Issue # 5
March 29, 2022


Spring Contemplations



Dear Readers and Listeners! Happy Spring! Springtime is my favorite time of year. I feel invigorated, my creativity blossoms. I hope you do too. We all sorely need to see and feel the beauty around us in these times. This season, I feel the need to spring clean my thoughts. Shelving old projects, dusting off newer ones and approaching marketing and editing with a new perspective. An artist is a work in progress!

The weather is warming up here in France. The chill is surrendering to blue skies and tentative warmth. Trees are blooming, flowers are confidently sprouting. Every so often, the skies turn pink from the Saharan dust storms; yes, from Africa a lot of European countries feel the effects of the sand storm. Cars get coated for days! My poem about this phenomenon is here: 

Faded rose skies
Blushing with the anxious jaundiced pallor of a skinned peach,
Exposed, waiting, cease to breathe.
Waiting for the world to stop,
Waiting for the purge of poison-laden memories,
Waiting for a hopeful future to uncover itself.
Life instead writes a memoriam in sand,
Letters of gold ephemera blowing across continents,
Sullying all in its path,
Stating, all shall bow to time
And be seized by that haunting sepulchral shade,
Of worried orange, sickly pink, diluted clumsily in a canvas of weak moral fiber,
To be released in the oubliettes of memory
Of what it means to exist.


Ongoing Projects

-There have been some delays with my short fiction anthology. Originally going to be released in March 2022 it will now be released in April. The anthology is still available for pre-order. If you love some creepy science fiction and magical realism then my collection is definitely for you, don't hesitate! It is available on Amazon as an ebook, but will eventually be available on other platforms like Draft2Digital and as a paperback. Preorder

- As you know, every month I participate in the Spofest Open Mic Prose & Poetry Rough Draft event. It features us poets and writers reading our published, or our works in progress. That is coming up tonight. However, this month I was invited to be a featured reader on March 15th! I, along with Doc Janning and Megan Dausch read our works. We were also joined by Dustin Pickering and Larry Jaffe who read from The Literary Parrot Series One book. Live reading: Spofest

- My most recent composition is a melancholic piece about winter Fragile Winter Spirit. Instruments are strings and celesta.




What questions would you like me to ask you? I have yet to receive a message from any of you. I do not want to bore you. Ask me anything ! Feel free to respond! What content do you want to see? How would you like to engage with my works?

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Take care all!

"Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends." -- Alphonse de Lamartine


Dear Readers and Listeners!
Never dreamed there’d come a day when I’d start a newsletter, but here I am.

I’m Sophie, a more often than not frazzled French teacher, an author and a composer. I have reached the point in my career where I have published my first novel and my first few albums.
So exciting! 

I’ve come a long way from sharing poetry, little stories and piano compositions with families and friends… 

In college I started publishing stories and music in online lit magazines, and now, the plunge: self-publishing my novels and albums.

I’d like to use this newsletter to make connections and share my experiences. 

I’ll do my best to write every month about my journey and the writing/music process and trends in those communities. I’ll be sharing pictures and videos of readings of my works and discussions about a particular writing/music topic. 


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