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Ocean Acidification in the News     June 18, 2014

Check out the stories below for more information on recent findings and discussions in the Ocean Acidification world:
  • OA could mean multibillion dollar losses for the fishing industry. Read more about the state of the fishing industry here
  • Coastal communities can help fight OA locally by taking action in their own regions. Read more about what communities can do here
  • NOAA will now be accepting nominations from the general public for the creation of national marine sanctuaries. Read more about this groundbreaking policy change here
  • Secretary of State John Kerry has called for action on ocean protection.Watch Kerry's call to action as a preview of the "Our Ocean" Conference this month in Washington, DC here. Read more about the outcomes of the conference here.
Sharing Ocean Acidification Resources for Communicators & Educators
US Department of State Our Ocean Conference June 2014
  • NOAA's Ocean Acidification Program is hosting a webinar series on OA communication tools for educators. Check out upcoming webinars here, led by some of our very own MRAC members! 
  • The Center for Ocean Solutions recently published a study outlining current OA management action, and opportunities for further mitigation. Read more about the study here
  • A new study reveals that the current rate of ocean acidification is 10 times faster than it was 56 million years ago during a similar period of COupheaval. Read more about pre-historic acidification here
  • OA may threaten marine species responsible for supplying much of the Earth's oxygen. Read about the threat to phytoplankton here
  • Fishermen across the country are looking to states like Alaska and Washington for advice on how to tackle OA in their own regions. Learn more about OA lessons from Alaska here
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