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...This month we inform you about the next two EuroWorkshops which will be held in Germany and in Portugal in September. We also update you on the latest activities relating to the projects with EFG participation: UNEXMIN for instance just has finished the first field trials with the UX-1 robot. In our interview series we introduce János Szanyi, the coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Geothermal Energy, who is talking about the challenges his sector is facing and Alessandra Biserna and Gabriele Ponzoni, representatives of our Italian member CNG, speaks about equal opportunities for men and women.

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News from EFG & its members

Kick-off meeting for GeoERA projects
The Kick-off meeting for 15 GeoERA projects took place from 3 to 5 July 2018 in Brussels. EFG Executive Director Isabel Fernández attended the meeting as a member of the GeoERA Stakeholder Council. Read more

FORAM 18 Pilot Event: testing the concept of a World Forum on Raw Materials
Back to back with the World Materials Forum (WMF), the Horizon 2020 funded FORAM project has gathered stakeholders on 27 June 2018 in Nancy (France) to test the concept of a World Forum on Raw Materials. The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is a partner of FORAM and leads the project’s Work Package 3 on “Strategic Planning”, which intends to define a long-term vision for the World Forum and its strategic positioning. Read more

EAGE/EFG photo contest 2018: vote now for your favourite photo!
More than 160 entries have been submitted for this year’s edition of the EAGE/EFG photo contest ‘Geoscientists at work’. Following an internal quality check, the public can now vote on the Top12 photos. Have a look and cast your vote online via

EFG projects | CHPM2030 at the Annual Conference of the ETIP-DG

On 19 June 2018, three members of the CHPM2030 team participated in the Annual Conference of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) that took place in Brussels. The ETIP-DG is an open stakeholder group with the objective to enable deep geothermal technology to reach its full potential in the European Union. Endorsed by the European Commission under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), it covers the entire deep geothermal energy exploration, production, and utilisation involving actors from industry, academia, research centres, and sectoral associations. During this full-day event, the work carried out by the platform and the development of the Strategic Research Agenda was presented. CHPM2030 was part of the session “H2020 Lessons learnt and project results” and was presented by Tamás Madarász (University of Miskolc). After the presentations, there was an interesting roundtable discussion in which the representatives from the different projects exchanged ideas. The topics discussed were project implementation, technology readiness level monitoring and dissemination activities, among others. Read more

EFG projects | UNEXMIN Kaatiala field trials & EuroNews piece

UNEXMIN aims at developing an autonomous underwater explorer for flooded mines. The first field trials with the UX-1 robot are now finished. The two-week trial ended on 22 June with the robot’s capabilities being extensively tested on a real-life environment: a flooded mine. The tests allowed the UNEXMIN team to test different navigation sensors such as UV and SLS imaging units, multispectral camera, acoustic cameras and laser scanners. These instruments are essential to gather spatial and geoscientific data. The robot’s movement and control were tested by making it pass through the underground tunnels that included an always hazardous junction (hazardous for an automated system such as UX-1!). The robot was successfully tested a couple of times in this environment and the UNEXMIN team is now confident in further developing the technology and to optimise it. And that is the next step in the robotic platform development: to use the data acquired from this trial and improve the robot’s capabilities for the next trial at the Idrija mercury mine in Slovenia, in September. Read more
In the meantime, Euronews has also produced a 4-minute news piece about UNEXMIN. The story is available in 12 languages. You can view it here.

EuroWorkshops | “Meggen Days of Mineral Resources”
12-14 September 2018, Lennestadt-Meggen, Germany 
Organised by the Professional Association of German Geoscientists (BDG)TRACTO-TECHNIK and the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) this third EuroWorkshop will allow participants to learn more about mineral resources and exchange views with colleagues during three days. The languages of the EuroWorkshop will be English and German. EuroGeologists benefit from a considerable discount and they will be awarded 1.5 CPD points per hour of attendance. Read more

EuroWorkshops | "Lithium resources in Portugal”
20-22 September 2018, Guarda, Portugal
The Portuguese Association of Geologists in collaboration with the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda and the European Federation of Geologists is organising the 4th EuroWorkshop “Lithium resources in Portugal” that will be held in Guarda, Portugal, from 20 to 22 September 2018. The event also includes a field trip to the region of Guarda (Northern Portugal) where some of the most significant Lithium deposits in Portugal are located. The EuroWorkshop “Lithium resources in Portugal” is organized in the scope of the project “Geology as the Basis of Quality of Life? The Sustainability of Lithium in the Village of Gonçalo” [Project 023720 (AAC/02/SAICT/2016)]. Read more

EFG members | SGF, France
26th Earth Sciences Meeting
22-26 October 2018, Lille, France Read more

EFG members | SGD, Slovenia
5th Slovenian geological congress
3-5 October 2018, Velenje, Slovenia Read more

EFG members | GSL, UK
Earth Science Week: Earth Science in our Lives
13-21 October 2018, UK Read more

EFG associated members | AIPG, USA

AIPG's 2018 Annual Meeting: Purple Mountain Majesties
8-11 September 2018, Colorado Springs Read more

Interview with János Szanyi, Coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Geothermal Energy

EFG’s Panels of Experts (PE) have been set up to provide high-quality advice and information to the European institutions, to international NGO’s and to other global professional associations. EFG has currently 10 Panels of Experts active in the fields of CCS, Education, Geological Heritage, Geotechnics, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogeology, Natural Hazards, Minerals, Oil & Gas and Soil Protection. The Panels involve more than 200 voluntary experts from over 20 different countries and all aim at emphasising the importance of geology to society, the benefits of incorporating geological advice and to promote the importance of the geoscientific profession.
To raise awareness about the existence of these Panels of Experts, EFG is presenting its coordinators in an interview series.
 In July 2018, we have talked to János Szanyi, the coordinator of the Panel on Geothermal Energy. Read more
One Day in Europe 2018: Italy

Each month we travel to one of EFG’s national membership associations and discover their main activities and challenges. In July we have continued our journey across Italy and talked to representatives of our Italian National Association CNG. The Italian National Council of Geologists (CNG) is the national organisation in Italy which has the legislated authority to register professional geoscientists and regulate geosciences practice in Italy. It is the largest national association within EFG representing more than 11000 individual members from the academic and professional sectors. Here you can read contributions by Alessandra Biserna and Gabriele Ponzoni, both involved in CNG’s Equal Opportunities Commission, who speak about equal opportunities for men and women in the field of geology.



European Institutions

New European Innovation Scoreboard has been released
The European Innovation Scoreboard provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It assesses relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas they need to address. The European Innovation Scoreboard 2018 has been released on 22 June 2018. Read more

Commission welcomes agreement on Energy Union
On 20 June 2018, negotiators from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on the governance of the Energy Union. Read more

Public consultation on the evaluation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive Read more
Deadline for participation: 23 July 2018
Public consultation on the Evaluation of the 7th Environment Action Programme Read more
Deadline for participation: 26 July 2018

Public Consultation on the evaluation of the Ozone Regulation 
Read more
Deadline for participation: 24 August 2018

Public consultation on the Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions 
Read more
Deadline for participation: 9 October 2018


EAGE's Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2018
9-13 September 2018, Porto, Portugal  Read more

Geoscience and Society Summit
18-21 March 2019, Stockholm, Sweden Read more

Panels of Experts



2018 Mining & Exploration International Conference & Expo (MEI2018)
6-8 September 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Read more
EFG will award 12 CPD points (24 hours) in the “Participating in the Geoscience community” category to EuroGeologists who attend conference sessions at MEI2018.

International Conference on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining & Quarrying
11-13 September 2018, Livingstone, Zambia Read more

IGF 2018 Annual General Meeting
15-19 October 2018, Geneva, Switzerland Read more

EFG Endorsed Training Course: Geochemical Interpretation Tools for Exploration and Mining Geologists: Examples from SE Ireland, Finland and Sub-Saharan Africa
12 November 2018, London, UK Read more

International Conference for Research on Phosphates and Derivatives
(Phosphate days 2018)

12-13 November 2018, Benguerir, Morocco Read more

Raw Materials Week 2018
12-16 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop: UN Framework Classification for Sustainable Resources Management in Europe
16 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium
EFG together with the UNECE, the European Commission, EuroGeoSurveys and relevant EU projects will co-organise this workshop in the framework of the EU Raw Materials Week 2018. The United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) is an important tool for natural resource management that would harmonise data from different classification and reporting standards and would make a significant contribution in monitoring some of the Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop on the “UN Framework Classification for Sustainable Resources Management in Europe” shall show how the UNFC could help to consolidate EU level data and information on mineral reserves and resources, present relevant cases and discuss plans for its implementation in Europe.
More information about the Raw Materials Week:

CRM Data Management and European Scandium inventory-Exchange Meeting
26-27 November 2018, Berlin, Germany Read more

European Resources Forum 
27-28 November 2018, Berlin, Germany  Read more

Prometia Annual Seminar
5-6 December 2018, Berlin, Germany Read more

3rd MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference: “The Future Perspective of Minerals Production in the Circular Economy”
11-12 December 2018, Brussels, Belgium Read more



GEOHEAT International Geothermal Conference
4-7 September 2018, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia Read more
Geothermal energy conference on the impacts of EU R&D funding
20 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium Read more
VI Polish Geothermal Congress
23-25 October 2018, Zakopane, Poland Read more
2nd GEORG Geothermal Workshop, GGW2018
14-15 November 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland Read more
Deadline for abstract submission: 2 October 2018
German Geothermal Congress
27-29 November 2018, Essen, Germany Read more



Nordic Hydrological Conference
13-15 August 2018, Bergen, Norway Read more
World Water Week
26-31 August 2018, Stockholm, Sweden Read more
WATEFCON 2018 - Future of Water in Europe: Local, Regional and Global Best Practice
5-7 September 2018, University of Aveiro, Portugal Read more
45th IAH Congress
9-14 September 2018, Daejeon, South Korea Read more
EU Water Conference
20-21 September 2018, Vienna, Austria Read more
European Water Tech Week
24-27 September 2018, Leeuwarden, Netherlands Read more
EWA EU Water Policy Seminar: A Guide to the EU Water Policy
26 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium Read more
27-30 November 2018, Venice, Italy Read more
International Conference & Exhibition on Water Management in Industry
27-30 November 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Read more



Climate Summer School: Earth system variability through time
26-31 August 2018, Grindelwald, Switzerland Read more
Copernicus and Unmanned Aerial Platforms Workshop
12 September, Brussels, Belgium Read more
International Conference on "Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World"
4–5 October 2018, Potsdam, Germany Read more
European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction 2018
21-23 November 2018, Italy Read more
24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
3-14 December 2018, Katowice, Poland Read more


EFG Endorsed Training Course: Reservoir Quality Analysis of Siliciclastic and Carbonate Rock-Types

22-24 August 2018, Oybin, Germany Read more

The course will provide training of advanced petrographic techniques of analysis, which are very useful for better understanding of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. It will help to conduct better estimations of reservoir/facies distribution and its performance, needed for reserve estimation, well performance and hence well design, field development planning and exploration drilling, having a direct impact on costs. The course is interesting for oil industry geologists, academic PhD or postgraduate students looking to learn oil industry methodologies, petrophysicists/geophysicists/reservoir­engineers/drillers. European Geologists benefit from reduced registration fees. 

Further dates:

5-7 November 2018

12-14 December 2018

14-15 January 2019

16-17 January 2019


EGU Training School on "Geoheritage management: conservation, promotion and monitoring"
24-28 September 2018, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal Read more

Workshop on Heritage Stones
2-4 October 2018, Salamanca, Spain Read more


22-27 July 2018, Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil Read more


According to a recent agreement between the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and EFG, the Federation now officially recognises, within its own CPD system, the points (CEUs) awarded via the AGI/AIPG Geoscience Online Learning Initiative GOLI. This is particularly interesting for all European Geologist title holders because they also benefit from reduced registration fees for all courses.
Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI) Upcoming Live Webinars:
Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI) On-Demand Courses now available:
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