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New Resource Feedback

The staff at the Network is discussing the possibility of creating another printed resources to go along with our “Guide to Awareness and Understanding” and our tip booklets. But we want to hear from you first!

We’d love to know what kind of topic you would like to see a resource focus on. Do you want a booklet about sensory disorders? More general tips and strategies? Or any other topic?

Reply to this email or click on the link below to give us your feedback!

New resource feedback

FASD & Interdependence

We know that planning for when our loved ones with FASD become adults can be very stressful. There is no right or wrong way to prepare for the future, FASD affects everyone differently, but it is important to remember that the effects are lifelong.

One strategy that can help prepare for the future is to focus on interdependence. This means teaching them that it’s okay to ask for help and rely on others. Interdependence involves creating a circle of support so individuals know who they can go to or who they can count on. Designating a person they can call whenever they have questions or are unsure about something can help them navigate life while they deal with the impairments caused by FASD such as memory deficits, poor judgment, troubles problem solving, etc.

Whether it’s a family member, mentor, or a support person, teaching the individual to contact this person whenever they’re unsure about something can be a helpful strategy for dealing with FASD in adult life.

Caregiver Group

Raising a family that’s impacted by FASD can be a very isolating experience for caregivers. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel misunderstood and alone on this journey. We often recommend that one of the best strategies for raising a child with FASD is to connect with other caregivers/families who have similar experiences.

If there are support groups in your community, try to find time to attend a meeting. Finding other people who can share tips with you or even just understand what you’re going through can help with feelings of stress and loneliness.

We know a lot of communities don’t have in-person meetings, so that’s why we’ve created an online Facebook group for caregivers and family members. It is a closed group to ensure that all information posted is only viewable by our approved members. While the Network shares the occasional tip or inspirational quote, the group is mostly caregivers consulting with each other for advice and feedback on the things that are going on in their lives.

If you are a caregiver or family member who would like to join the Facebook group, click the link below and request to join.

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