dental, prescriptions, vision bills.
Elaine and her husband Titus have been involved in racing since 1970, racing primarily in Charles Town, while traveling back and forth from Westminster, Maryland.  In 1990 they bought a small farm in Jefferson County where they built a barn and a house.  The Hagys invested in mares and stallions, breeding and raising West Virginia foals.  Over the years their horses were trained by Mr. Hagy and raced mostly at the Charles Town Race Track.  With a lot of hard work, Mrs. Hagy states:  “our efforts have been fruitful”.
Mrs. Hagy has served on the HBPA Board of Directors for 12 years.  One of her main endeavors has been to volunteer her time to the Welfare Benefit Trust (WBT) that assists horsemen and horsewomen to pay their medical, dental, prescription, and vision bills, and other benefits at no cost to them.    Eligibility requires recipients to be a member of the HBPA and comply with the guidelines of the Welfare Benefit Trust.  The revenue for this benefit comes from 25% of the revenue received by the HBPA.  Elaine says, "Less days of racing would mean less revenue to take care of our own. " 
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Did you know that the HBPA uses 25% of revenues to fund The Welfare Benefit Trust?

The money goes toward...


"Horsemen Helping Horsemen"

Save The Dates
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The reduction of purse money will have a negative impact on our community & we need to do something about it! 

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Do You Understand The Financial Impact Racing Has On Our Community? Most People Don't!

Read & Share the Economic Impact Study.  It Impacts Your Life!

Last month the most viewed page on our website was The Economic Impact Study from the January 2014 West Virginia University studyDid  you read it?  This document explains the financial impact racing has on our community. If you haven't read it you need to? Read it here and share with your friends.
Some key findings:

1) The thoroughbred and greyhound racing industries in West Virginia contribute more than $321 million in total business volume to the state’s economy. To provide some context, this level of output constitutes about 12 percent of the leisure and hospitality sector statewide.

2) The industries support more than 7,300 jobs in West Virginia. This figure is equivalent to about 10 percent of employment in the state’s leisure and hospitality sector.

3) The industries generate more than $100 million in total employee compensation.

4) The industries generate $4.6 million in total state tax revenue.

5) Thoroughbred racing accounts for around three-fourths of the total economic impact of the two industries.

6) Jefferson County, home to Charles Town Races, accounts for nearly half of the total business volume impact of the industries, while Hancock County, home to Mountaineer Park, accounts for nearly 30 percent. The two greyhound racing counties together account for approximately 10 percent of the total business volume impact.

7) Approximately 11 percent of the total business volume impact of the industries that is experienced within the state is outside of the four racing counties.
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