Issue # 3
January 17th 2022


New Year



Dear Readers and Listeners!
Welcome to 2022! Thank you for sticking with me in this new year!
With the holidays it was quite busy. I did not forget about you, and I have been working hard. I am excited to share my new writing and music projects with you.
I hope you are all starting off this new year with renewed hope, joy and peace. With the chaos of the past couple of years, a nice respite is what we all need.



Ongoing Projects

- My YA dystopian science fiction novel Thou Shalt Not Dream is being edited. It might take longer than originally anticipated, so it will be available in late 2022.

- However, I am publishing a short fiction anthology that is going to be released in Spring 2022. The anthology will be available for pre-order in February. If you love some creepy science fiction and magical realism then my collection is for you. More information is on my website: The Inside Out Worlds: Visions of Strange

- The December Spofest Writing Prompt and Rough Draft event was another success. There is no shortage of talented poets who write eloquent poetry or prose. To view the event, including the reading of my response to the Christmas prompt, or my original works, it is here: Spofest

- I composed a choral piece back in 2017 called "The First Snows of Yuletide." It is a song about the pagan celebration of Yuletide as it was done long ago. I got the luck to have it performed by live singers! The link to listen is here: The First Snows of Yuletide



I have been a Wheel of Time fan for a long time. I fantasized and dreamed about that world immensely. So when Amazon decided they'd do a live action series, I was pumped. However, after watching season 1, I was left severely disappointed. I understand there are drastic changes that need to be done, when transferring content between a massive book series and a TV show. Honestly, I felt a lot of Jordan's middle books could use a lot of cutting. But I felt the TV show was too rushed, and sabotaged character arcs. I also feel similarly for The Witcher show. Do you think it is possible to make good quality, fairly faithful TV adaptations from book series? Are there existing shows you feel do a great job at this?

Choir pieces can be annoying or beautiful; some people love them, some people hate them. When I think of choir pieces, I think of religious themes. I think it rare to find secular choral pieces, which made it fun and challenging to compose my piece. A few of my favorite choral pieces are Te Deum by Mozart, and Eric Whitacre's The Seal Lullaby. What are some of your favorite choir pieces?

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Take care all!

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
— Hans Christian Andersen


Dear Readers and Listeners!
Never dreamed there’d come a day when I’d start a newsletter, but here I am.

I’m Sophie, a more often than not frazzled French teacher, an author and a composer. I have reached the point in my career where I have published my first novel and my first few albums.
So exciting! 

I’ve come a long way from sharing poetry, little stories and piano compositions with families and friends… 

In college I started publishing stories and music in online lit magazines, and now, the plunge: self-publishing my novels and albums.

I’d like to use this newsletter to make connections and share my experiences. 

I’ll do my best to write every month about my journey and the writing/music process and trends in those communities. I’ll be sharing pictures and videos of readings of my works and discussions about a particular writing/music topic. 


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