Time for our new Trunk Show - CanvasWorks Traditions!

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CanvasWorks Traditions Trunk Show

Is in the shop!  For those of you that aren't familiar with their designs, I've included a few pictures.  These remind us of Turkish rugs and are stitch painted in painstaking detail.  A delight to stitch, you'll be thrilled with the results.  EASY to do, just continental away and before you know it, voila!  Your pillow, pillow insert, belt, brick cover, wall hanging and coasters are a reality.  There is something very soothing about stitching these designs. 

My pictures aren't the best but you certainly get the idea.  The brick cover has great colors and I think the stripes on the edges would be so fun to choose colors for!  The medallion on the right is very detailed and is over 18" square!  I think the elephants and the camels in the next picture are adorable and the last one is just perfect for any room.  Some of you may be familiar with the "no name chicken" by them or the American flag.  Sadly, this company does NOT have a website.  If this is your style come on in and see the show!  If you're out of town and have always wanted one of these treasures, I'd be happy to send you a picture and a price.  Just email or call me, 810-694-3040, 888-694-3040 if you're out of town.  This trunk show is 20% off while I have it in the shop from now until May 22nd.  Please note that this WILL include special orders from this company! 

The Blue Birdhouse is a GO!

I've had a LOT of interest in the Melissa Shirley Blue Birdhouse so if you had a passing interest SIGN UP NOW!  The picture is above and here's the pertinent particulars...

This canvas has a Kathy Fenchel stitch guide written for 18 ct. canvas.  I'll kit up the suggested threads for it and if you'd prefer a 13 ct. canvas, I can order that and will suggest changes in your threads to fit that canvas size.  Let me know now if you want 13 ct. canvas.

We WILL have a monthly third Saturday stitch-in starting in August (as long as our canvas and threads are ready!).   I believe that this will take us no longer than 6 months.  (Should I say I hope???) 

During the stitching, we'll have a group exchange of ideas, mileposts reached in our stitching, and fun!  If you're not in the area, I can start a Facebook group so we can share tips and pictures.  
If you're interested, please call or email me NOW so I can get your canvas, stitch guide and threads ordered.    The canvas and stitch guide together is $200.   The threads will be approximately $85-$100.   Those who already signed up need to contact me with payment information.  Your credit card will NOT be charged until you receive your merchandise.  

Landscape Club

There are plenty of you in this Club too!  Don't worry, your canvases are on order and I'll let you know when they come in.  In the meantime if you need anything to stitch, see the Trunk Show above.  :-)



Did you purchase a Sharon G at Homestead Needle Arts and not finish it?  Pull it out, it's time to stitch away your shame with other Sharon G canvas owners!  Don't look at me like that, I'm one of them!   Based on a request from a very wise customer, this NEW REMEDIAL stitch-a-long will start up on June 13, the SECOND Saturday of the month and continue forthwith at least until year-end.  Hours are 10-4, bring your lunch or plan on going out.


New Items Added Daily

Okay, that is SO not true!  I'm not adding new items to the website daily but I am adding them weekly.  This past week I put quite a few charts online.  When it says NEW NEW NEW, it may mean new online or new in the shop!  I haven't had much feedback about the "New Area".  It shows 50 items.  Do you want it to show 100?  Do you prefer looking things up by name?  Do you like browsing the whole website or only the New area? 

Have you noticed our Newsletter Archives?  Yes, that's me!  Learning as I go!   I promise I'm NOT removing your name from our newsletter lists.  Some of you may be removing yourself by mistake!  Remember you can still add yourself to our newsletter page if you think that you've fallen off the list.  By the way, I signed up for an all day "techie" class at our TNNA Summer Market.  It won't be the specific software I use but I figured ANY help is good help. 

Okay, it's time to close up shop and go home, eat dinner and STITCH!  I wish for each of you, a fine evening of stitching and I hope that spring is coming to your little corner of the world!


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