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This Newsletter is a Heart-breaking Work of Staggering Genius

My dog just yawned at me.

Hey, fellow heroes! Things have been crazy lately, but I’m excited to bring you my first newsletter. For now, this will be monthly. I’ll be hosting newsletter-specific things to make you feel special that you agreed to let me spam you horribly. For example, if you keep scrolling, there’s a great announcement and even better: a giveaway!

I’ll start with some introductions. Hi! I’m Lexie. Alexandria Dunne, but the only time I hear my full name is when I’m in trouble. In January, my editor sent me an email that I thought was a prank for a full minute...before I called my mother in tears because a dream had come true. My very first novel SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS is coming out next month, and let me tell you, there is nobody more excited about this than my mom is. Except for maybe my dad. Or my dog. No, wait, that’s the treat I was holding up. False alarm. She’s sleeping again.

I assume you subscribed because masked men forced you to at gunpoint or because you’re interested in my upcoming book. If it’s the first, give me a signal so I can get you help. If it’s the latter, thank you for your interest! SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS is about a character very near and dear to my heart. Gail Godwin comes from the school of Lois Lane (except that I think she can spell well), where she constantly ends up in trouble with no idea why. The first book explores the fall-out from that and her transformation into a superhero. The second...well, that’s a spoiler now, isn’t it?

Want to know more? I have the first two chapters available on my blog. They’re here and they’re live and you can meet Gail and see how crazy her life is. She’s a 5’1 Professional Damsel in Distress! You can’t beat that...unless you’re one of the supervillains kidnapping her. And if that’s so, maybe we should have a talk. If you’re at all interested, it would mean the world to me if you maybe went on to my site and pre-ordered it? It’s $2.99, which is like 3 miles in a New York taxi. This book takes you on daring flights, on the run, underground, and off of buildings, which is so much farther than 3 measly miles.* And best of all, you can get it on your Nook, Kindle, alien e-reading device, and maybe someday on Google Glass!

If you need more incentive, I recommend keeping an eye on my blog...really cool things coming your way!

Stay sexy!
~ Lexie

*This is not literal. The book cannot carry you. We're not that far advanced.



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They foolishly let me do the Flash and Arrow recaps this week...whoops.
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To celebrate my first newsletter, I've purchased this awesome "Reading is My Superpower" mug from LennyMud on Etsy, and it could be yours! HOW?

Well, it's SUPER difficult. Are you ready? Pencils out? Here are the rules:
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Awesome Dates Coming Up

October 19 -

30 Day Launch Sequence kicks off on the LexieCon! Keep an eye out for giveaways, character profiles, fanart, and all things celebrating superheroes!

October 23 -

Nanowrimo Workshop - at the Samuel Sachs County Library branch (16400 Burkhardt Pl Chesterfield, MO 63017) Join Nano peeps as we discuss workshopping your villain for your Nanowrimo novel. 7-9 p.m.

November 17 -

New newsletter!

November 18 -

SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS available in e-print. Pre-order now!

November 25 -

SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS available as a mass market paperback. Pre-order now!
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