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New e-resources (NNC members only)
We have updated the e-books section with 13 new titles from NIAS Press and more titles are forthcoming: 
  • Nation, City, Arena: Sports Events, Nation Building and City Politics in Indonesia
    by Friederike Trotier  In 1962, Indonesia celebrated its national rebirth, modernity and international arrival by hosting the 4th Asian Games in Jakarta. Since then, Indonesia has hosted several other major multi-sport events as well as numerous tournaments in a single sport. But the return to Jakarta in 2018 of the 18th Asian Games was significant: […]
  • Living Kinship, Fearing Spirits: Sociality among the Khmu of Northern Laos
    by Rosalie Stolz  How can we conceive of kinship and sociality in the rapidly transforming uplands of mainland Southeast Asia? How to bridge the divide between classical ethnography and modern approaches to kinship studies? Using her rich findings from extensive fieldwork among the Khmu of northern Laos, the author offers a fresh perspective on kinship […]
  • Constructing Empire: The Japanese in Changchun, 1905–45
    by Bill Sewell  Diplomats and soldiers carve out empires, but civilians play crucial roles in building them. This was also true of Japanese Manchuria. Constructing Empire shows how Japanese urban planners, architects, and other civilians contributed to constructing a modern colonial enclave in northeast China, their visions shifting over time. Japanese imperialism in Manchuria before […]
  • Deities and Divas: Queer Ritual Specialists in Myanmar, Thailand and Beyond
    Edited by Peter A. Jackson & Benjamin Baumann  In central Thailand, a flamboyantly turbaned gay medium for the Hindu god of the underworld posts Facebook selfies of himself hugging and kissing a young man. In Myanmar’s largest city Yangon, a one-time member of a gay NGO dons an elaborate wedding dress to be ritually married […]
  • The Wa of Myanmar and China’s Quest for Global Dominance
    by Bertil Lintner  Shan State in the north-eastern corner of Myanmar has long been plagued by conflict in various forms – political insurrection, ethnic strife and drug wars. It is also part of the Golden Triangle, one of the main global centres of illicit drug production. The region is home to the Wa, a tribal […]
  • Everyday Justice in Myanmar: Challenges and Experiences in the Political Transition
    By Helene Maria Kyed  This volume explores how ordinary people in present-day Myanmar obtain justice and resolve disputes and crimes in a time of radical transition in government, politics, society, economy, etc. Its empirical questions serve as a lens to analyze the wider dynamics of state making, the role of identity politics, and the constitution […]
  • States and Societies in Motion: Essays in Honour of Takashi Shiraishi
    edited by Khoo Boo Teik and Jafar Suryomenggolo   With contributions from leading scholars in their field, this collection of fourteen essays offers wide-ranging but incisive perspectives on East and Southeast Asian Studies. Apart from informing and enlightening the reader, the essays offer a tribute to Professor Takashi Shiraishi, the renowned Japanese scholar, for his many […]
  • Oral Literature, Gender, and Precedence in East Timor: Metaphysics in Narrative
    By David Hicks Decades of war, social upheaval and political change have not lessened the enduring interest of East Timorese in their oral traditions. Although new forms of expression are emerging, the corpus of Timorese oral narrative largely retains an underlying metaphysical unity, and continues to express indigenous notions about gender and precedence. Until now, […]
  • The Work of Gender: Service, Performance and Fantasy in Contemporary Japan
    Edited by Gitte Marianne Hansen and Fabio Gygi  Gender and sexuality in Japan has long been a field of academic study, with gender mainly being examined either as masculinities, femininities or as deviating sexualities. In recent years, however, widespread interest in manga, anime and cosplay among the world’s youth has aroused popular interest in the […]
  • Future Forward: The Rise and Fall of a Thai Political Party
    By Duncan McCargo and Anyarat Chattharakul Thai politics have been intensely polarized since demonstrations against the government of then prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra began in 2005. Conservatives aligned with the military and monarchy are pitted against critics of the establishment supporting a more open political order. In the election of 24 March 2019, this pattern […]
  • Salafism and the State: Islamic Activism and National Identity in Contemporary Indonesia
    by Chris Chaplin  Recent studies of Indonesian Islam have pointed to the growing prominence of ‘conservative’ and globally expansive Islamic doctrines. Salafism is one such doctrine, and it has gained increasing popularity in Indonesia over the past several decades. Aiming to propagate a ‘literalist’ interpretation of Islam, Salafi activists argue that many local Islamic traditions, […]
  • Spirit Possession in Buddhist Southeast Asia: Worlds Ever More Enchanted
    Edited by Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière & Peter A. Jackson In dramatic contrast to the reported growing influence of doctrinal and fundamentalist forms of religion in some parts of Southeast Asia, the predominantly Buddhist societies of the region are witnessing an upsurge of spirit possession cults and diverse forms of magical ritual. This is […]
  • Belittled Citizens: The Cultural Politics of Childhood on Bangkok’s Margins
    by Giuseppe Bolotta What does childhood mean in contemporary Thailand? What constitutes childhood in a slum? How does childhood figure in the construction of national citizenships? Rich in ethnographic detail, this fascinating, engaging and illuminating study explores the daily lives, constraints, and social worlds of children born in the slums of Bangkok, and their ways […]

E-book from Taiwan 
Author: 黃心村. A study on the author Zhang Ailing’s time in Hong Kong. 
(One simultaneous user)

Please note: We can buy individual titles of Taiwanese books from Airiti for online reading if you contact us, just as you can suggest individual titles of Japanese book in KinoDen for purchase. (NNC members only)
New e-resources (free)

Global China
Ivan Franceschini and Nicholas Loubere have co-authored a short book titled Global China as Method. The book argues that even after four decades of integration into the global socioeconomic system, discussions of China continue to be underpinned by a core assumption: that the country represents a fundamentally different ‘other’ that somehow exists outside the ‘real’ world. […]

  • Southeast Asian Newspapers
    East View has announced OA access to a Southeast Asian Newspapers collection covering 125 titles from within the period 1839-1976. All the 125 titles with location, language and available years can be found here “The Southeast Asian Newspapers collection chronicles the changes that took place throughout the region during this period, and the challenges of early […]
  • South Asian Newspapers
    East View has announced OA acces to a collection of South Asian Newspapers, including 9 titles from the period 1850-1992: Daily Business Post Dainika basumatī (দৈনিক বসুতী) Dnyānaprakāśa (ज्ञानप्रकाश : the daily Dnyan Prakash) Eastern Examiner  Kerala chronicle Lahore Chronicle Malabar Herald Pakistan Observer Samaja The 9 titles with language, location and available years can […]
  • Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers
    East View has announced OA access to the Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese News papers collection. All the 292 journal titles with location and available years can be found here “The Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers collection provides invaluable perspective on this critical period. The press of more than twenty cities is represented, spanning the […]
  • Shodhganga – Reservoir of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations
    “Shodhganga” is a common digital repository of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations set-up by the INFLIBNET Centre and containing over 383.000 full-text theses and dissertations from Indian acadmic institutions.  It provides a platform for research scholars to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access.
  • National Archives of India
    The National Archives of India proides  free online access to some of their collections of historical material via the Abhilekh Patal portal for access to archives and learning.   There are 16 different collections incl. e g Education and health, home political, private records, public records. There is also the possiblity to ask for digitization on […]

The collection has also been replenished with more than 80 titles of OA/freely available journals within Asian studies, mainly in English and within humanities or social sciences.
Call for articles to the In Focus blog
The In Focus blog on the AsiaPortal is a forum for articles with a focus on Asia. We welcome well-written contributions from early career researchers as well as senior researchers on topics with relevance to modern and contemporary Asia. The blog has existed since 2008 and hold contributions on a number of different topics over the years.

The target length of the articles is 800-1000 words. If you have an accompanying picture, please feel free to include it with your submission.

You can send your submission to with the subject 'New blog submission'.
Contributions are reviewed on a rolling basis when sent to us. 
The latest Nordic Asia Podcasts on the AsiaPortal
A conversation with Vibeke Børdahl. Hosted by Julia Heinle.
What is the oral tradition of Chinese storytelling about and what is the connection to the great Chinese novels? How to translate a Chinese classic such as the famed and defamed “Jin Ping Mei”? And how to handle the dilemma of steering one’s boat between enormous amounts of scholarship on the novel without drowning, and […]

16. Sep 2022 / 27 min
Transcendence and Sustainability: Asian Visions with Global Promise

A conversation with Mette Halskov Hansen, Amita Baviskar and Lu Chen. Hosted by Kenneth Bo Nielsen.
Can spiritually and religiously inspired environmental movements in Asia help reach the global goal of environmental sustainability? This question lies at the heart of the research project “Transcendence and Sustainability: Asian Visions with Global Promise” that we focus on in this episode. Also known as TRANSSUSTAIN, the project builds on the observation that scholars, activists, […]

9. Sep 2022 / 24 min
Chinese Outbound Tourism

A conversation with Matias Thuen Jørgensen. Hosted by Philip Kyhl
Leisure or Political Tool? How did Chinese tourism grow from almost non-existent to being the largest outbound travel source market in the world over a couple of decades? Is the word “weaponization” a fair description of how Beijing uses tourism strategically in their foreign policy? And will the Chinese tourists ever travel internationally again after […]

2. Sep 2022 / 29 min
Triumph for Independent Candidates? Observations on the 2022 Local Elections in NepalA conversation with Nayan Pokhrel. Hosted by Hanna Geschewski.
Nepal’s recent local elections, held in May 2022 in 753 urban and rural municipalities, produced a number of surprises. Most prominent in national headlines was the victory of independent candidate and former rap musician Balen Shah in the race for mayor of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. But is the success of Shah and several other independent […]

26. Aug 2022 / 22 min
Global China as Method
A conversation with Ivan Franceschini and Nicholas Loubere. Hosted by Julie Yu-Wen Chen.
Is China part of the world? Based on much of the political, media, and popular discourse in the West the answer is seemingly no. Even after four decades of integration into the global socioeconomic system, discussions of China continue to be underpinned by a core assumption: that the country represents a fundamentally different ‘other’ that […]

19. Aug 2022 / 28 min
Temperatures on the Rise: Adapting to Heat Extremes in South Asia

A conversation with Chandni Singh and Emmanuel Raju. Hosted by Hanna Geschewski.
Between March and May of this year, large parts of India and Pakistan were hit by a severe heat wave that claimed at least 90 lives and seriously impacted people’s livelihoods and the environment. What made this heat wave so different and possibly worse than previous ones? Who was particularly at risk? And where does […]

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The Nordic Asia Podcast is a podcast series in which experts share their insights about timely topics within Asian Studies. The series is co-hosted by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) and its partner institutions: the Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Turku, Asianettverket at the University of Oslo and the Stockholm Centre for Global Asia at Stockholm University.

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