Winnetka Stitchery Trunk Show,  Kathy Fenchel class, Star Update

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Winnetka Stitchery Trunk Show

The August Trunk Show is here!  You may not recognize the name Winnetka, but you WILL recognize her work!  She does fun sayings that are perfect for pillows or a little framed piece in your favorite room.  She does the wispy trees that we've loved over the past few years and now she has a line of birdhouses, holiday doors and so much more!  She sent a LOT in this trunk much that I don't have enough room to hang it!  No matter, here are some fun pictures.
The first picture features some of those same trees in pillow size!  I also LOVE these star ornaments.  The picture to the right of it has some sayings including "The Right Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life...Cinderella".  Bottom left picture - Check out the wonderful ornaments piece - this will be gorgeous stitched.  Bottom right picture is her many holiday doors. 

To see the whole line, visit and email or call me for prices!

August Kathy Fenchel Class

Is your summer boring you?  Take a Kathy class and learn to embellish your painted canvas in fun ways.  You bring any painted canvas you have or purchase a new one before class.  Kathy will suggest fun stitches and threads for you.  You'll also learn by seeing what she does with your fellow students' canvases.  The August date is Friday 8/24/15 from 10:00 to 5:00 with a break for lunch.    We have several seats open in this class but they fill fast so hurry to sign up!  The cost is $80 and lunch is on your own.  Call me at 810-694-3040.   If you want to take this class but your summer vacation has killed your budget read on!

Due to the kindness of a fellow stitcher, we're giving away ONE FREE CLASS for this date.  You MUST be able to attend on this day if you enter our drawing!  Please email me with the words "FREE CLASS" in your subject line.  I'll need your name and phone number in your email.  I''ll draw a name on August 14 so email me now!  You could  win a FREE all day class with Kathy Fenchel!  (You can bring your own canvas but may need to purchase threads.) Thank you so much for this wonderful donation by a woman with a very kind heart!  :-) 

Star, our Shop Greeter Dog

Much as I don't like to bring you down, I must tell you that Star has been fighting with a disease of the eye called pigmentary uveitis.  This is a genetic inflammatory disease which has robbed her of her vision and also causes glaucoma.  We've been dealing with this for about 18 months and the disease always ends in blindness. She has been visiting MSU where we receive the very best care (in my opinion!) and I would recommend them if your pet has any eye issues! 

I'm continuing to bring Star to work because you're such a big part of her life.   I ask your complete understanding of the following as Star and I continue to adjust to her now total blindness. 

1.  She may not be able to greet you as before because she can't see her way.  Please DON'T call out when you come in the door.  Rather I will try to have her greet you in the table area when possible.  When there are many people in the shop this will not be possible.  I don't want her to further injure herself by running through the shop.  (She's already done so once so I hope you understand.) 

2.  She may bark unexpectedly as she can hear you but can not see you.  Again, I appreciate your understanding. 

3.  NO PITY!  This is just a part of our lives now and I understand that you may feel bad for her but she is still a normal and active dog.  I've been told by blind dog owners that pity is not an option.  Of course we welcome your UNDERSTANDING as this has been a long journey for both of us! 

I know many of you will know blind dogs that do just fine and I know that we'll be able to do this, but it's the in between time that has been hard.   THANK YOU SO MUCH for your understanding and empathy.  I look forward to re-training my little Star as we continue to work together.  :-)


I hope you continue to enjoy your summer and that your little fingers are stitching away as fast as possible if you're working on holiday gifts!  Our deadline is still October 1 to have back in your hands by Christmas, but remember, earlier is always better! 

If you're out of projects (horrors!) please remember to visit the shop or our website,  We carry the best and newest in the art of needlepoint.  We've also got some wonderful SALE PIECES you can explore.  Just use the Catalog button to review our offerings and remember, if it's not in the catalog, I may have in the shop or I can order it for you.  I very much appreciate your patronage!

Stitch happy!


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