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Documentary film in East and South East Asia: A webinar on current developments

Documentary film from and about societies in East and South-East Asia are receiving increasing global attention and are also circulated in local film festivals. These films offer valuable insights into historical and current social and political issues in the region. The films have the ability to engage viewers and thus promote understanding and solidarity within and between societies. In this webinar scholars and filmmakers will discuss the role and power of documentary film and provide insights into the current documentary film scene in the region.

  • Chontida Auikool is a PhD candidate at the Centre and has long experience of screening and writing about documentary film in South-East Asia.
  • Zeng Jinyan is an incoming postdoctoral fellow at the Centre. She has experience from producing documentary film, organising film screenings in Hong Kong, and has also published on Chinese filmmakers.
  • Lau Kek-haut is Taiwanese film director born in Malaysia whose films among other things have focused on family history and the repressed history of the Malaysian communist Taiwanese film director born in Malaysia whose films among other things have focused on family history and the repressed history of the Malaysian communist party.

Time and date: 10:00-11:30 (CET), Tuesday March 30, 2021 
Please register
Organizers: This event is organized by the
Centre for East and South-East Asia Studies at Lund University

Online Seminar: The Quad, Indo-Pacific, and Implications for Europe

The first ever Quad Leaders’ Summit was held on March 12th. The Prime Ministers of Australia, India, and Japan, and the President of the United States met virtually to discuss deepened cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. Against the backdrop of increased geopolitical tension in the region, the Quad has evolved considerably in recent times. From being a security centered forum, it has become a flexible format for cooperation on supply chains, vaccines, tech, as well as security and climate change. The development of the Quad is closely related to new ways of organizing international relations in face of an increasingly multipolar world. The Quad format will have far reaching consequences for other actors in Asia, such as ASEAN, China and South Korea, but also the EU. In this seminar we will bring together experts on the region to introduce the Quad in its Indo-Pacific context.

Welcome Remarks:
Dr. Patrik Ström,
Moderator: Dr. Henrik Chetan Aspengren


Time and date: 10:00-11:00 (CET), Friday 9 April 2021
Registration open until 8 April 2021, please register here
Center for Asian Studies at Stockholm School for Economics and the Asia Programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs

All Above Heaven: China's space strategy between partnership and systemic rivalry
An open webinar with Marco Aliberti, Senior Research Fellow, the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)


In an ever-accelerating manner, this past decade has seen China dramatically emerge as one of the world’s leading space powers. Edging alongside comes a diverse range of industrial, strategic and political-diplomatic developments, including promising prospects for the international community in terms of mutually beneficial cooperative ventures. Remarkably, and greatly beneficial to its regional and global associates, the way in which China has characterised its space endeavour is not framed in terms of isolation or competition; quite to the contrary, China has been increasingly reaching out to new international partners and calling for win-win cooperative space programmes and missions in addition to the variety of existing ones. Be this as it may, the very emergence of China as a space power has also entailed inherent competition dynamics with far-reaching impacts. Particularly in such internationally visible areas as space security, space exploration and space commerce, China’s ambitions have been fuelling a self-propelling mechanism that in the views of many is inevitably slipping into a new space (arms) race scenario. Read more here
Time and date: 14:00 - 15:30 (CET), Wednesday 14 April 2021
Please register here.
Organizer: Stockholm Center for Global Asia

Digital Guest Lecture: Grappling with the Crisis

"Covid-19 Pandemic and China's foreign trade" by professor Yang Laike, East China University

Welcome to a new lecture in the "Current affairs in China" series this spring semester: Covid-19 Pandemic and China‘s foreign trade.

COVID-19 brought the world into 2020 with a great shock. It first hit China and Asia, then quickly spread into Europe and other parts of the world. The pandemic's repercussions were felt in all economic and societal sectors. Disrupting global supply chains, it dragged the global economy and trade into a deep depression.

Professor Yang Laike, Dean of the Department of International Economics at East China Normal University, expounds on the Covid-19 pandemic's effects on China's foreign trade and national economic development and its potential progress in 2021 and 2022. Read more here

Time and date: 12:00 - 13:30 (CET), Wednesday 14 April 2021
Please register
Department of Foreign Language at University of Bergen


Application Deadline: Postgraduate Research Workshop

Postgraduate Research Workshop: Your research in context

Postgraduate students researching Southeast Asia at an Australian or Nordic research institution are invited to attend this online workshop, which aims to create awareness and encourage students to think about the context of their research.

We invite applications from current postgraduate research students to attend this online workshop. The aim of this workshop is to create awareness and encourage students to think about the context of their research. In it, we engage with three domains of research context:

  • Contemplating your own research and knowledge production against the backdrop of tensions in the North/South dichotomy and the move to “decolonise” research and bring local and indigenous voices and perspectives to the fore
  • Honing understanding of how political context can impact conducting research and fieldwork in Southeast Asia
  • Bringing your knowledge of regional political contexts up to date by attending the annual Politics in Action event
  • Situating your own research in global debates and making the case for the importance of studying Southeast Asia

Read more and apply here.

Time and place:
3-6 May 2021, Online
Deadline: Friday, 9 April 2021
Organized by Co-hosted by the 
Sydney Southeast Asia Centre and the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies


Call for Papers: Authoritarian Populism in South Asia
Panel with presentation of papers and discussion
South Asia across the Nordic Region (SANR) meeting, 27-28 May 2021, University of Copenhagen

Is there an authoritarian populism turn in South Asia? What distinguishes the South Asian variety from other global forms (Trump, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Erdogan, Netanyahu, others)? Is there a South Asian form at all, or are they incomparable national cases? What role play democracy, globalisation, new media, social media, economic crisis? And what of the opposition, the backlash against CAA, the innovative use of social media, the Shaheen Bagh protesters?

We invite contributions to these and more topics, from seasoned scholars and juniors, from tenured and untenured, full-blown papers and half-baked ones. Read more here.

Please send title and abstract to Marie Yoshida by 31 March

Time and place: 27-28 May 2021, Online
Deadline: Wednesday, 31 March 2021 
Organized by: 
Asian Dynamics Initiative

Application Deadline: EATS Research and Publication Grant 2021

The EATS Research and Publication Grant for the year 2021 is now open for applications. The grant supports a wide range of activities relevant to Taiwan Studies, as proposed by the applicant, involving research or publication done before 31st December 2021. Grants are up to €500 maximum per application, subject to EATS finances.

EATS members currently enrolled for a master’s degree, MPhil or PhD, as well as those who are not in full-time employment, are eligible to apply. To become a member of EATS, visit here. Past recipients are ineligible. One applicant may submit only one application.

Application procedure 
Send applications by email to (cc Dr Jens Damm with the subject Application for EATS Research and Publication Grant. The deadline for submission is 31st March 2021.

Read more and apply here.

Deadline: Wednesday, 31 March 2021 
European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS)

Application Deadline: EATS Workshop Grant 2021


The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) is delighted to announce the call for applications to its Workshop Grant. All proposals for organising workshops related to Taiwan are welcome, in humanities and social sciences as well as interdisciplinary fields. The funding available is up to €2,000.

EATS membership is required. Current EATS Board Members are not eligible to apply. Past recipients are also ineligible. One applicant may submit only one application.

  • Information about EATS membership and benefits can be found here
  • To become a member of EATS click here

Application procedure:
Send applications by email to (cc Dr Jens Damm: with the subject Application for EATS Workshop Grant. The deadline for submission is 31st March 2021. Applicants will be notified of results by email in early April.

More information can be found here.

Deadline: Wednesday, 31 March 2021 
European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS)

Application Deadline: Virtual Summer Programme 2021

Gender and Society in Contemporary India

The course Gender and Society in Contemporary India (7.5/10 ECTS) is organized by University of Hyderabad, India (partner of the Nordic Center in India, NCI), covers the themes: Gender and Society in Contemporary India: A Sociological Introduction; Gender in the Context of Race, Tribe, Caste, and Class in India; Indian Feminisms and the Women’s Movement in India; Gender, Legislation, and the Politics of Religion in India; Gender and Public Health; Gendered Violence; Queer Politics in India; Gender and Development; Gender and Labour; Gendered Representations in Mass Media. 

Read more and apply here.

Time and place:
19 July - 13 August, Online
Deadline: Thursday, 1 April 2021 
Nordic Centre in India (NCI)

Call for Papers

Bovine Politics and Agrarian Change: Hindutva, Violence, and the Indian Cattle Economy

Since the coming to power of Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government, India has witnessed renewed emphasis on the divisive politics of the cow. The violence and disruptions carried out by Hindutva forces over alleged trespassing of ever-stricter cow protection legislations has attracted international attention. Among its many detrimental consequences, bovine politics in Modi’s India has had an especially hard impact on a key aspect of rural livelihoods: the cattle economy. Indeed, while cattle has historically been crucial in sustaining many rural households, raising, keeping and selling livestock is becoming increasingly precarious and outright dangerous in contemporary India. This has repercussions across agrarian systems of production and reproduction. Beyond the occasional journalistic report that has accompanied the rise in cow vigilantism, however, we still know little about the resulting patterns of agrarian change that are unfolding in rural India. How do smallholder farmers react to the incursions of violent Hindutva politics? How is the cattle economy transforming under the impact of such aggression at different levels of scale?

Against this backdrop, this panel seeks an empirically grounded understanding of the evolving relationships between bovine politics and agrarian change in contemporary India. Contributions should focus on the consequences for one or more “phases” in the process of raising, keeping and selling livestock, and should be based on in-depth field research.

Panel organizers: Jostein Jakobsen & Kenneth Bo Nielsen, University of Oslo
Discussant: TBA

Please send your abstract of 200-300 words to and by 1 April 2021.

Deadline: Thursday, 1 April 2021 
Center for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo


New European market release!

“The Wa of Myanmar: China’s Quest for Global Dominance” by award-winning journalist and author Bertil Lintner is published and available for the European market via our website. We only have the rights for the European market.

here to read more. 


30% Discount on all books

Until the 31st of March there is a 30% discount on all our books with the code AAS2021 for interested people located in Europe.

For more information on the offer, click here.

Webinar with author Friederike Trotier

The author Friederike Trotier is a speaker at a webinar on the 8th of April. She is the author of “Nation, City, Arena: Sports Events, Nation Building and City Politics in Indonesia”, which we published in 2020.

Read more and apply here.

Time and date:
Thursday, 8 April 2021 
Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore



New episodes in the #NordicAsiaPodcast

Looking for a listening experience full of researchers' insights on Asia? Try the Nordic Asia Podcast, co-hosted by NIAS, CEAS, ASIANETTVERKET and Forum for Asian Studies. Since the last NIAS Update, we've released the following episodes:

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