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China's Rise / Asia's Response Conference
15th Biennial Conference of Nordic Association for China Studies (NACS) & NIAS - Nordic Institute for Asian Studies 14th Annual Nordic NIAS Council Conference

Sign up here by Monday, 31 May 2021.
During this two-day interdisciplinary conference, we are welcoming participants to share their findings on how the rise of China occurs, and how China’s rise is perceived, and how different states and societal actors have reacted to it in Asia. Evidence of sinicization, de-sinicization and re-sinicization will be identified and studied. The conference  will consist of keynotes, panels, and roundtables, while also reserving time for informal discussions and networking.

Read more about the conference here.

Date: Thursday, 10 June - Friday, 11 June 2021
Please register for the event here by 31 May 2021.
Organizers: Nordic Association for China Studies, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), and Nordic NIAS Council (NNC)

Book Talk: New Challenges and Solutions for Renewable Energy

Paul Midford and Espen Moe present and discuss their new book: New Challenges and Solutions for Renewable Energy: Japan, East Asia and Northern Europe. This book identifies second-stage challenges and opportunities for expanding renewable energy into a mainstay of electricity generation that can replace fossil fuels and nuclear power. It does so comparing Japan with several countries in East Asia and Norden: China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. This book focuses the economic, political and social factors that are holding back renewables in some countries, while propelling renewables in others. The presentation is followed by comments from Eric Zusman (Institute for Global Environmental Studies).

Read more about the event here
Date and Time: Wednesday 2 June 2021, 10:15 - 11:30 (CEST)
Please register here at least one hour before event start. 

Tibetan Food(s) and Identify in a Global Context

Ute Wallenböck’s current research deals with the cultural aspects of Tibetan foods and beverages since she argues that everyday foods illustrate cultural identity: Food(s) are vehicles for expressing culture. By discussing the role food and food-making play in identity shaping among the diasporic Tibetans in Switzerland and Austria, in this lecture, she examines how intergenerational and cultural differences in the diaspora can influence the “traditional” food(s). Moreover, she is investigating the adaption of ingredients, seasonings, as well as cooking techniques in the Tibetan cuisine.

Read more about the event here

Date and Time: Wednesday 9 June 2021, 10:00-11:30 CEST
Please register here by Thursday, 3 June 2021
Organizer: University of Helsinki Chinese Studies


New Publication

NIAS Press is excited to announce the publication of Giuseppe Bolotta’s new book “Belittled Citizens: The Cultural Politics of Childhood on Bangkok’s Margins”. Exploring the intersection between Thai politics, urban poverty, religion, and global humanitarianism from the perspective of “slum children” in Bangkok, this fascinating, engaging and illuminating study offers startling new insights into how ideas of “parenthood” and “infantilization” shape Thai political culture.
The book is now available on NIAS Press' website.


Available soon

Salafism and the State: Islamic Activism and National Identity in Contemporary Indonesia, written by Chris Chaplin is going to be published in June.

This ethnographic study explores the role of Islamic activism amongst Indonesian youth and how it has transformed the country’s religious and political discourse. Read more on Nias Press' site.



NIAS Virtual SUPRA Programme

Are you writing your PhD or Master thesis during the Autumn semester of 2021?
The NIAS SUPRA Programme is a online four-week programme designed to further your thesis and academic profile! The programme includes:
  • Individual academic mentoring
  • Feedback sessions on your thesis work
  • Thorough introduction to the AsiaPortal resources
  • Sessions on publishing in academia
  • Sessions on career development and how to create an academic presence online
  • Opportunity to create an academic podcast
NB: Applicants from NNC institutions will be prioritized. 
Find more information and the application form here.

Deadline: Tuesday, 1 June 2021
Organizer: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)

CfA: Huayu Scholarship - Language Learning in Taiwan

The MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program (HES) is established by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to encourage international students to undertake Mandarin Chinese (Huayu) courses in the Republic of China (Taiwan); in order to provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interactions between Taiwan and the international community.

Read more about the call here

Deadline: Monday, 31 May 2021
Organizer: Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles

CfA: Research Grant Program to Assist Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies

This program is aim at foreign professors, associate professors, assistant professors (including post-doctoral researchers) and doctoral candidates in departments related to Chinese studies at foreign universities, as well as researchers at related foreign academic institutes. The research should be undertaken in Taiwan, and be focused mainly on Taiwan or Chinese studies. CCS provides assistance with research expenses, research materials, liaison with universities and research institutions, and use of CCS facilities, etc. Research tenure is one month to one year. Applications should be submitted to the CCS by May 31 of each year before the year in which grants are intended to be used; notification of CCS’s decision will be given by the end of August of the same year after a careful review.

Read more about the call here

Deadline: Monday, 31 May 2021

Organizer: Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) at the National Central Library (NCL) in Taiwan

CfA: APSA Workshop Fellows

“Evolution and Challenges in Local Governance in Asia”
Virtual Summer Program – July/August

The American Political Science Association (APSA) Asia Program is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for early-career scholars who would like to participate in this year’s Asia Pacific Workshop. The virtual summer program will be conducted as series of weekly zoom sessions from mid-July through mid-August. The workshop will bring together up to 12 selected scholars to advance research related to local governance and decentralization across Asia. This program is part of a multi-year effort to support political science research among early-career scholars in East and Southeast Asia, and to strengthen research networks linking Asian scholars with their colleagues overseas.

Read more about the call here

Deadline: Monday, 31 May 2021

CfA: Professor/Associate Professor/Junior Professor in Japanese and Chinese Language Studies 

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki invites applications for the position of Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Japanese and Chinese Languages. The Faculty of Arts explores the Japanese and Chinese languages as well as Japanese and Chinese cultures and societies as part of Asian languages. Asian languages play an important role in the Faculty’s research profile, in which they are connected to research on general linguistics and linguistic typology as well as research on Asian cultures. Applications for the present position are sought from researchers who examine Japanese and Chinese from as wide a range of perspectives as possible and have a proven track record particularly in the fields of language contacts and multilingualism in East Asia and/or language in a changing society. 

Read more about the call here

 Friday, 4 June 2021 at 22:59 CEST.

CfP: Taiwan – A Frontline of Democracy under Threat

The International Journal of Taiwan Studies (IJTS) is currently organising a topical section entitled ‘Taiwan: A Frontline of Democracy under Threat?’. This topical section welcomes contributions addressing a number of multi-faceted topics, including (but not limited to) institutional building, social movements practices and their influence on the political system, civil society participation, democratic backsliding and recession, the democratic regime-health policies enforcement nexus. More broadly, we expect this topical section to fill the increasing need for scholarly research and policy enforcement to systematise the wide range of political, social and economic dimensions representing key analytical means to understand current trends and prospective developments of the Taiwanese democracy.

Read more about the call here.

Deadline:  Sunday, 13 June 2021

CfA: A 3,5-year position as associate professor in Modern China Studies at Oslo University 

From January 2022, a 3,5-year temporary position of Associate Professor in modern China Studies is available at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo.

The person hired will divide his/her time equally between research and teaching, and the successful candidate will contribute to the development of research, both individually and in collaboration with others in the department. The main research areas of the present staff cover broad areas of Chinese society and politics, such as China’s global relations, Chinese language and literature, environment, education, contemplative history, migration, ethnic minorities, religion and Taiwan. The successful candidate will, furthermore, participate in teaching, such as in the BA courses Chinese society and politics 1&2 and MA courses such as Research Methodologies in China Studies and Recent Developments in Chinese Society. There is ample opportunity to integrate one’s own research results in most courses. The position will also include supervising MA students, exam setting and assessment at all levels, and to carry out administrative duties in accordance with the needs of the department.

See the full requirements and apply for the position here.

Deadline:  Sunday, 20 June 2021

CfP ASIANET 2021: Authoritarianism, populism and new forms of nationalism in Asia

The annual Asianet conference 2021 is hosted by MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, in collaboration with the Norwegian Network for Asian Studies.

The recent decade has witnessed a turn to authoritarianism in many countries in Asia. We see this in India under Modi, the Rajapaksa regime in Sri Lanka, the civil-military rule in Thailand, the rule of Duterte in the Philippines, China’s assertive nationalist turn, and last but not least the military coup in Myanmar. This authoritarian turn is intrinsically linked to various forms of populist politics and new forms of nationalism or “nation-building”. At this year’s Asianet conference we focus on these interlinkages between authoritarianism, populism and nationalism in contemporary Asia.

Read the full Call for Papers here.

Deadline:  Wednesday, 23 June 2021


New episodes in the #NordicAsiaPodcast

Looking for a listening experience full of researchers' insights on Asia? Try the Nordic Asia Podcast, co-hosted by NIAS, CEAS, ASIANETTVERKET and Forum for Asian Studies. Since the last NIAS Update, we've released the following episodes:

Give it a listen on your favorite podcast streaming platform or find it here.
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