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Final days on Kickstarter!

Snowdale Design Newsletter #9

Dawn of Peacemakers is still on Kickstarter for just a few days! I've done quite a lot of fine-tuning and changes to the campaign based on backer feedback. Please take a look at the project page to learn more.

What's new in the Kickstarter campaign?

  • A metal sloth coin has been added to each game. These are exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign and will be later available separately at an additional cost.
  • Revised stretch goals including a custom plastic insert. The setup will be a breeze if we hit this one.
  • Miniature pack as an add-on and a separate pledge tier. Each game still comes with a set of beautiful miniatures but now you can purchase them separately or add another pack to your pledge.
Visit the Kickstarter page

What's unique in Dawn of Peacemakers?

  • Unexplored theme in board games, which makes you look at conventional war setting from an entirely different perspective.
  • Diverse scenarios, which keep you on your toes. As soon as you get familiar with previous mechanisms, you have to use them in a completely different ways.

What players love?

  • Tough and meaningful choices, as it’s not obvious what you should do. You really need to co-operate with your fellow adventurers in order to achieve peace.
  • Surprises with high replay value, which is made possible with both the ongoing campaign with hidden components and the custom AI decks which keep each game fresh and exciting.

– Sami Laakso
Snowdale Design

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