New Books, New Canvases, New Tools, change in class pricing.

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What's NEW??? 
It's the question we all ask.  We all like to see the latest in needlepoint and make sure that we have whatever we NEED (or want!)  First I have to tell you about some class pricing changes:

Class Update - Tuesdays with Theresa and Thursdays with Theresa
The cost for these 2 hour classes is being increased to $20 as of February 1, 2015 due to increased operating costs.  For those of you who don't know, during class I move around the table and help each person individually. I give you ideas on stitches for the canvas you're working on or show you the stitch or bead technique if you need help.   This format will continue!  However, full stitch guides for canvases can no longer be written during class.  Full stitch guides may be ordered aside from the class but there will be an additional charge for them.  Thank you in advance for your understanding of these changes.  Now back to our exciting NEW review!

New Books
The long awaited Desert Island Stitches for Painted Canvas Embellishment by Carole Lake and Michael Boren has arrived!  This is subtitled Volume One:  Ideas for Small Spaces.  The title is based on the idea of asking which books you would take along if you were to be left on a deserted island?
These stitches are those that can be worked in an area less than a square inch in size.  This is a great idea because many of us do ornaments or canvases with a lot of small areas.  The stitch diagrams are done in white and black ovals so you can visualize the stitch OR (my favorite part) imagine it with two colors or two different threads.  The stitches include.
The book is divided into 5 sections including Tent Stitches, Diagonal Stitches, Oblique Stitches, Straight Stitches and Cross Stitches.   For example under Diagonal Stitches, the mosaic stitch is shown along with different variations you can use.  Here's where those black and white ovals come in handy!   There are also useful stitching tips on the blue pages dividing each section. 
Because this is Volume I, you can expect another volume next year and in fact, they promise us Volume 2 in 2016!  This book is 78 pages, wire bound, measures 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 and retails for a very reasonable $25.  I have some in stock NOW.

Next up, Julia Snyder continues her series with Just Stitches I Use.  Of course you're bound to see some repeats of stitches from her prior books but she certainly does quite a few variations in this book.  For example, she goes to town on the Crescent Stitch, presenting us with Crescents, Crescent Bow, Crescent Flower, Crescent Mouse Ears (!), Crescent for Mustache, Crescent Schmuff Shoe, Crescent Swag, Crescent Variation 1 and 2 and Crescent Smyrna Cross Eyes.   
She even goes crazier with Rhodes stitches, Sprat's Head stitches and Walnettos.  Probably my favorite name for a stitch from this book is Rhodes Inside a Jessica Inside a Jessica.  :-)  Tips for stitching are scattered throughout the book and there are approximately 150 of Julia's favorite stitches in this pink volume.   This book is 162 pages, in Julia's long book format - 4" x 11", is wire bound and retails for $48.00 .  Please note that I'm taking ORDERS only for the book at this time to save myself shipping dollars!  I will be happy to add you to the list if you advise me of your name and email or phone number.  Please remember that this is a commitment on your part to pay for the book when I contact you. 

NEW Canvases!

New canvases include some from Needle Deeva, Princess and Me and more!  From the top left, Needle Deeva canvases include a spooky Halloween hat, two mini socks - a golden retriever and a ragdoll cat, a flag that says America and an adorable Easter house.  There's a bunny in the doorway and a chick in the yard. 

The picture on the right has a Sandra Gilmore on the left, a Charley Harper thrush on the top right and a Dede Devil cat on the lower right. 

Princess and Me canvases, bottom picture include Little Miss Christmas, Communion Girl, Sporty Labrador, Snowman in the Moon, the Queen of Christmas and Puppy Love.  It's hard to see the white dog in that last picture but he's standing up on his hind legs to see all the gifts. 

Just email me if you want sizes or prices!  It will be some time until I get these on line and if they sell first they don't go online!  So grab them while you can!

NEW Tools:  Needle Threaders in two sizes, magnets and NEW boxes!

From Puffin and Company, a NEW beading needle threader - the hook on this one is so tiny, you can thread your beading needles.  Finally!  I ordered the hearts, dogs and cats in this new TINY threader.  Just $8.75 each, you'll want one for you AND a friend.  A word of caution - these have magnets on the back so if you store them on your canvas and left them off to use them...the magnet on the back falls to the floor.  Or your lap.  Or wherever.  Just keep that in mind!  The best thing is to park this baby (along with its back magnet) right on your NEEDLE NANNY YMAGNET!!!  And yes, I got more of those in.  I have 2 mice, one birdhouse, 2 sheep, one chicken, one dragonfly and one ghost.  The magnets are $13.75.

Also I did re-order the regular size threaders which are also $8.75.  I have them in hearts, cats and dogs. 

Puffin and Company also came out with NEW boxes!  Although this is the largest item here, somehow I managed to make it the smallest.  Oh boy.  Anyway, the tool box on the left is about 6" long and that's a cat on the front.  It's oak lined in foamy black velvet to keep your stitching tools safe.  It is NOT magnetized but you can either put your needles into the velvet or just throw your Needle Nanny in there!  The tool box retails for $45.50.

The little box on the right is for storing things like rings, or needles, or tiny attachments for your latest's about 1-3/4" wide and the storage depth is about 1/4".  The opening slides along the box top and is smooth and NICE to the touch.  The one shown here has a dog on the front and yes, she had others...darned if I can remember what was on the front but just ask me if you want something different.  The mini storage box retails for $24.25. 

I hope you see something here that you CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!  Happy stitching!


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