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500'000+ Downloads!

The Nordic Asia Podcast

We are very proud to announce the joyful news that the Nordic Asia Podcast surpassed the 500'000 download mark last week. This is a major milestone and an amazing achievement for us and our partners from the Centre for East Asian Studies at the University of Turku, the University of Helsinki, and Asianettverket at the University of Oslo.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our devoted listeners for tuning in every week and making this possible! Of course, we
aim to continue together along this path and provide you with insights and expertise on Asia! Stay tuned for tomorrows podcast episode on journalism culture in Vietnam and find our newest titles, as always, below. 


Authoritarian Successor Parties, Supporters, and Protest: Lessons from Asian Democracies

Open lecture with Myunghee Lee


NIAS postdoctoral researcher, Myunghee Lee will be at Lund University on Wednesday 14 December to give an exciting talk on her newest findings about authoritarian successor parties (ASP) in Asian democracies.

The proposition put forward by dr. Lee is that ASP supporters are less likely to protest in general. The post-democratization mobilization environment is shaped upon the pre-democratization mobilization basis. During the pre-democratization period, protest was organized around the democracy movement. Thus, protest tactics and networks were accumulated through it. As former authoritarian ruling party supporters, ASP supporters are less likely to have legacies of participating in the democracy movement, which prevents them from accessing the accumulated protest resources from the democracy movement. However, I argue that this negative association varies based on the ASP qualities and supporters’ age. Supporters of ASPs that maintain strong pre-democratization legacies are more likely to participate in protests than supporters of ASPs that do not strongly highlight their authoritarian legacies. Also, when the ASPs’ characteristics are considered, older ASP supporters are more likely to participate in protests than younger supporters. Using both single-level and multilevel statistical analyses, I examine four Asian countries with politically powerful ASPs and find evidence supporting my hypotheses. Lastly, I compare two South Korean mass movements, the Candlelight Movement and the Teageukgi Rallies to unpack the relationships between ASP supporters, protest resources, and mobilization. This study reveals authoritarian legacies among post-democratization citizens through ASP supporters’ protesting behavior.

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 16.00 - 17.00 (CET), 14 December 2022
Asia Library, Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Sölvegatan 18 B, Lund


A SLAPP in the Face: the State of Academic Freedom in Thailand

Lunch Talk

The following lunch talk, planned to take place on 30 November has been postponed to 11 January. 

NIAS is delighted to be able to invite you to yet another lunch talk, this time with Karin Zackari (PhD.), lecture in human rights and researcher in history at Lund University. Her writings are on human rights history in Thailand, visual practices in human rights movements, state violence and nationalism. She is also a member of Scholars at Risk at Lund University.

Thailand is usually found in the lower tiers of global human rights and freedom rankings. Yet, in the past ten years academic freedom in Thailand has decreased substantially. The talk addresses the indicators of de facto academic freedom, and the various ways in which academic freedom has been attacked in Thailand since the return to military authoritarianism in 2014. Special attention is given to the increase of the use of strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) to censure and silence scholars and students.

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 12.30 - 13.30 (CET), 11 January 2023
Place: 4.2.49, University of Copenhagen, Øster Farimagsgade 5


New episodes in the #NordicAsiaPodcast

Looking for a listening experience full of researchers' insights on Asia? Try the Nordic Asia Podcast, co-hosted by NIAS, CEAS and ASIANETTVERKET. 

Since the last NIAS Update, we've released the following episodes:

Give it a listen on your favorite podcast streaming platform or find it here

News from the Asia Portal

Newest InFocus Blog Entry

Could the Kanjuruhan stadium disaster spark Indonesian police reform?


The newest contribution to the InFocus Blog is authored by David Aled Williams and Kari Telle, senior researchers at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Norway. The article discusses the 1 October disaster at the football stadium on Java, in which 135 people lost their lives, and the role of the police.

Read the article here.

InFocus blog - Call for Contributions


In Focus is a forum for articles with a focus on Asia. We welcome well-written contributions from early career researchers as well as senior researchers on topics with relevance to modern and contemporary Asia. The blog has existed since 2008 and hold contributions on a number of different topics over the years.
The target length of the articles is 800-1000 words. If you have an accompanying picture, please feel free to include it with your submission.
You can send your submission to with the subject 'New blog submission'.
Contributions are reviewed on a rolling basis when sent to us. 


Elections in Malaysia and Upcoming Book

A young canvasser handing out flyers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
On November 19th, Malaysians went to the polls several months early to elect a new federal parliament and several state assemblies. Joining them for the last period of the election campaign and the first days afterwards was NIAS director Duncan McCargo, who is working on a comparative research project on Southeast Asian elections. The photograph above was one of several hundred taken by Duncan. The election resulted in a hung parliament. After much negotiation, Anwar Ibrahim was appointed and sworn-in as Prime Minister on November 24th. However, the outcome renewed calls for sweeping electoral reform in Malaysia. This is the prime focus of a forthcoming NIAS Press book, Electoral Reform and Democracy in Malaysiaedited by Helen Ting M. H. and Donald L. Horowitz. This volume promises also to be the first book to offer a serious analysis of the election outcome. We are working hard to have the book finished in the next few weeks. 

Click here if you wish to be informed when copies are available

'Waves of Upheaval' gone to print


We're pleased to announce that, Waves of Upheaval in Myanmar, edited by Jenny Hedström and Elisabeth Olivius has gone to print.  

The book is the first comprehensive account of the multifaceted processes of gendered transformation that took place in Myanmar between 2011 and 2021, and which continues to shape events today. The period began with the end of direct military rule and the transition to a hybrid, semi-democratic regime, precipitating far-reaching political, economic and social changes across Myanmar. To date, the gendered dynamics and effects of this transition have not yet received sustained scholarly attention. Remedying this gap, this book provides a much-needed historical corrective through a careful, nuanced analysis of the gendered dynamics of transitional politics, institutions and policymaking; feminist resistance, mobilization, and movement building; and their effects on labor, land, and everyday lives.


Click here if you wish to be informed when copies are available

New Reviews 


Rana Abhyendra Singh reviewed Rosalie Stolz's (2021) Living Kinship, Fearing Spirits for the International Institute for Asian Studies Review and writes: 

"Rosalie Stolz has done an outstanding job in this book, which includes elaborate details of every aspect of the Khmu tribe. She patiently describes each and every facet as if writing a personal journal. Another notable feature of this book is that basic Khmu translations have been used throughout… [T]he book is very interesting and can be read at least once by all, whether you are interested in the field or not. For people associated with this particular field, the book is a real treat.” 

Read the full review here.

To the book


Noorhaidi Hasan, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University in Yogyakarta read Chaplin's Salafism and the State (2021) and writes in the new International Quarterly of Asian Studies

"This book by Chris Chaplin has now arrived to enrich the existing literature. It offers a comprehensive ethnography of Salafism in Indonesia, or more precisely its dynamics after 9/11.” 

Read the full review here.

To the book

New Social Media Platform/ Transfer to Mastodon

With Twitter's takeover by Elon Musk, NIAS Press has decided to join our colleagues on the decentralized network and established a Mastodon account. We'll be continuously advertising on both channels. You'll find us 

Click here to follow our Mastodon Account now


STEPPING OUT! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art

Exhibition and opening

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND presents their new, grand winter exhibition hosting a collection of more than 80 works of both video, performance, painting, photography and sculpture, that all reflect and explore the major deve­lop­ments and transformations that Chinese society has undergone since the 1980s.

Find more information about the exhibition event here.

Time and date: 1 December 2022 - 12 March 2023
Organizer: Kunstforeningen GL STRAND

Migrating Worlds: What is a Mahua Literary Subject?

Online Lecture Series

EATS is inviting to this lecture about the Mahua, or Malaysian-Chinese, literary subject as a postcolonial or colonial legal subject. This lecture addresses how the Mahua literary subject is bound to the legacies of English common law, Chinese customary law, and Malay-Muslim law.

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 14.10  - 15.40 (CET), 2 December 2022
Organizer: The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS)

Researching Urban-Digital Life in China



ThinkChina invites to a lecture on activism, migration, governance, secrecy, and internet celebrity in contemporary China, with a focus on how these subjects manifest in urban-digital environments and as hybrid phenomena.

Find more information on the event here.

Time and date: 15.15 - 16.30 (CET), 2 December 2022

Open Seminar with Nalika Gajaweera, University of Southern California


The Stockholm Center for Global Asia is happy to invite to an open seminar with dr. Nalika Gajaweera, who is a research anthropologist currently exploring the struggles, experiences and practices of ethnic and racial minority leadership within North-American meditation-based insight institutions. Her previous work looked at how Buddhist ethics and practices of giving shaped Sri Lankan NGOs doing humanitarianism work in the context of the Indian Ocean tsunami (2004) and ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka (-2009).  

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 15.00  - 16.30 (CET), 5 December 2022
Stockholm Center for Global Asia at Stockholm University

'Dó ăyèi! Dó ăyèi!' - Reclaiming political agency in Burma’s 'democratic era'


The Stockholm Center for Global Asia is happy to invite to a seminar with Ward Keeler, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin about political agency in Burma's 'democratic era'.  

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 14.00  - 15.30 (CET), 6 December 2022
Stockholm Center for Global Asia at Stockholm University

Indonesian Presidency in G20


The Institute for Security and Development Policy welcomes to this webinar with H.E. Mr. Kamapradipta Isnomo, Ambassador of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Sweden, concurrently Ambassador of Indonesia to the Republic of Latvia, for a discussion on Indonesia's 2022 G20 presidency.

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 14.30  - 15.30 (CET), 6 December 2022
Organizer: ISDP

China in Africa: Foundations, Frameworks, and Futures

Open Lecture

Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund University invites to an open lecture with Stacey Links, who is interested in the dynamics of China-Africa engagement and broader South-South Cooperation from a critical International Relations perspective, with a focus on decentering orthodoxies of knowledge so as to include non-Western realities, research, and perspectives into scholarship and policy. 

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 10.00  - 12.00 (CET), 8 December 2022
Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies

The Aesthetics of Restraint in Tumultuous Times: Performing Arts in Java, Bali and Burma

Open Lecture

Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund University invites to an open lecture with Ward Keeler for his take on the considerable decline of public interest in the classical arts in Java, Bali and Burma. 

Find more information about the event here.

Time and date: 13.15  - 15.00 (CET), 13 December 2022
Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies


CfA: Annual MA Course 2022


Asianettverket is organising its annual course for MA students on 9 December and anyone writing about Asia is welcome to join. 

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: 4 December 2022

CfA: FECCS Grants for Researchers Working on China Related Topics

 The Fudan-European Centre for China Studies

From the 7th of September 2022, the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies (FECCS) will offer small grants to support researchers working on China-related topics from Nordic, Chinese and other European universities in building up research networks, in producing high-quality research in collaboration with Fudan University scholars, and in undertaking substantive fieldwork in relevant subject areas. 

Read more about the call here.

Deadline: Open-ended deadline 
Fudan-European Centre for China Studies

Find even more events and calls on!
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