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Dear Stitchers,
I'm back!  I know most shop owners returned Monday or Tuesday but as you may remember, I stayed on to help my sister Chris with her foot surgery.  And I'm sure glad I did!  The first day was the hardest (of course).  She is now able to "scoot" about on her knee scooter - you put your bad leg on that and push off with the other one.  What they don't tell you is to be careful that you don't run over your good foot.  I'm not kidding!  I made Chris crazy by beeping for her every time she was backing up.  I'm SURE she's going to miss that!  I'd like to thank all of you for your patience while I played nurse. 
I'm back to work on Tuesday and I have LOTS of your emails to answer for those that asked questions.  I will run about on Tuesday checking on everything and answering as many as I can.  Remember, I also teach on Tuesday so that will be a full day for me. 
In the meantime, let's get to the pictures of what I DID buy and bring home.  We have a "sample-it" event on Friday evening where we can actually purchase items to bring back to our shop.  Most of this market was an "order" market where I placed orders for the new items or things we haven't seen before.  Although this is the first time they had cash and carry at a convention market, I didn't want to buy old stock or worry about shoving things into my suitcase and weight limits!  Again though, if you saw it online, let me know where and I'll look it up and get your prices or order it for you.   

Sadly, my budget doesn't allow me to buy EVERYTHING but I did order "quite a bit".  Here's what I have in my hands NOW - if you want any of these, please email me your name and phone number and you'll be the first to grab it.  If you miss out I can order it for you!

First of course let's look at new threads.  The stitched samples above (thanks Sally!) show us the new colors of Petite Silk Lame' Braid, Silk Lame' Braid 18 and 13, Soft Sheen Fyre Werks, Petite Sparkle Rays, Neon Rays Plus and AN ALL NEW THREAD called Entice Braid.  Do you love the shine of rayon but hate its slippery, wily, untamed ways?  You'll FALL IN LOVE with Entice Braid.  A mix of rayon threads with metallic, the metallic calms down that nasty ole' rayon and makes it behave!  I stitched with some this weekend and I adore it!  The metallic gives it an extra shine!  Much like Neon Rays Plus, this thread is a braid which means it's round and easy to use.  No laying tool required!  Yes, I bought ALL the colors of Entice!  I also ordered the new Soft Sheen Fyre Works, Petite Sparkle Rays, Neon Rays Plus and Silk Lame' Braid 18.  Rainbow is so fast with their shipping that these threads should be in this week.

Planet Earth Silk Ribbon:

You may have heard about this ribbon that actually is dyed differently than other hand-dyed ribbons.  The accent color is dyed along the EDGES of the ribbon!  I love the way it looks!  I know I bought the Halloween colors and a few others.  I forgot to take a picture, so here's one from their website.  I bought the 7 mm. but of COURSE we can order anything you want!  The ribbon comes in several widths which I THINK was 4 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm and some in 13 mm.

These rabbits were just TOO cute.  I ordered more and we should have them in time for you to stitch during Easter!  They retail at $34.50.  Please don't look for them on the website as right now, I'm only adding these to the newsletter!  These darling rabbits come with the ultimate - a stitch guide!

New candy cane Santas and Snowmen!  These were such a hit at Christmas that I HAD to get the new ones.  I know you might be tired of Christmas but hey!  You'll have them done in time for our finishing deadline.  :-)

By the same artist as the candy canes - new mini socks!  Pick one or pick them all!  They're adorable.

Lots of room on this canvas for fun stitches but the GOOD news is that this wintery house canvas comes with a stitch guide by Vicki De Angelis AND a free matching magnet!  Be the first in line to get these goodies!

Whoooo wants these darling owls?  I know I do!  There are four in this collection but I have these two in stock now!  The owl on the left comes with a stitch guide BUT wait until you see the new Kreinik two-tone colors, PERFECT for feathers!

For those of you who know me from way back when...I LOVE samplers.  And here are two of them on canvas!  I got so excited when I saw these.  Either of them will look great in your home.

Mindy has a line of these trees in pastels and brights.  I chose ONE to show you but again...Order is my middle name!

New Kreinik colors - the ribbon on the left is 1/4" wide.  WOW!  You can couch this down or stitch it on 10 and 12 count canvas.  The colors on the right come in 1/16" braid so far.  The idea for these colors inspired by the colors of a bird's downy breast.  PERFECT for feathers or anywhere you need these two color combinations.

At the Birds of a Feather booth, I wanted to buy ALL of these flowers (left side of the wall.)  When it comes to flowers, I want you to choose.  You can see some wonderful birds in this picture too.  Just let me know if you "need" any of these.

There's a lot more I could tell you about but I'm running short on pictures.  Until next time! 

Homestead Needle Arts


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