LandScope Engineering Ltd. - April 2016 Newsletter
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LandScope News and Updates - April 2016

The flood focus continues after a great few days at the recent Flood & Coast Conference and Exhibition in Telford. We would like to thank all of those who visited our stand over the three days!
Flood Modelling on the River Wye

Working on behalf of the Environment Agency, LandScope surveyors are carrying out a flood modelling survey on the River Wye. LandScope’s survey vessel ‘Polecat’ has been used to deploy our mobile mapping system, autoMAP, along the lower tidal sections of the river.

Mounted on the survey vessel, the autoMAP service is able to acquire LiDAR data which can be combined with the 3D models of the river bed topography to deliver a complete and accurate view of the river to the Environment Agency.   

With the project due to complete in the coming weeks we will bring you further updates from the River Wye; in the meantime, you can find additional information about our flood modelling services on our website.
Assessing the Flood Damage to Linton Bridge

Our Teledyne BlueView BV5000 sonar scanner has been busy in the Yorkshire area capturing high resolution underwater point cloud data at Linton Bridge to assess and visualise the level of bridge undercut and scouring caused by the December 2015 floods.

Due to a 5m exclusion zone we were unable to go under the bridge itself however, 3D Services Manager, Tom Card, deployed the tripod mounted BlueView BV5000 from our safety boat, ‘Chipmunk’, a safe distance away from the bridge.

The sonar scanner captured 360-degree data from 20 metres upstream and 20 metres downstream from the bridge, giving our client a highly detailed 3D point cloud of the bridge structure in addition to river bed levels.
Contact 3D Services Manager, Tom Card, with any questions.
3D Laser Scanning at Water Treatment Works

To facilitate refurbishment works taking place at Mythe Water Treatment Works in Tewkesbury, LandScope was approached to acquire 3D laser scanning and modelling data at the site.

Using our easy to manoeuvre Faro Focus 3D laser scanner, the survey team were able to produce detailed three dimensional images of the complex environment at Mythe Water Treatment Works whilst working in a tight and confined space.

Due to the varied number of structures, ranging in both size and complexity, the level of detail and final 3D model requirements were tailored to suit the client’s intended use of the deliverables. This approach allowed for pricing flexibility, quick mobilisation times and a timely issue of deliverables fit for purpose.

The resultant point cloud data was used to produce a highly detailed and accurate 3D AutoCad model detailing the structural steel, cable runs, piping, flanges and machinery/operational equipment at the site.

LandScope to Exhibit at ICE Roads 2016
LandScope, along with autoMAP, are delighted to be attending and sponsoring this year's ICE Roads Conference and would like to invite you to join us at what promises to be an excellent event.

Date: Wednesday 20th April, 2016

Location: One Great George Street, Westminster
Our GIS Manager, Sarah Jones, and representation from Oxfordshire County Council will be delivering a presentation at the conference focusing on 'public and private collaboration for effective highway asset management strategy'. 

Please visit the ICE Roads website for further details on this event, including information on how you can register
Subcontractor Performance Award from JN Bentley Ltd

It's always great to receive positive feedback from our clients so it is with great pleasure that we have been awarded a Subcontractor Performance Award for 2015 from JN Bentley Ltd.

Each year JN Bentley review the performance of their subcontractors and recognise the efforts of those who have scored highly. Our score signalled an outstanding performance for 2015 based on their assessment criteria.

Thank you JN Bentley Ltd; we are looking forward to working with you throughout 2016 and beyond.

Contact LandScope Engineering Ltd.