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It is Studio19’s 5th birthday today!

Birthdays are a natural time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future while making a birthday wish.

As we look back on the past 5 years, we feel fortunate to have earned your trust and confidence.  Because of your support we have enjoyed rapid growth and success beyond expectation.  It seems like only yesterday that the firm was composed of only two people working on a few small house remodels.  Today we have a staff of 12 employees with a wide spectrum of experience and expertise working on many exciting projects including a 220 unit mixed–use apartment building with the largest farmers market in the region and a 30 story hotel/condominium tower.

The future holds endless possibility for us all.  The economic outlook to which our profession is so tightly bound is brighter than it has been at any time this century.  However we also understand that resting on our laurels will not get us to where we want to go.  We will continue to strive to be better than we were yesterday and to provide you with the best possible service so that we may harvest our success along with yours.

Thank you for your friendship, your business, and the opportunity to serve you!

Hui Tian, Principal, AIA, MAIBC, LEED AP
Studio19 Architects

About The Writer
Hui Tian, founder of Studio19 Architects, is originally from China and came to the United States in 1997 after being granted a full scholarship for Master of Architecture at the University of Minnesota. She moved to Seattle in 1999 after graduation. She has 17 years of diversified experience and has worked with renowned Seattle firms such as NBBJ and Mahlum prior of starting her own firm. She is licensed to practice architecture in both US and Canada and is a LEED Accredited Professional.


UW High Rise Development

Studio19 is thrilled to be adding a High-Rise Mixed-Use Development to our portfolio of projects at the University District. The project is a proposed 30 story residential allowing for greater concentration of housing development, with retail at ground level enhancing pedestrian experience. Stay connected with Studio19 for updates on this exciting project.


Our featured partner of the month is BEE Consulting. BEE is a progressive building envelope engineering firm that specializes in design and inspection, with complimentary energy and prevention analysis. BEE has been collaborating with us on both the Pagoda Village Everett and Potala Village Kirkland projects. They are great to work with, are quick to respond to questions and requests and have a kind, competent and helpful staff. If you are in need of building envelope specialists we highly recommend BEE!



Whatever good things we build end up building us.

- by Jim Rohn


Housing starts up sharply, but that's mostly due to apartments

Original Article from Puget Sound Business Journal


Is the U.S. becoming a nation of renters?

That’s the question posed by April’shousing starts data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The totals make it look as if housing is booming — starts were up 13.2 percent in April compared with March, topping 1 million. But single-family starts were up only 0.8 percent, to 649,000. Most of the growth in housing starts came from multifamily units — housing starts for buildings with five or more units totaled 413,000.

This is multifamily housing’s largest share of overall housing starts since 1974, MarketWatch notes. Most of these units are rentals.

No wonder single-family home builders areless excited about their prospects.

Lots of factors could be in play here. Many young adults are waiting longer to start families, and many also are burdened by high student loan debt. They’re less likely to have the larger down payments that now are required to buy a house.

Plus, urban living has become more attractive, and apartments tend to more affordable and available in big cities than single-family homes.

Some observers, such as The Upshot’s Neil Irwin, fear that housing will contribute less to economic growth because of the movement toward apartments instead of single-family homes. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that building a new single-family home creates nearly three jobs in a year, while building an apartment home creates only one job. But most new apartment buildings have multiple units, and it takes only three units to top the job-creating impact of a single-family house.

The financial industry could lose jobs as a result of this shift toward apartments — fewer homebuyers mean fewer mortgages. So could home-improvement stores — who needs a lawnmower when you live in an apartment tower?

But the biggest loss could be in the American adult’s psyche. As my Realtor explained to me when he sold us our first house 27 years ago, home ownership changes you. You’ve got a piece of property that’s yours (as long as you make your mortgage payments), and the responsibility that comes with it. You’re not just dust in the wind, no matter what Kansas sings.

But I'm just an aging baby boomer, as evidenced by that dated musical reference.

It's your world, Millennials. I'm just trying to live in it.

Get off my lawn.


Washington Bureau Chief

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