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Authoritarian Populism and Freedom of Speech in the Philippines 

NIAS hosts event in the light of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards 


In an endorsement of free speech worldwide, this years' Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to journalists Maria Ressa (Philippines) and Dmitry Muratov (Russia), for their work in exposing corruption and misrule. In an interview with Reuters in Manila, Ressa called the prize "a global recognition of the journalist's role in repairing, fixing our broken world". 

In light of the recent award, we, together with Asianettverket at the University of Oslo, invite experts to discuss the current state of freedom of speech and authoritarian populism, and to contextualise the work of Maria Ressa in the Philippines. 


Time and date: 12pm - 1pm (CET), Thursday October 14th, 2021 
Register here.
Organizers: The Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), Asianettverket at the University of Oslo

Gendered Engagements with the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Opening Roundtable Discussion


The National Central Library of Taiwan invites together with NIAS, the Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association and the Sino Nordic Gender Studies Network to the Roundtable Discussion “Gendered Engagements with the Covid-19 Pandemic” that takes place in the framework of the 7th Sino-Nordic Gender and Women Studies Conference and the "Gendering Transformations" Online Conference (cf. more below).
The Roundtable Discussion marks the opening of the conference and touches upon feminist engagements during the pandemic, ranging from raising cirtical discourses, taking actions and impacts on Covid-19 governances. 

Find more information on the roundtable here
Follow this link for information on the general conference.

Time and date: 1pm - 3pm (CET), Friday October 15th, 2021
Organizer: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, National Central Library of Taiwan, Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association, Sino Nordic Gender Studies Network

Gendering Transformations

Online Conference

The National Central Library of Taiwan invites together with NIAS, the Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association and the Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network to the 7th Sino- Nordic Women and Gender Studies conference “Gendering Transformations” taking place virtually on October 28th- 31st 2021.  

Visit this link for the detailed programme and find more information on the conference here.

Time and date: October 28th - 31st, 2021
Organizer: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, National Central Library of Taiwan, Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association, Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network 

The United States and the Thai Royal Family from a Historical Perspective 

TS4 Online Seminar Lecture Series 

We invite you, together with the New York Southeast Asian Studies (NYSEAN) and the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SEEAC) to our second TS4 webinar with Prof. Chachavalpongpun examining the ties between the United States and the authoritative institution Thailand- the monarchy. 

Find out more information about the event here & please note that accounting for the time shift, this event takes place at 2am (CET). It is however possible to follow the discussion or watch afterwards on SEEAC's youtube channel


Time and date: 2am - 3.30am, Friday October 15th, 2021
Organizer: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, New York Southeast Asia Network, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre 


New episodes in the #NordicAsiaPodcast

Looking for a listening experience full of researchers' insights on Asia? Try the Nordic Asia Podcast, co-hosted by NIAS, CEAS, ASIANETTVERKET and Forum for Asian Studies. Since the last NIAS Update, we've released the following episodes:

Give it a listen on your favorite podcast streaming platform or find it here


 Page Wide Discount! 


In celebration of this sunny autumn here in Copenhagen, we offer a 20% discount on all our books. Feel invited to stroll our bookstore ( and apply the coupon code BeautifulAutumn21 at checkout.
This offer is valid until the 20th of October. 

New Arrival

It is with great excitement to finally announce the publication of the long awaited book ‘Thai Politics in Translation: Monarchy, Democracy and the Supra-constitution’, edited by Michael Connors and Ukrist Pathmanand.

You can now order the book on our website using the 20% page wide discount available until the 20th of October. 


In the next coming weeks and months NIAS Press is releasing new titles, which are currently in production. While the authors and Editor-in-Chief Gerald, are working hard on the finalisation of these books, we present the first two of the new and upcoming titles in this week’s newsletter. 


Deities and Divas: Queer Ritual Specialists in Myanmar, Thailand and Beyond’ 

This book, edited by Peter A. Jackson and Benjamin Baumann, is the first of its kind to trace commonalities between queer and religious cultures in Southeast Asia and the West. It reveals how modern gay, trans and spirit medium communities all emerge from a shared formative matrix of capitalism and new media. With insights and analysis that transcend the modern opposition of religion vs secularity, it provides fascinating new perspectives in transnational cultural, religious and queer studies.

Out in December 2021 on 

'The Work of Gender: Service, Performance and Fantasy in Contemporary Japan’ 
Edited by Gitte Marianne Hansen and Fabio Gygi

This engaging volume offers a new perspective on gender in Japan by focusing on the ways in which gender presentation is turned into a commodified experience. It highlights the deliberate work that goes into the creation of gendered forms of intimacy in a broad range of settings: from female fans of pornography, to cross-dressing escorts, and transgender people.

Out in March 2022 on





East Asia- The New Normal?

CEAS 15 Years Hybrid Conference

The Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Turku celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a two-day event (14-15 October) comprising of various lectures, debates and seminars. 

Find the complete schedule on the event here and visit their website to register for the event. 

Time and date: 9am - 4pm (CET), Thursday & Friday October 14th-15th, 2021
Organizer: University of Turku

The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965-66


Organised by the Stockholm Center for Global Asia, Professor Geoffrey Robinson draws on his book "The Killing Season", which examines one of the largest and swiftest instances of mass killing and incarceration in the twentieth century—the shocking anti-leftist purge that gripped Indonesia in 1965-66.

Find out more information about the event and register here.

Time and date: 6pm (CET), Thursday October 14th, 2021
Organizer: Stockholm Center for Global Asia at Stockholm University

Rearticulations of Foreign Literature Studies in Taiwan: Anti-Romanticism and the Translation of Subjectivity 

Online Lecture 

The National Central Library Taiwan invites for this online lecture on "Rearticulations of Foreign Literature Studies in Taiwan: Anti-Romanticism and the Translation of Subjectivity" with Andy Chih-ming WANG 王智明 , Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of European and American Studies Academia Sinica, that takes place in the framework of the Taiwan Lecture on Chinese Studies

Find out more information about the event here.
Please note: This online lecture takes place at 2AM (CET).

Time and date: 2am - 3.30am (CET), Saturday October 16th, 2021
Organizer: National Central Library Taiwan

Floating Authority and Virtual Allies: Prefactural Factionalism in the Cultural Revolution

 Hybrid Lecture 

The Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Bergen invites to this hybrid lecture by Cui Jinke, University of Vienna, challenging the assumption of a centralized command chain between Mao Zedong and local revolutionarz committees. The event takes place in the framework of the "Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party Lecture Series".

Read more about the event here.

Time and date: 10.30am - 12.30pm (CET), Wednesday October 20th, 2021
Register here.
Organizer: University of Bergen

Authoritarianism, Populism and New Forms of Nationalism in Asia 

ASIANET Conference 2021

The recent decade has witnessed a turn to authoritarianism in many countries in Asia. This year’s Asianet conference focuses on these interlinkages between authoritarianism, populism and nationalism in contemporary Asia. The conference thereby aims to explore the ways in which new digital technologies are re-shaping Asian politics, including state control and popular resistance; the role of institutions; and the relationship between religion/culture and new political formations. Insights into these dimensions of the authoritarian turn in Asia are essential if we are to understand how Asia will look in the 21st century.

Find out more information about the conference and see the full program here

Time and date: Wednesday & Thursday October 20th - 21st, 2021
Organizer: Asianettverket at University of Oslo, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society 

The Myanmar Spring Revolution- What, Why and How? 

Online Webinar 

Myanmar Spring matured and became a full-fledged revolution on 7 September 2021, when the National Unity Government of Myanmar declared an armed people’s self-defence or war against the oppressive Myanmar military or Tatmadaw. This presentation, organised by Stockholm Center for Global Asia, will trace the six-month trajectory of Myanmar Spring that began on 1 February, when Tatmadaw mounted a coup and overthrew the democratically elected and re-elected National League for Democracy. Dr. Nyi Nyi Kyaw will guide through the talk. 

Find out more information about the event here

Time and date: 2pm - 3.30pm (CET), Monday October 25th, 2021
Organizer: Stockholm Center for Global Asia at Stockholm University

China's New Data Law: Implications of the Law for Danish-Chinese Research Collaboration

Hybrid International Panel

On 1st November 2021, the new data law of China, the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), will be enforced. PIPL sets fundamental requirements for handling of information for entities and regulates cross-border data transfers. As the new data law is likely to have a strong impact on research in and on China, the organizers invite for this hybrid international panel discussion taking place both physically at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen and online.

Find out more information about the event here.


Time and date: 10.30am - 12pm (CET), Tuesday October 26th, 2021
Register until October 22nd here.

Organizer: Social Science at Sino Danish Center for Education and ResearchInnovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) in Shanghai

Japan Sessions with Takuya Kondo

 Physical Guest Lecture  

Takuya Kondo, General Manager, Orient Marine Co., Ltd. Copenhagen Branch, Mitsui & Co Group, will give a brief introduction of his work and company. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest companies under Mitsui “Zaibatsu” group - one of Japanese largest conglomerates. 
In his talk, Kondo will touch upon the following topics: Japan’s economic success “Japan’s Miracle” in 1970-80s. What were Japan's economic culture drivers? What is today’s Japanese economic culture? Were are the differences between Danish and Japanese work culture? And what about working efficiency, short vs long term conditions, family -work balance and gender. Students are especially invited to join and ask questions about studying in Japan. 

Time and date: 3.15pm - 5pm (CET), Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
Register here.
Organizer: Asian Dynamics Initiative, University Copenhagen

China has arrived as a geopolitical superpower 

 Online Seminar 

China's rise to superpower status is the most important geopolitical change of our time. The University of Oslo thus invites for this online seminar with two international experts on this topic, Elizabeth Economy and Shaun Breslin, in discussion with China correspondent for the New York Times Amy Qin. 

Read more about the event here

Time and date: 3pm - 4pm (CET), Wednesday November 3rd, 2021
Register here.
Organizer: University of Oslo 



We’re extending the deadline for our SUPRA Nordic Programme in the Spring of 2022, which is now November 1st 2021. This gives you an extra month to learn about the programme as well as to create and send in your applications.once again inviting for applications for our virtual SUPRA Programme.

The virtual SUPRA Programme is a four-week programme, designed to support your thesis writing process and enhance your academic profile! The programme includes:

  • Individual academic mentoring
  • Feedback sessions on your thesis work from NIAS academics
  • Thorough introduction to the AsiaPortal resources
  • Sessions on publishing in academia
  • Sessions on career development and how to create an academic presence online
  • Opportunity to create an academic podcast

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: Monday, November 1st, 2021
Organizer: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

CfA: PhD Scholarship Korean Studies 

The section of Korean Studies at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen, invites applications for a 3-year PhD-scholarship  as part of the project "Tempting Tunes: Interfaces of Sound and Narrative in Korean Culture". The scholarship is fully funded for three years and will be filled on February 1, 2022. 

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: Monday, November 1st, 2021
Organizer: University of Copenhagen

CfA: PhD Scholarship Urban Resettlements and Disaster Risk in India 

The Disaster Risk Management at the Department of Public Health, at the University of Copenhagen is offering a PhD fellowship in Disaster Risk Management commencing 15 February 2022 or as soon as possible hereafter. The PhD scholar will work on a collaborative research project funded by International Research Fund, Denmark (DFF) on urban resettlements and disaster risk in India. The project is located at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021
OrganizerUniversity of Copenhagen

CfA: Asian Dynamics Funding in 2022

The Asian Dynamics Initiative at the University of Copenhagen invites researchers employed at the University of Copenhagen to submit applications for financial support up to DKK 50.000 for projects and activities with a research focus on Asia. 

Priority will be given to: workshops, seminars, lecture series and mini conferences to be held at UCPH and publication support for early career scholars e.g. for editing, proofreading, indexing.

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: Monday, November 8th, 2021
Organizer: Asian Dynamics Initiative 

CfP: Gendering Labor in Contemporary Asian Religions

The Centre for East and Southeast Asian Studies at Lund University organizes the workshop “Gendering Labor in Contemporary Asian Religions” and has announced a call for papers.

The workshop will investigate how worlds, individuals, collectives, and the things they produce are transformed through gendered/gendering realities by exploring labor at the intersection of religion and gender within contemporary Asian contexts. The workshop is arranged 21-23. June 2022.  

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: Friday, October 15th, 2021
Organizer: Lund University

Find even more events and calls on!
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